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Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I have been practicing for 25 years. During one of the last esbats Me and my friend performed a ceremony and we take pictures before. This was the picture. We were under a tree and the way we were facing was COMPLETLY dark. We switched spots and we tried with the fkash off and the hands stayed on me. A lot of crazy things have happened since. I have been told that I am one of the 3 waves of volunteers and I moved in the girl in the pic and her three children because they had nowhere to go. She ended up deciding to leave when confronted about serious damage to the house. I gave her back her security deposit because shr said she was using it for a place. She vlew the money in one night and got a jacuzzi suite at the hanpton inn. Then she started blackmailing me, the girl who has supoorted her family for the last 7 years. She wanted 3000 or she would ruin my life. She continued with her negativity and called my job and made up a bunch of stories. I am heartbroken over it. She was so confident that I wouldnt grow a back bone and create boundaries that she bkew that money never caring that her kids had no Home. For the record even after this I told her she could come back and she would only accept cold hard cash. This was my sister in law. My best friend. She owes me over 10k, I stopped counting at 10k. It’s like I have never known such evil. I could have lost my house, my kids, etc. Being an empath sucks because she used those kids for years to play me for whatever she wanted, and boy do people get mad when you create healthy boundaries. I am terried what she will do next. Terrified. I am 7 years sober from a life long heroin addiction. I been ckean since the day I found out I was pregnant with ny daughter and went to a homeless shelter. That’s where I was 7 years ago abd bow I own a 300k home, help people struggling with SUD every day, I started a blog, all this positive stuff and I am terrified she will try to put me back in jail or make me lose my kids. There isn’t one reason in the world why either should happen but she is evil. I did do an old Karma spell I found and a binding spell because I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, but I can’t allow her to take what I crawled out og the hole and busted my butt to have. How do I protect myself from these emotional vampires, and evil beings? How do I protect my babies, 2 and 5, from her evil intentions. I can’t sleep at night. It hurts. How could she do this to me over money? My friend also found all these jeolousy spells in her stuff. I taught her everything she knows and now she is attempting to use it on me? Why? I did a reversal spell jar with some oils, parchment, and black salt. I sealed the jar with a cork and 7 layers of wax. I kept feeling wet wax. In the morning these crazy crystals had formed on and around the bottle! I do believe they may represent her evil intentions. And the picture… Any ideas on what was with me that night and if I might ask the ownet of the hands for help?? Thanks in advance. Blessed Be.


Warm greetings @samantha57,

First off, it sounds like a really difficult situation- I am so sorry that this person who you trusted and had such a strong bond with abused your trust this way. It sounds like there is a lot to unpack with this situation- as a personal recommendation, if you haven’t already considered pursuing legal protections and potential prosecution for her crimes (because it sounds like a lot of what she has done is illegal), I would urge you to consider it :pray:

Magickally, I agree that layering on protective spells is always a great idea :+1:

For yourself, I would recommend working Protection Spells (that’s a link to the full collection- feel free to browse for any that call to you!) as well as carrying protective items- you might enchant jewelry, carry and cook with protective herbs, or use protective crystals :shield:

For your home and loved ones within it, I would suggest doing additional protective work attached to the space and those who dwell within. You might consider working with a Protective Deity of the Home, making Home Protection Powder, or leaving protective sigils/symbols near doorways and windows :house:

Once protection is in place and you’ve got a net of magickal safety, you might choose to top if off with a Return to Sender Spell- a similar type of spell to the Reversal Spell Jar, but more directly reflective in my opinion. Anything she sends your way is going right back at her- it’s kind of a dual-purpose shield and sword spell, so to say :sword_tarot: :shield:

Those who are experts in energy work and auras will probably know better than I do, but my best guess is that the ring of color is an aura (likely yours, as it is around you). As for the hands, perhaps it could be a guardian deity or angel reaching out to you?

Do you have a guardian spirit, angel, or deity you work with? If so, it could be them. If not, you might consider trying to reach out and connect with whatever entity it may be (keeping your protective measures securely in place, at least until you are sure they mean no harm).

Here’s a great tarot spread for reaching out: Who’s There? Identifying a Deity Through Tarot

Whatever you choose to do from here, I am wishing you all the best, @samantha57! Good luck and blessed be :pray::sparkles:


May I ask for clarification, are you on the right in the picture?
If so, it appears as if something was warning you rather than threatening. I say this because there is a blue healing circle around your head that the hand didn’t penetrate. I would honestly say this looks more like a friendly warning. Your face isn’t altered as it might have been if it was meant as a threat.
The crystals that formed, if not from weather change etc, may prove to have protected you as well.

Consider continuing (wow this sounds corny, sorry!) doing the right thing the best you can, I think.
Thanks for trusting us and sharing!


Hi there :wave:

I’m just hopping in to say that I agree with everything @BryWisteria has said – look through the protection spells, cleanse yourself and your home, and then protect everything you’ve got!

I’m sorry you’re dealing with someone like that – it’s terrible to have your trust in someone completely violated. I understand! :people_hugging: I wish you the best of luck and may the other person involved be brought to justice :balance_scale:


Congratulations on your recovery, your story is really amazing. To answer your question on why would she do this, the answer is people can be mean, jealous and bored. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you try and figure it out why and that could impact your sobriety…so let it go and move on. When you think about it, even doing those spells you were doing, you were still giving her your energy, you were giving the situation your energy and you were feeding it with your emotions. I’d recommend detachment from the whole ball of wax (also never lending anyone money while you are in recovery, because it is just an invitation for drama). Anyone who interferes with your inner peace, just avoid all contact with them and just focus on your kids and the amazing life you are building. She’ll get bored and go away. Really, it is the only way. Keep doing what works. PS I find wanding myself down with selenite is really helpful (as is yoga, meditation and gratitude work).


Thank you so much for this. Ur absolutely right. I didnt even thibk about aura in this pic. Ur right! Thabk you. Sorry it took me awhile. I have a 5 and 2 yo and I work and run a business. Very little tine for me. I know i know. Thabks for the awesome insight.


Thank you so very much for taking the time! Ur awesome!


Thats kinda what I ended uo doing. When she did pop up in my mind on the rare occasion that I think of her i just wish her love and light. I just heard she was kicked out of a different place she was living and it actually hurt my heart. Ive always been very forgiving in situations where i shouldnt be. I learned at a young age that it takes more put of me to hild a grudge that to just forgive and let it go. Thabks for ur response.


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