Happy Buck Full Moon 🌕

This is her; my mother, my companion, my light in the dark, showing up in the night sky of my beautiful country; Colombia.

Are you celebrating today? How so?


Happy buck moon to u darling from North Carolina, USA. as for me today is the final day of my pay the piper curse. Which is perfect energy release. Its amazing


So nice to hear from you @RyuWyn! How are you doing? How was your Buck Moon?

I put out crystals & jewelry & chakra stones & Moonwater and did a small spell charm for my pup who is over the rainbow bridge now, but I miss him. Then I let it charge under the moon. I just brought everything in from outside.

I tried several times to see her last night, but I missed her each time. So thank you for sharing your pictures with us! :full_moon:


@RyuWyn RyuWyn I hope your celebration was enjoyable. Lovely pic of mother moon.
I didn’t celebrate (bad day)but my thoughts are with those who did.


Thank you for sharing this lovely photograph! How absolutely amazing that the moon shines so brightly over all of us, from one side of the world to the other!

We had some incredible thunder showers yesterday afternoon and last night, so I couldn’t see the moon. I decided to postpone my ritual until this morning (when my house is quiet) and meditate with the moon, hoping the clouds would have cleared enough to see her. No luck there, it was cloudy and hazy and so muggy! I did my ritual anyway. It finally felt like the right time to consecrate the lovely wand I bought myself in May. I wanted it to be full of light of the summer and the strength and maturity of the king of the forest. I really did some reflecting on my intentions, wrote some poetry, drank my coffee. It was as lovely way to start the morning!


Beautiful picture, @RyuWyn!

I did a lovely full moon meditation for the Buck Moon and did the ritual on site. It was nice, to think about what’s brought me joy this spring and summer.

Hope everyone had a good full moon!


Blessed Full Buck Moon! :deer::full_moon: That is a gorgeous picture @RyuWyn- thank you so much for sharing it!

I’ve got family visiting from across the country- the only out of the ordinary I did last night was eat absurd amounts of ice cream :ice_cream: :sweat_smile: I’m hoping I can catch sight of the beautiful moon tonight, but for now it’s so nice to be able to see Her through the pictures :pray::heart:

@AileyGrey Gorgeous setup, Ailey- that is so beautiful! :two_hearts:


I’m glad you had time to celebrate and do something special for your puppy. I asked her to take care of my Sakura, who’s missing for almost 3 months now. This year is been a journey for sure… I also consecrated some jewels, took a bath and used sea salts to clear myself as well. It was beautiful. :full_moon:

In the middle of the night I woke up cause I felt thirsty and saw her over my window, and this morning when I woke up before the alarm. It’s like she wanted me to see her, I always feel so happy when she “wakes me up”.

I’m glad you all had time to celebrate or at least noticed this beautiful date.

See you all soon!


That’s a great picture :heart: I didn’t get to see the moon last night because it was stormy but you know what? That’s okay. I did a little ritual this morning and some spellwork. I might make some cookies or something later. Come to think of it, we did make brownies last night :sweat_smile:

@AileyGrey – That’s a beautiful wand :heart: I love the way you set everything up for your ritual! Very simple yet very elegant.


Thanks @Megan! I like simple and elegant! :heart: And the wand…. Pictures don’t do it justice!


@RyuWyn thank you very much!

One of my favorite things about bringing my daughter to school at the beginning of the school year is that we can see the moon more than halfway to the school during our drive while the sun is still coming up to fully light up the sky. I’m happy that She woke you up :smiling_face:

I did get to get outside earlier this morning to do some work in my yard before I had to wake up my daughter for the day. (She has an activity that she goes to four mornings a week in the summer for eight weeks)

I hope you have a great rest of your week & weekend! :two_hearts:


For my first full moon on my Wiccan path, I put out my crystals, and rainwater, for moon water. I also did the Buck Moon ritual and journal page. I didn’t want to do too much for my first full moon on this path.

I have some plans to do other rituals over the next few days and continue to get my toes wet, so to speak.


Congratulations @melissa1984


Thanks @AileyGrey :grin:


Sounds like a beautiful first moon ritual. I hope the others go as good as this one. :slight_smile:

Blessed be!


@RyuWyn, thank you. I hope they do as well. :full_moon: I was nervous for this one, being my first but I am sure they will get easier and I will get more confident as I do continue down my path.


@melissa1984 that’s perfect for your first Full Moon activity! There are different meditations & spells for the different phases of the moon & it’s signs too on the site along with each of the Esbats (Full Moon Rituals) :full_moon:

Feel free to participate in the :heart_hands: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - HandCrafting to practice different parts of your craft & try new things to see if they resonate with where you are headed. Each Wednesday a new one is started that will end on Tuesdays at 7 AM EST. I have to think of something I can do for this challenge, honestly, my mind is drawing a blank right now but it’s also about 4 AM. :laughing:

I look forward to learning with you! :infinite_roots:


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