Happy Vasant Panchami 🌺

Merry meet! I would like to wish you all A Very Happy Vasant Panchami!! Vasant Panchami is all about celebrating the onset of Spring, when lovely flowers bloom in the coming bright sunny days! :hibiscus: :sun: I love you all :heart: so I thought I must wish my friends a blessed festival just like our sabbat Imbolc! :heart_eyes: This Indian Festival is the one day, when we worship Goddess Saraswati as she is the Hindu goddess of wisdom, creativity, studies and music! Here’s a picture of Goddess Saraswati! :innocent:

Art by Samrat Art on Instagram

And if you want to know more about this festival then click on this :smiling_face:

Have a blessed day :sparkles: and lots of hugs from my side! :hugs:


@Solasta_Amore thank you so much for these little updates about the goddesses from your area! They are always so interesting to me. I remember some of them from my deep dive into the Chakras. I currently have a spreadsheet of topics & deities to do write-ups on for the forum. It’s getting longer & longer :laughing:

I will do my best to get through them this year, I’m excited to do some of the lesser-known deities that people may be interested in or work with on their own. :star_struck:


I am so glad you liked it @Siofra_Strega! Love you :hugs:


Happy Vasant Panchami! :hibiscus: :sun: :tada:

Thank you for sharing about this festival! I am always super interested in the festivals and celebrations from around the world, and this is a wonderful addition for everyone else here as well!


I checked out my book Awakening Shakti about Saraswati, it paints a really beautiful picture of her! :relaxed:

Saraswati is associated with flow in all its aspects: with flow as water—the nourishing water of life, the water from which life first emerged, the water without which there can be no life, the water of the womb, the water of essential creativity. She’s associated with the moon, which governs the flow of tides and which in Hindu iconography is said to radiate cooling beams of purity and grace; with intellect and inspiration, which flow from the subtlest level of mind; with eloquent speech, which at its best flows directly from that primal grace source; and with music.

I know that power, and oh do I celebrate it! :blush: Beyond is only the power of love itself. To make worlds appear before our very eyes, to take us on journeys that change us deep inside, and thus change the world. Pretty magickal isn’t it? :wink: I feel this gift is strong in me too. Now I know who I can thank for it :blush:

Happy Vasant Panchami! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cherry_blossom: :books: :notes:


Happy Vasant Panchami to you too! It sounds like a wonderful holiday!


I see now this book is just trying to seduce me (and being very successful about it!) :wink: :relaxed:

In you and me, Saraswati flows through that moment when we choose a creative path or make an intention. She lives in the ever-new creative instant when inspiration arises within the field of your consciousness. When an idea takes form, you can find her as the inner impulse that comes from somewhere deeper than your ordinary mind, ready to dance on your tongue. She undulates in the stillness before the notes come forth and ripples forth as your power to make connections between apparently disparate things, as the power to understand language, as intelligence in all its forms, as insight and rhetoric, and as the intuitive knowing that lets you recognize your own awareness as the field of enlightenment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts dear @Solasta_Amore, do these words resonate? :blush:


@Amethyst , @MeganB & @CelestiaMoon I hope you all had a wonderful vasant panchami yesterday on 26th of Jan!! :kissing_heart: Even if you don’t know how to celebrate it…trust me these traditions and all, came from a love like you people spread! :hugs: And obviously you all deserve the freshness, beauty and glory of the beginning of Spring this year! May your lives be filled with blooms of Happiness and Love, this Spring! :sparkling_heart: Also, @CelestiaMoon yes dearie! These words are more than resonating with Goddess Saraswati! She is the source of music, creativity and wisdom! She astonishes the universe when she plays the notes on her lovely veena! She is that voice that sounds like a song! :notes: She is your intuition and intelligence as well as your power to create life by mere imagination that is creativity! She is the consort of Lord Brahma, the creator of life, with three heads and who sits on a lotus. :lotus: He is responsible for giving way to new lives or newborns on this Earth and the symbol of purity and softness! :innocent: Hope this helps for you to know a bit more and btw, more books will be on their way to your email soon, just give me some tym to sort them out! :wink: :hugs: Blessed Be! :sparkles:


This triggered me strongly and I had to meditate on it… the root of it is that I love all kinds of celebrations and ceremonies, the beautiful decor, the tasty treats, and the whole liminal space and the energy of that festival, the presence of the deities, and ahhh~ :heart_eyes_cat: But my happy spontaneity comes with a cost, and that is a difficulty in following through with elaborate setups, especially on my own… even if I knew how I probably wouldn’t have the energy to follow through with it. A lot of fire and water in my charts, a little air, and barely any earth at all. It’s a small wonder I have a body at all! :sweat_smile: That’s why following traditions is hard to me, my rituals are always single pieces, my heart goes where it goes and the rest of me has to follow. I love to live in the energy along with others though, look at pictures, listen to the music and visualize all the beautiful things! :relaxed: :sparkles:

So thank you love, you gave me a piece of insight again :kissing_heart:


Happy Vasant Panchami!!! :tada::bouquet: :sparkles::heart:

She is a very beautiful goddess and stands for so many wonderful things- hooray for another happy reminder that spring, flowers, and sunny days are on their way back to us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This was wonderful to learn about- thank you so much, @Solasta_Amore, and wishing you a very blessed and bright Vasant Panchami! :hugs::heartpulse: :sun_with_face:


That’s what I like about you the most! :hugs: It’s like we all here, are so loving towards each other and our origins that it hardly matters where we come from and what are our preferences! Because…our priority is always one, Love and Light!! :sparkling_heart: This is the most attractive quality of Magic and everyone who is a part of this lovely forum! Much love to you @CelestiaMoon and you have a beautiful soul dear! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you hun! Love you always darling! :kissing_heart: :heart:


Awww so do you love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s a beautiful coven we’ve all found together :relaxed: :revolving_hearts: :infinite_roots:


Beautiful! (As you already are familiar with, Solasta!) In the Krsna temples in Vrndavan, they dress the deities of Radha and Krsna in yellow on this day, to represent god and godess celebrating spring season.

Here’s some pics from my fave Delhi temple; the deities are named Radhe Vinode Bihari:

Krishna is the god, holding the flute, and His consort is Radha, holding Her hand up in blessing.


Yes I know @chaitea43! :hearts: I am myself a die hard lover of Radha Krishna’s Love! That’s sublime…:heartpulse: :sparkles: Blessed Be love! :hugs:


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