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Hello everyone,
I haven’t been on in a while due to illness. I’m turning to the experts to advise me on what type of organic tea will help clear out my lungs. I have been taking over the counter medicines to help liquify mucous secretions, however they make me sick to my stomach. I was told to treat myself as if I have covid because of my symptoms. Needless to say, I am losing my energy, and have lost my stamina. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Blessings to you all.


Green tea, black tea, ginger tea, eucalyptus tea, fennel tea, and licorice tea are all great to drink for your breathing. They can reduce respiratory inflammation and boost your breathing.
Yogi has a Breathe Deep tea that has peppermint, eucalyptus, licorice, cinnamon, ginger, and other herbs that I can’t remember the names of.
Feel better soon!


I wrote to my friend, Healer and author of 2 books Juliet Diaz. She send me a screenshot and wrote this too.

Mullein and Osha Root are my go to
Elderberry and Astragalus as well


For those interested in herbal medicine one of Juliet’s books is: Plant Witchery.

So you can add it on your book shelf.


Awesome Pedro thank you


I’ve used Yogi’s Breathe Deep tea myself and it’s tasty and well as helps your lungs. I’d use that if you weren’t going to use Pedro’s friend’s idea. It might be easier at first because you can get it at the store, you don’t have to make it.

Also anything with ginger, ginger is a natural snot thinner and helps a nauseous stomach. So maybe some ginger ale when you’re not drinking tea? The kind with real ginger. That might help you too.

Good luck! I’ll pray for you to feel better.


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As well as the excellent tea recommendations, have you tried a good old fashioned steaming. I’ve got asthma and when I get a cold or flu I struggled to breathe. As a kid my mum always sorted me a bowl of hot water which I’d put my head over with a towel over my head. I think she might have put a bit of vics vaporub or olbas oil in it too.


@darlene13 I just went through the exact same thing and I’m still dealing with lungs clogged with gunk. I fill my tea ball up with wish rose petal, jasmine, chamomile (these are really just for flavor and for the swanky spa effect) eucalyptus, peppermint and licorice root, angelica root and Skullcap (monks herb) is also a wonderful addition because it’s calms coughs and so does lemongrass
And I sweeten with raw honey instead of sugar v
I also make a summer pot to put my head over and cover my head with a towel allowing me to breathe in the steam with eucalyptus, peppermint or spearmint EO, cloves, cinnamon, pine or cedar leaves and a pinch of chili powder and crushed red pepper flakes,
This opens the sinus cavities and then I add rosemary, sage,oregano, basil and thyme as these have antibiotic properties to clean out the ick.


Im going through the same issue right now. Eh, I can’t stand it!! I’ve been drinking warm salt water. It’s said to thin out the mucus. For tea, I would say :100: chamomile and peppermint!!
Feel better phlegm twin :sweat_smile::pray:


Yes, please do. I appreciate any prayers or positive energy that comes my way. Bless you @praecog29.


You’ve been added to the circle and to the wiki. I pray you find positive relief of these symptoms and someone in the medical field or someone here can point you to answers.


Feel better soon! Tumeric is also a great tea you can brew for inflammation and builds up your immunity.


@darlene13 hi sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. Here is a recipe for a really nice cough syrup. For herbs I would suggest, enclampane root, mullein leaf,red clover blossoms and licorice root. All of these will help with a wet cough and ease the spastic coughing. They thin the mucus as well. Combine the above herbs to equal one cup total.

sorry for the bad handwriting lol. I hope it helps you feel better