Meditation Tips

Meditation isn’t about becoming a new and different person, or even a better person. It’s about training your awareness and gaining a healthy sense of perspective and cultivating positive thought patterns.

You’re not trying to turn off your brain, thoughts or feelings. You are simply learning to observe those thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Meditation is just like any other skill you are trying to learn. It takes time and consistent practice. Meditation is not meant to be “perfect” and don’t expect it to be! Sometimes your focus will wander to those dishes in the sink or you’ll forget to breath and then start gasping for air…

That’s OK as it’s all part of the wonderful experience. What’s most important is to meditate consistently and keep practicing!

Here is a video I made that you may find helpful when it comes to meditation.


Thanks for the tips, Laurie! I liked the idea of using a yoga block to focus on the breath. I will try that one out…

And that’s a beautiful back yard you have there! Perfect for meditating! I want to hear the sounds of nature but most of the times it’s just people yelling from across the park! :laughing:


This is very important advice- when I first started meditating, I was using a Zen Buddhist approach. The goal at the temple was to “empty your mind” and “think of nothing”. I really struggled with this, and often got frustrated at myself for always being distracted… thinking of nothing is a very hard thing to do! :sweat_smile:

I wish I heard your words back then- the key thing is to not judge and to let yourself experience what may come. Being able to then let your thoughts go is a more advanced ability- something I am still working on! For now, I try to sit quietly without letting frustration take away from the experience :woman_in_lotus_position:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, @SilverBear! :heart:

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It’s perfect until the train goes by then all I hear is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN lol.