Hello From Georgia💜

Hi everyone. Hope youre having a great day. Ive introduced myself before but my phone got hacked and i lost everything. My name is Mary. I currently live in Georgia. Im from Orlando Florida. Lived there my whole life. Not Micky Mouse. The other side of the tracks lol. I have known about Wicca for a very long time but was raised Christian and believed if you were into it you were evil etc. Well. For about 6 months now my eyes have been opened. I started to read more into it and have learned that this is the direction I really need to go down. The more I read the more I felt a part of myself grow that I have never knew about myself. I was always into Horoscopes and Astrology and interpreting my dreams. One day my pastor said it was against Christianity because it was telling the future and whatever else he said. Ive learned how to listen to my own self and since I have found this way of life I feel like my heart is open. The meditation helps with clearing my mind. The energy I put into life makes sense. I cant describe it. But its me. Im looking for friends. I dont have many because its hard to trust. But I need some place to start. I have a lot of questions lol. feel free to message me. :slight_smile: :heart_eyes_cat:


Welcome to the forum @MBT90. I’m Siofra_Strega a moderator here at Spells8. I’m from Cape Cod. I don’t really fall under or use any label aside from I’m a witch. Only because, well I ultimately thats what I am :laughing: I’m not Wiccan.

I would say, that the courses would be a great place to start. There’s a lot of great information & quite a few topics.

I saw that youbsaid you have a lot of questions. Feel free to ask any that you may have. Either jumping in aon any open topic or starting your own. We are all very friendly & supportive. Someone will be right along for you as soon as they can.

Astrologybis quite popular. I love to learn astrology :milky_way: & we also have the Astrological Forecast W/C 6th March 2023 that was recently posted for the week ahead.

Dreams are always interesting. The last couple I have had from this weekend & one about 2 weeks ago, were awdully prophetic in regards to the following couple of days after I had them.

I’m continually working on my intuition & being a highly sensitive empath, I have to remember to ground & center as well as protecting my own energy & not taking on others things as my own from being to open & not protecting myself. So I guess learning boundaries from the most mundane tonlarger ones.

I look forward to getting to know you! I work alot within my home & concerning my family. I personally work with Brigid :fire: & the Morrigan :raven:. Both are Irish Celtic :triquetra: Goddeses & my practic is highly Celtic based :triskele: with some flair.

It’s nice to meet you & I hope to get to talk with you some more! :infinite_roots:


wow. everything you wrote was like i was reading my own words. Thats crazy. i have dreams like that. I’ve been into everything you wrote. i would love to talk more. please @Susurrus


Absolutely! You can either send me a private message, depending on what you would likw to share, or just ask away. I will happily answer any questions & offer any assistance I can with helping youbstart your path :two_hearts:


Hi @MBT90! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome back to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I’m sorry your phone got hacked and you lost everything. That’s awful! I’m also glad you’ve opened your mind to paganism. I second starting with the courses, there is a great one on meditation that might help you out.

As for your questions, ask and someone will pop up and help you out. The more questions you ask, the more friends you make! I look forward to getting to know you!


@MBT90 Hi Mary, I’m Christeena, and I’m 42, a mother of 2 adult sons. One is a paramedic/firefighter, and the other is a Marine. I live in a very very small town in Central North Carolina with my hubby of 21 yrs, our 2 dogs and 3 cats. I was raised Pentacostal and was always told that my gifts were evil, so they were suppressed til just a few yrs ago when i finally accepted all of myself. It has been an amazing journey with alot of bumps along the way. But it’s all worth it bc for the 1st time in 42 yrs i feel whole.

I have a HUGE affinity for herbs, I commune with spirits, and my guides. I’m a daughter of Hekate, The Morrigan, and Thor. I will help anyone, usually to my own detriment. But I’m still just gonna do me. If you ask me a question please be prepared for an honest answer. Sometimes brutally honest, as I am blunt. I don’t sugar coat things. Here you will find so many like minded brothers and sisters who will welcome and accept all of you with open arms without condescension. If you have questions all you have to do is ask. We are all here to help each other. You will find people from all walks of life and paths. Again, welcome!!!


@Susurrus thats bc u are awesome!!! All of u @moderators are.


Hi @MBT90! I’m from Georgia too! Welcome! It’s hard to explore when you are up to your neck in the Bible Belt, but you have definitely found the right place! Enjoy exploring!


Hello @MBT90,

Dealing with a hacked phone sounds awful, but on a happier note it is wonderful to hear from you again- sending warm thoughts your way!

You’re in a great place for connecting with fellow witchy friends and also for asking questions- the wisdom of the coven is at your fingertips! Have you come across the Q&A category yet in your travels around the forum? That’s the best place to go to ask whatever is on your mind. Your friendly coven is here and happy to help! :infinite_roots:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Welcome to the forum @MBT90 :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

I was born in California but I currently live in Florida near the Gulf Coast :beach_umbrella: I’ve only been here a few years but I enjoy it for the most part!

I was like this, too! I can remember always looking up my horoscope online when computers became normal in the home. And then there was a point where I was researching everything I could about astral projection and would spend hours trying to accomplish that. To this day I’ve never been able to :laughing: but I also have a child and not a lot of quiet time in my house! :joy:

I’m glad you’ve found your way here. We’re a friendly bunch and I’m sure you’ll make plenty of new friends! I look forward to seeing you around the forum!

:blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:


Hello :hugs: and welcome home :infinite_roots: @MBT90

I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado, it’s nice to meet you. I was also raised Christian, so I know where you are coming from. I don’t really tell anyone that I am a witch, but Spells 8 is a great place to make friends with like-minded people. I’m so glad you have joined us, Mary, Welcome to the family :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


@MBT90 welcome! Such strength to follow your heart :heart:. Well done! :clinking_glasses: There are amazing people on this site, you included :), I look forward to seeing you in the forum.


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