Have you heard of the 3?

My apologies for clogging up the forum with my thoughts but has anyone ever heard of The 3 Knocks? Have you actually heard them? I have and it lasted 8 months until someone else heard them then I never did again. Didnt matter where I was , 3 knocks at least 2 or 3 times a week. I searched it and found something very disturbing.


No need to apologize, @FlagrumThorn- this is a very interesting topic! :grin:

I can’t say I knew much about the 3 Knocks, so I did a quick search and read a few articles. For anyone else who also isn’t familiar with it:

The 3 Knocks are an old superstition. The belief is that anyone who hears 3 knocks in a row with seemingly no cause will soon be notified that someone they know has died.

This article on LiveAbout talks more about the history of the superstition and how it developed over time.

I personally have never heard the 3 Knocks (and knock on wood to that!). I think it is fascinating that you heard them over such a long period, @FlagrumThorn! May I ask if the superstition came true for you? If not, there’s also the possibility that you were being haunted by some kind of teasing spirit over the 8 months. And eventually they left to haunt someone else :ghost:

Has anyone else heard about or experienced the 3 Knocks before? I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on it! :smiley:


I’ve never heard of this. I wouldn’t know if I heard knocks or what. I hear all sorts of things from my upstairs neighbors that I don’t pay attention to knocks unless I know someone is coming. This sounds interesting though.


You hit the nail on the head about being haunted. This all took place 25+ yrs. ago when myself and a buddy opened a gate that we didn’t open intentionally. It was a very scary thing that happened when it opened. Something took over his girl friend at the time and electricity everywhere you could feel , picture window bouncing back and forth without breaking , couple other things , anyways , thats when it all started.


Goodness, that does sound terrifying, @FlagrumThorn! :scream: Can I ask how you accidentally opened the gate (Ouija board, summoning, or something else?) so that I can avoid/be extra careful if dealing with a similar situation?

I know you were hearing the knocks for a long time afterwards, but I hope you all did a very thorough cleansing and purification ritual at some point and were able to eventually close the gate! :door:


I’ve heard the knocks for quite some time now. Maybe 10 years, since I moved in to the house I’m in now. And yes, my house is haunted. Also, to be respectful to those or any spirits, knock 3 times before opening/entering any door to let the spirits know you’re coming.


I had never heard about the 3 knocks before. Its very interesting. Tomorrow I will look into it though.

I can see where this would be unnerving for someone that didn’t know about them. Or if you are hearing them over a long period of time & its like waiting on edge.

I also had never heard to knock 3 times to let spirits know you’re coming. Seems like useful information if you own a haunted house or any type of property. You wouldn’t want to upset them unnecessarily.


I have read and heard about the 3 knocks before, but never put to much mind of it. On Spirits I also never knock for them, only let to them know that I’m aware of their presence and let them be. Time makes you know when is a good, or a low vibrational being in which can give you headaches.