Help whats happened

Hope you can see these photo i got well I don’t know but done all this just couldn’t stop. I wasn’t even using the paper. I was trying to phone BT and all this just happened???
What was this for or about? does it mean anything to us witches should I be sharing this I don’t know its got me in a right kerfuffle.


Thanks for sharing @phyliss!!

It looks like automatic writing, as in clearing your mind, holding the pen and allowing a Higher Self or entity to almost move your hand, causing words or symbols, some communication from them, to appear on the paper.

It’s a form of divination or mediumship. I know because my mom does this.

Have you studied Japanese? :jp:

It can be hard to interpret so give it some time. Maybe try doing it again next week as a way to ask for clarity.


Hi thank you I’m glad I’m not just whirling off stuff didn’t know I could do this but its cleared up what divination is I have abilities have had since a child but had no one at all to go to so instead of embracing things I was terrified I was going to burn in hell. My old pastors and priests said it was my own fault and that I had 7 spirits all evil coming after me if I ever dared open psychic doors what the was them? They came into my fathers home and started throwing holy water at then saw one book Steven King and said is this yours i said yes but I haven’t read it i bought it from a jumble sale you guess the response it was my fault I was able between 8 or 10 yrs old I was a mess. I had an exorcism done on me by one other church they spoke in what they said was retribution from the Angels as they screamed out in a language id never knew existed. But I have never stopped having my own mind its been traumatic not having the guidance I needed it wasn’t evil I just have abilities gifts. Sorry if this not allowed but I’m glad I’m finally finding my true path at last.


Your subject reminds me of the content on Megalithomania YouTube channel. Look at the content of Dr. Terence Meaden. Other speakers are in tune with the energies of Stonehenge and Energy lines. This group is based in Glastonbury, England. (The reputed location of the Isle of Avalon). They have an annual conference where geologists, astronomers, witches, pagans, druids, and archaeologists speak about their studies of the megaliths in Britain and Ireland. I think you would be excited to find this channel!


It sounds like you have a lot going on in your spiritual life, @phyliss! And a very exciting divination too- it’s understandable if you feel uncertain or a bit scared inside, especially with how your powers have been treated by others in the past. Sending lots of support and blessings to you! :pray::two_hearts:

If you feel lost and uncertain, my best advice is to take some time for a quiet meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: . Delve deep inside yourself and take a deep look at your inner mind. There are many different ways to approach meditation, here are a few resources that can offer guidance if you are considering it!

Take some time to be with yourself. To put aside what others have done or said to you about your abilities, and just spend time with you and your magick :sparkles:

I am so glad you found your way here, and are beginning your journey to find peace with your magickal abilities! :sparkling_heart:

Blessed Be! :pray:

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This is terrible! I’m sorry you had to go through such a traumatic experience.

There are some people who think they can scream away anything they don’t like, even something that clearly is your gift to nurture and share.

I’m glad you’re finding a healthy path that works in tune with who you really are. Sending you my Blessings! :pray: