Green Witchery ~ Springtime Plants and Flowers!

Springtime is here for those of us in the northern hemisphere! :cherry_blossom:

I keep seeing wonderful suggestions and tips sprinkled throughout the forum from Green Witches and garden lovers- so here is a thread for especially for that purpose!

Give a shout out to your coven and feel free to talk about…

:blossom: What flowers/herbs you are growing this year?
:tulip: How is your springtime planning/planting going so far?
:sparkles: Are you planting for food/spellwork/decorative purposes?

And as always, feel free to share your flower and garden pictures with the coven! :blush::framed_picture:

Happy planting and blessed be! :sparkling_heart: :seedling:


@TheTravelWitch. Have you thought about climbing geraniums?
Lots of flowers in a pot!
They not really climbers, need support.


No, I don’t have geraniums at the moment- but they sound like something I should look into! :cherry_blossom: Thanks!


Went to “Eden Proyect” once.
Southwest of England, Cornwall?
Anyway, I discovered scented “pelargonium” (geraniums).
Can be added to salads😸


Have you tried nasturtiums?
They’re very forgiving. Poor soil, but lots of flowers.
You can eat the flowers, buds (pickle them in apple cider vinegar) and leaves in salads.
And they attract black fly like a magnet, leaving other plants pest free.


I love nasturtiums, @Basil! Bright and cheery flowers that add a tasty peppery flavor to salads :blush:

You are very knowledgable about plants- and it sounds like you have lots of tips and recommendations! Feel free to continue to share your springtime flower knowledge and garden pics here in this new thread especially for chatting about different types of flowers :blossom: :sparkles:


I just planted lavender and many other herbs like bay, sage, onion, carrot, mint, basil,. Dill, fennel.wish I could grow salt :joy: and many different flowers.


I’m growing apples,watermelon, chili peppers, cantalopes and lupins. I’m hoping for a bountiful garden :heart_eyes:


:laughing: can you imagine what a salt tree would look like’ lol… but hey’ not sure where you live ‘ if u live close to salt water ‘ you can always make natural Sea Salt. I did that about a month ago’ for the new year’ (I live in Florida) I took a jug and let it sit out and evaporate and I had natural Sea Salt left over! But yes Girl’ growing salt would be the best Magick EvEr!! :ok_hand:t3::laughing::wink:


I’m growing giant garlic in my window right now rooting. Also growing 4 Staghorn fern pups. (you can’t eat the ferns, but they are beautiful in an unearthly sort of way.61uFzVMBmwL.AC_UL320 )


Oh yeah :joy: I live in New York but far from the sea.


And some more… R

My lavender. :herb::heart:


I have some sweet pea and spinach from seeds that I received as gifts last year!

Some of them are starting to sprout :smiley:

And last week I removed two tree stumps so now I have plenty of room for a vertical garden which my mother-in-law is going to help me set up.

I’ll post updates later on!


Don’t forget to soak them in water, help seeds to come out of dormancy!


I’ve got my fern basket hanging, just got two Irish Moss I’m going to plant and a Begonia. :smiley:
I’ve never had a strength in growing flowers but I keep trying…:wink: I’m more of a plant person.


Lovely seedlings, @Christina4! Your crystals are there adding their light and support to the plants- how lovely! :seedling: :blush:

A warm welcome to you, @lisa31! :heart: Thank you for sharing your growing list- you have so many wonderful plants! I tried growing watermelons in the past, but they were always eaten by critters before they got big enough :sweat_smile: I hope your plants stay safe and sound- I wish you a very bountiful crop this year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :watermelon:

I think that’s as close to a salt plant as we can get, @Steph! :laughing: Unless salt can somehow be used like sugar crystals when growing rock candy :yum: :gem:

Wow, @Garnet! :star_struck: You are right that the Staghorn fern looks otherworldly- kind of like a neat blend between land and water plants. It looks really cool :two_hearts: Good luck with your growing- may your garlic give you lots of healthy cloves! :garlic:

Look at all those lovely pots, @Francisco! :heart_eyes: How exciting you are seeing the first seedlings begin to appear. May your gardens thrive this year! :pray::blossom:

Everyone’s green thumb has a speciality- no worries there, @Rowan! I hope you can find the right flowers suited to you. Happy planting and enjoy your new plants! :green_heart:


I recently began my spring planting (I’m new to PNW, previously a season-less SoCal native) reviving my raised beds with new soil & compost, and planting Garlic​:garlic:, Lavender, Mint (in pots), Onion​:onion:, Rosemary, Sage, Strawberry​:strawberry:, and Thyme. Found rabbits eating my strawberry plants a few days later and had to put up a fence :woman_facepalming:t2:

Started Seeds for Acorn Squash, Basil, Cucumber🥒, Fennel, Parsley, Sunflowers🌻, Watermelon🍉, and Yarrow. I still need to start my carrot seeds, but I have my egg carton saved from my Ostara and Easter celebrations.

My Raspberry canes are coming back strong this season, and my Cherry tree is just starting to blossom.

The garden for me is mostly intended for food, but I also do herbalism and herbal magick.


Welcome @dnwestman!! Congratulations on your new garden here in the PNW!! :evergreen_tree:

Thanks for the tip, Basil! Yes, usually this is how I’ve been doing it: in a soaked paper towel inside a plastic container:

I have some lettuce and chamomile seeds in there :herb:


how were you able to send so many messages at once?


We have a greenhouse in our backyard next to the entrance to our garden. We recently got everything into their planters.

Beans, peppers, carrots, raspberries, cucumbers, corn for food (right now, there will be more :rofl:)

Thyme, basil, and some other kitchen herbs for spellwork & seasoning

Nasturtium, Forget Me Nots, Lilacs, Tropical Hibiscus, Day Lilies, Wild Flowers, Gladiolas for flowers/spells

We also have the perennials starting to pop through in our front & side yards. Pink Bleeding Hearts, Day Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Iris, Foxglove, Grape Hyacinth, Johnny Jump Ups, Hostas, Rhodidendron, Brown Eyed Susans, Crocuses