Has April Changed? ⛈ Collective Reading Touchbase 2021

March is over now and it’s time for us to look forward to April from our Collective Reading for 2021. This touch-base is just to see if anything has changed, shifted, and come to light that we need to be aware of moving into the next month.

Let’s look back at March and see if my Has March Changed :four_leaf_clover: Collective Reading Touchbase was of any help.

The collective reading saw March us looking at the Mother of Pentacles :deer: and financial and emotional support that the world so desperately needed. Within the touch base, I pulled three more cards: The Five of Rods Reversed, the Two of Rods, and The Star.

I can say for us here in the United States, the Mother of Pentacles certainly did make an appearance in the form of financial payments through the stimulus program. We also saw the conflict between our struggles and simultaneous sighs of relief. We were promised a certain amount of financial help and, while we did get some, it wasn’t what we were promised. As for the progress and discovery, we’re seeing progress being made every day with vaccines for COVID and new data leading the way. We’re also seeing progress on an equity level here in the US with many BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people being voted into positions of power and finally having some of a say.

Overall, I’d say it was fairly spot-on for me and my experience. Let me know if it differs for your experiences!

:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: This month, we’re looking at April. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

As a reminder, this is the card I pulled for April.

April 2021: The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands points to being overloaded and extra burdens. The wands in this card are scattered across a dark background, showing that the burdens you carry are not just your own but they blend in with everything else, too. However, this is also a card of completion. The burdens we are all carrying, the stress and worry, may finally start to dissipate. The extra work we’ve all been doing is paying off and we are finally seeing an end to our worries.

Looking at this card, I pulled three more cards to give us a glimpse into the :crystal_ball: future.

:sparkles: In my shuffling, the word change kept repeating over and over again and, not surprisingly, all the cards I pulled were reversed. So, let’s look at them.

:crossed_swords: The Reversed Six of Swords represents resisting change. We have all our swords on the boat, so to speak, but we want to move in the opposite direction. We’re afraid to let things in and happen and this change that’s being resisted is necessary for our growth as a global society. Maybe we aren’t ready to push through that discomfort, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.

:chopsticks: The Wheel of Fortune Reversed is another card that points to a resistance of change. Something is trying to keep things from moving forward and we might end up feeling like we’re stuck. In this moment, though, we have a choice: we can do nothing or we can act to change our situations.

:star2: Lastly, The Reversed Eight of Rods is another card of resisting change! This one brings with it a lack of alignment but not necessarily fear. I feel like this card is giving us insight into how to proceed, though. The Reversed Eight of Rods asks us to pump the brakes on what we’re doing. We need to ask if we’re in alignment with our highest good and if we’re moving way too fast with a half-assed plan.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Father of Pentacles, Reversed

  • obsession with gaining wealth, money, or status
  • having money and blowing through it quickly

:star: Goals of 2021: The Son of Wands

  • fighting for equitable change
  • inspired action fueled by passion and inspiration

:star: Obstacles of 2021: The Empress

  • too much of a good thing can turn those good things bad
  • an over-abundance of all things that help people grow

Putting it together…

I’m genuinely concerned about April :sweat_smile:

In seriousness, though, I’m curious to see what changes are being resisted and how this friction will play out. Obviously, some plans are in motion that need to be paused or slowed down. In your own life, maybe reflect on how your actions might not be in alignment with your values. Are you resisting the change needed to make that alignment happen? Are you making hasty plans without thinking it all through?

Let’s think on it and hold our collective breath for April.

Don’t forget this week’s Divination Discussion is about reading for clarification in this collective reading for April! Hop into the discussion and pull a few cards for yourself to see how you might be resisting that change.


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