Hecate and Samhain

Hello everyone! This time of year is my favorite of all! I am sending positive energy to you! This is my intent with harm to none, and so it is times three :black_heart: :jack_o_lantern: :skull_and_crossbones: I also want to share this wonderful story I came across (pathofshe.com) :black_heart: made me fall in love with Hecate all over again!
Enjoy! -much love :old_key:

Excerpt from The Path of She Book of Sabbats.

At Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is thin and the mysteries of the sacred dark permeate the mundane world, Hecate calls to us. Never before has Her voice been so loud, so urgent. She speaks to us not only in our dreams and ritual magic, but also in the stark language of wildly erratic weather patterns, dying oceans, and barren lands, and the cold despair and hungry hopes of our own warm, beating heart.

It`s not easy to heed Her call. She raises our spectral fears about the fate of our human society and planet home. Environmentally, socially, politically, and spiritually, we are destroying the fabric of our physical and social world. We have reached a critical tipping point, and if we continue on this trajectory, things are not going to end well.
But how do we change? How do we shift from denial, apathy, and despair into a place of hope and inspiration? How do we turn this destructive momentum into an evolutionary, birthing moment? And what is our part in weaving a better world into being?

“Come to my crossroads,” Hecate whispers on the wind, “Come and you will find the answers you seek.”

Take a deep breath, summon up your courage and say, “Yes, Hecate, I am coming. Guide me to your crossroads.”

In the world between the worlds, where the mysteries lie in wait, you will find Hecate. She appears before you in Her Crone form, with a thick mane of moonlight silver hair and intense, amethyst eyes that shine bright with Her ageless presence. She wears a cloak of midnight black that shimmers as She moves as if brushed with starlight. An aura of light surrounds Her, a way-showing beacon in the enveloping darkness to guide travelers to Her crossroads. Her arms open wide to welcome you, casting a circle of illumination that draws you into its center.

With a sweep of Her hands, two roads appear before you.

To the left is a neglected path, overgrown with the luscious fecundity of the wild realm. Memories arise within you of the feral innocence of childhood with its simple pleasures of play and wonder in your dance with the outer world. And beneath this, older, ancestral memories percolate, of a time when humanity lived in loving, sensual communion with the powers and mysteries of Mother Earth.

To the right is a paved-over surface that obscures any trace of the living land under an unforgiving, tar-black sheen. This path exudes a deadness that lays bare the tear in our human psyche from the natural world and our true, beautiful essence, and echoes with the keening pain of our battered souls and broken hearts.

“Behold the crossroads of these Great Turning times, where humanity faces a critical, precarious juncture in its spiritual evolution,” Hecate says, “Before you are two ways of living and dreaming.”

“One path holds the good dream of humanity where you walk the Earth by my life-centered ways and your best nature of love, generosity, and communion with others. The second path holds the bad dream where your worst instincts of dominion, fear, and greed lay barren in the wild realm and the heart of your human society. It is this second path, reeking devastation on the living world, that rules humankind.

“Both of these paths exist inside of you and in your greater society. Humanity is neither good nor bad, but some complex weaving that includes the best and worst of your nature.”

With another sweep of Her hands, the two paths merge into one.

“This is my middle path,” Hecate says,” it holds the opposing paths of the good and bad dreams of humanity. A mirror path exists inside of you that contains the joy and sorrow, and beauty and wounding of your life story.

“To transform yourself and your world, you must walk this middle path. To travel its ways is to accept and take responsibility for all that you are and all that you have experienced, and from this greater awareness choose whether the good or bad dream of humanity will hold sway in the core of your being. You must choose whether love or fear will rule you.

“Love is the way forward for you and your human kin — love that can hold and heal the sorrow and wounding that burden your soul and the world soul — love that chooses generosity over greed, and communion over dominion — love that can turn the destructive momentum that threatens this world into a positive new beginning.

“This love is my way, the way of the sacred feminine, that is awakening within you and leading you home to your Deep Self and a better world.”

As Hecate speaks, the light that emanates from Her shining brighter and brighter. This wondrous luminosity is the very love that She speaks of, offering a beacon of guidance and hope in these turbulent, Great Turning times. Hecate, the sacred feminine, all life on this stunning Earth, your life, are woven of this love.

Hecate turns to you, taking your hands and squeezing them tight.

“Time is running out. Do not turn away,” She says, “By your choices, and those of your human kin, will your destiny and that of your Earth home be decided.”

She folds Her arms inward, drawing Her brilliant light back into Her body until She is gone, and you find yourself alone under a star-studded sky. Your hands still tingle from Her touch and the responsibility She has bequeathed to you shines strong and bright within you.

After the crossroads vision is done, the real magic begins. With your every thought, every word, every action, you choose which path your life serves, and the kind of a world you want to create. Never have the stakes been higher; life as we know it hangs in the balance. To change this world, you must start with yourself.
:jack_o_lantern:-Blessed Samhain -“Hail Hecate” :black_heart: :new_moon_with_face:
:crescent_moon:-much love and many blessings from my family to yours! :jack_o_lantern: :purple_heart: :skull_and_crossbones: :black_heart:


What a beautiful story, @moonshadow it touches home. I’m in a turn-point moment where finding balance is giving me a hard time, but this gives me hope that Hecate is with me and as long as I drive my actions on love I’ll be fine.

Thank you so much for sharing this to us. And for the blessings to my family, we need that so much right now.

Sending love and light back to your famy too, blessed be!

And Happy Sanhaim! :jack_o_lantern:


Thank you for your blessings, and may you have a blessed day too! And thank you for sharing this. It shows that our choices affect our future. Very nice.


Echoing others, this spoke so directly to me it felt as if the message was Intended for me! Thank you for sharing it and may Her Blessings enfold you and your family!


@moonshadow ~ wow, I am just so blown away by this! I had a massive epiphany while reading this message. Lately, I have been feeling such a pull to learn more about Hecate. The only problem is that (and this is kind of embarrassing) she scares me a little. Her energy is just so intense. Also, (and this is even more embarrassing) the way she is portrayed with the ritual performed in the movie Practical Magic - hahaha, I know I’m a dork :rofl: - always kind of freaked me out. While I thought about this deeper, I considered why it is that she frightens me; as a hedge witch, I am comfortable being at the proverbial crossroads, so what the heck was going on? And, then bam! It hit me! It’s been the fear of my shadow side that has really been keeping me from heeding her call. And maybe a little bit of the Practical Magic thing still. :rofl: :laughing:


@moonshadow ~ Oh, and I meant to thank you for posting this! Clearly, I needed to read this. Thanks!! :heart:


That was beautiful and profound. Thank you for sharing Hecate’s meaningful message :slight_smile:


@moonshadow thank you so much for sharing. I have been thinking of Hecate quite a bit lately. I really needed to read this :purple_heart:


Thank you for this :purple_heart::purple_heart: I know this was answers to my questions with knowing what deity to connect with. This was confirmation that Hecate has been with me. Fear has kept my distance still learning and understanding deity’s, and I can work with more than just one.
Sending Light and Love to your family :purple_heart::purple_heart:


It brings me so much happiness and joy that each of you got something out of this story. I am so glad I found it and yes Hecate can be scary for sure but her love and protection are far more powerful in my belief. She has helped me deal with my shadow and I am a better person with her in my life. I have found that she is fierce, blunt, and honest and I respect her for that. She comforts and protects me. She is the protector of all witches and she loves and guards every single one of us even if you don’t know her.
-much love and many blessings


Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!. I am looking for balance in my life and I am blessed knowing that Hecate is always there! Blessings!:purple_heart:


@claudia It is my pleasure dear. :purple_heart: Welcome to this group. This is a safe place full of friendly and supportive people who truly care. Glad you are here.
-much love and many blessings


@BrightBear Hecate can be scary and she is fierce, blunt, and honest. She demands respect and is huge on loyalty. Her protection and her love are most powerful in my belief. She is kind and loving to her witches. I have never seen her scary side, She has never hurt me and my trust in her is unshakable. If you decide you want to know her she will be loving and accepting I do not doubt in my mind about that one bit. :old_key:
-much love :black_heart:


@jessica72 It sounds like Hecate might be calling you :black_heart: :old_key:


I really do think so, after everything that has happened with me leaving my ex of 15 years. Reading your post it really just hit me with how I have been feeling the past week or so. I miss him so much it’s almost unbearable, even though he treated me so baldy.
I honestly feel like I literally am standing at a crossroads and I have a decision to make. Do I a) be stronger than I have ever been in my life to leave him in the past and take this chance at freedom and move on with my life to find something better or do I b) follow that urge that I have been having lately to reach out to him and accept whatever he wants me to be just to have him in my life as it is all I’ve known.
I know exactly what I need to do. There really shouldn’t be any choice. But 15 years of being in a toxic relationship with someone like that really makes you question your self-worth and your capacity to function as a normal human being. And it is terrifying turning your back on the past to face a future that I didn’t know that I could have or didn’t think that I even deserved.
Maybe Hecate is there offering to hold my hand so I don’t have to walk that new and unknown path alone? I really hope so. I really could do with her help.


@jessica72 It does sound like she is calling you! How exciting! When I started with Hecate I searched and read every little tidbit I could on the internet. I wanted to know everything about her, I wanted to know her. There is some really good info about her here at spells8 which in my opinion would be a great place to start if you wish.
-much love many blessings


Thank you xxx Just gonna say that I’m kind of absolutely loving the fact that Hecate is the Protectress of dogs! The more I learn about her the more I adore her.


Hi again @moonshadow
Just a quick question do you think that this would be a respectful image of Hecate to display on my altar? Sorry if it seems like a silly question I just really value your knowledge of Hecate. And i would really like to be respectful to Hecate.


It’s a beautiful image, that’s for sure!


Hi. I’m male and also was married for 15 years. It is hard, and I have found that becoming “un-married” has been a process. There were lots of things to do and undo that I did not realize. I have dated since, and that’s a saga in itself. I’m telling you these things so you will know that you are not alone. They say wisdom comes through suffering, and we have some very wise people in this coven.

It sounds like you already know what you need to do, and you know what you want to do. And they are not the same thing.

Hecate is the Goddess of the Crossroads (among many other things), so She could help you find your way. And as long as you are here in this coven you won’t walk any path alone, unless you choose to.