Hello from Akron, OH

I am in Akron. New to this forum. If I am doing it wrong - be gentle with me. I am setting up for my first Sabbat. Have spent several months trying to collect what I want AND watching/reading as much as I can. I love this site. I can resonate with the meditations and the vibe I get from the lessons.
Merry met,
Blessed be,


Merry meet, Berta. I don’t think anyone here would say you’re doing it wrong (unless you were causing harm) so you came to the right place for this point in your journey. My family is from all over Ohio and I remember Akron well. It’s always wonderful meeting another person on here from the Midwest. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t mind me asking, how are you celebrating Samhain? This is my first one, too, and the members here have been amazing sharing their traditions with each other. It’s really helped me in my personal planning.


Merry Meet @berta!! Welcome! :wave:

Thanks for this lovely introduction and for your bio!

Feel free to explore the Forum and comment on any topic you like. Or Create a new topic in the Witchy Wisdom section to share anything that you’re currently learning.

Many Blessings! :pray:


LOL… as I am sitting here I am frantically trying to figure out how to get all my new tools dedicated and bless before the blue moon and Samhain. I may just have to bless the altar and try to dedicate them as weather allows.
I have a picture of a dear friend who passed in 2010. I have a shell I picked up on a beach when I was with him and some other special tokens from that friendship. I hope to ask if he care to communicate on this very special holiday. - Nothing elaborate, just a pendulum and a board.
This is my test run on my altar. The table cloth will go away and the pentagram is on a lower shelf of the same table. It’s a start…



Merry Meet Berta! Welcome to our little nook of Witchy Wisdom. :grin:
How to Celebrate Samhain: Rituals & Ideas! :skull:
Here’s a link for Samhain, in case you hadn’t seen it yet.

Blessed Be,


Merry meet to you, @berta! :heart:

No worries at all- you are doing a great job! If you have any questions while navigating the forum, feel free to reach out. We are happy to help you feel at home here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your Samhain altar looks amazing! :heart_eyes: The feathers on the right are particularly eye catching- I love the aesthetic of your altar. It is serene and peaceful to look at- a gorgeous setup for the holiday!

Pleasure to meet you and blessed be :two_hearts:


Hi @berta! Welcome to the forum, It’s so lovely to have you here, and right in time for Samhain too! :hugs::heart: your altar is absolutely beautiful- thankyou so much for sharing :heart_eyes: I look forward to hearing more from you soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The fan is a collection of feathers from walks on the beach and in my yard. I put the fan together from those ‘gifts’ left in my path. (I only found out after the fact that it is illegal in some states to collect feathers). So, I won’t say exactly where I was…but I felt that they were a blessing at the time.
The salt Jar is fun too. A pine branch came down in a storm here and I cut it up into small pieces and glued them to the lid of a jar I picked up at Hobby Lobby. When my wand arrived from England the seller sent it packed in lichen. I have always LOVED that fragrance and so I stuffed bits of it between the pine. It makes for a very fragrant addition to the “Earth” position. The shells too are a long time collection of beach combing finds. (Except for the Abalone which was purchased.) I just wanted something meaningful and something that offered a happy memory when I looked at it. :slight_smile:


Thank you Tamera. GREAT information and I love the ideas. I watched one video on Samhain but not those…I am always learning on this site. People like you are so generous to share. I really appreciate it.


Thank you Limeberry. Thanks for making me feel welcome and included. I believe it is more important than ever that we find a way to connect and keep the love flowing. Even if it has to be though virtual means.


Have you seen these? They might inspire you!:

Your altar looks lovely! Very symmetrical, balanced and in harmony! :grin:


Welcome to the community Berta, we all learning here and everyone is very helpful. Will be my first Samhain this year.


Berta, gorgeous Altar!


Thank you, Francisco!
THIS is exactly why I love this site.
Those videos are going to help SOOOO MUCH! I will follow them tonight. I had not seen either one and the book I have is lovely and it would be awesome to follow… “At twilight, take your chalice and go to a lake, ocean, or stream …” or " Awaken at Dawn and take your Athame into the garden…" or “At midnight gather some soft ground… sprinkle it over your cauldron.” what it DOESN’T say is things like ‘ignore the sound of the sirens, garbage trucks, and the neighbor’s motor cycle…or your Dad saying…"are you alright out there? What are you doing in the garden at midnight???.’. sigh…
Your altar blessing and tool consecration ritual are totally doable.


Thank you Walter. :slight_smile: I hope you have a wonderful Samhain.


Hahahah :rofl: That’s probably the best feedback I’ve ever seen about the videos!!! :laughing:

That’s exactly the problem I had with most books of spells, or things I found online. They’re so complicated!!! I believe less is more, and intention rules everything. Thanks for bringing that up!! :smiley:


:star2:Merry Meet,
Akron my name Is Valerie and I have been a part of the coven for roughly a month! I’m trying to get the swing of things to myself! I’m learning personal discovery and learning about self through the craft! I love the magic in my life! I am very happy and blessed to meet you! I hope we can learn together! I hope we can share our thoughts together!
(Aka Witch name Jeannie)


Ohhh I had no idea that some states outlaw collecting feathers, @berta! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m a bit scared to google the rules for Massachusetts- I used to love collecting odds and ends on beach walks :ocean: I agree- when there’s a beautiful feather laying on the ground, it really does feel like a gift!

I love how creative you are with your treasures- lichen and shells and feathers, ohhh such a great aesthetic :sparkling_heart:


Merry meet!

That is a lovely board/altar you have there with the pendulum.

I think you are going to find a lovely bunch of witches who have your best interest at heart at all times. The guidance and advice is wonderful and always with your highest good in mind.

I love the lessons that are posted and I love the guided meditations. Having said that, I need to get back to doing them so I don’t go completely nutty through my days.

I hope to see you soon and as you evolve share your experiences and never be afraid to ask any question. I have found that usually someone else has the same question they would like the answer to.