Grounding, Centering, raising Terrestrial and Celestial Energy

Hi everyone, So i wanted to refresh my memory on grounding and centering, and for obvious reasons i came here to Spells8 first to see what i had been previously practicing since i have been neglecting my basics. This needed to change, so anyways while i was reading a section of the book i am currently on, i was blown away about the great information given on raising Terrestrial energy and drawing down Celestial energy. This also described how to create a circuit along with centering and entering an alpha state. In addition, it explained the importance of closing down with work one is practicing.
So my question is, is there any information anyone knows of on Spells8 here that may discuss the above topics? I know there is the grounding meditation and green candle manifestation and grounding, however i am after a more explanatory topic with combined themes such and centering and grounding or raising terrestrial and celestial energy.
If i have totally missed something please point me in the direction of this information otherwise it would be great to see some information on these topics as i think it will benefit a lot of witches and their practice.


So from my understanding terrestrial energy would fall in line with the earth’s energy. Celestial energy would be under the cosmos, astrology… energy from the planets & such.

That’s how I understand it, someone else may have a better definition for you though.

As for adding that information to the site, @Francisco would be the 1 to make that call. :blush:


If I’m not mistaken, it sounds like you’re reading Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn. One thing to know about his book is that while it says it’s for all witches regardless of tradition, Mat’s work is heavily influenced by his own tradition and practice. The only time I have ever seen anything about drawing in and raising celestial and/or terrestrial energy was in his book.

In my experience, it’s a very good energy work practice but not something I’ve ever seen outside of Mat’s tradition of the Black Rose Coven (I believe that’s what it’s called).



You can benefit greatly from reading these topics:

And these guided meditations for warming up:


Thank you @Francisco! I hope they work out for you @TheMuslimWitch! :two_hearts:


Thanks i had an idea it was to do with astrology and energy as such. I never heard it beside in the psychic witch i am reading and i was very intrigued about the information given however it didn’t sound familiar… :blush:


Oh wow i didn’t know that and yes i did feel a connection to his method but i have only ever heard of the black rose coven once if i can remember right, so i think i would like to know a little about where his methods come from then make a choice if it is right for me… :blush:
Oh p.s. you were spot on about the book, nice work you must have an excellent memory compared to mine. I am like Dory from Finding Nemo in comparison lol :laughing:


Thanks @Francisco i will check out the links :blush:


@TheMuslimWitch, you’re welcome & I’m like Dory 2… you can tell me something in the morning & by the time people start getting home from work I have no idea what it was I was supposed to do. I’m lucky I remember to drink my coffee before it’s cold. :rofl:


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