Meditation App- Headspace (Promo code for a free month)

Hello all!

From time to time in my travel adventures I’ll write a review or share some pictures on Google Maps. They have a (very small) kind of reward program for those that contribute, and this month they shared a few promo codes, including a code for one month free with Headspace :thought_balloon:

I’ve only seen the free online content with Headspace (they have some interesting meditation videos that are open access to all), but I know Headspace has been mentioned and recommended a few times here in the forums- it seems to be a pretty popular app that helps with meditating! :woman_in_lotus_position:

Anyone can access the 1-week free trial via the Headspace website, but if you would like a month of free access, I am happy to share this promo code with you all:

It looks like you don’t have to be a local guide to use the code (it doesn’t connect accounts to the best of what I can see). If you go to the link and enter the code LOCALGUIDES you should have access to the free month.

Maybe someone who was interested in trying Headspace will be able to give it a try and enjoy a free month! :+1:

If you are interested in learning more about ways to meditate, there are many interesting discussions here in the forums that can provide guidance and tips as well:

Happy Meditating to All! :sparkling_heart::woman_in_lotus_position:


@TheTravelWitch my daughter didn’t know what Headspace was so she accidentally canceled my subscription so when it is time for me to subscribe again, I will definitely try this code! I love Headspace. I am currently working on the basics and on managing anxiety sessions. The meditation I do during the day I get from this site or the forums.

Thank you for sharing.



Thanks so much for sharing the promo code @TheTravelWitch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I just recently renewed my subscription for the Calm app, which I quite enjoy; but I’m curious to see how other meditation apps compare!

I know that the Calm app I’m currently using has several meditations courses specifically designed to help with anxiety; I haven’t tried them out myself though. Maybe Headspace has something similar?


@Christine4 yes, Headspace has courses for just about everything. I started the one for sleep, but I am about halfway through the anxiety courses and I am more than halfway through the second Basics course. They have courses and singles. Plus I can put on different sounds for sleep or for moving like exercises or to just focus. I have also used the Letting go of Stress courses too.


Oh thank you sweet one! I will absolutely use this. :pray::dizzy::sparkles::waning_crescent_moon:


@christina4 I love Headspace, it has helped me so much and I look forward to my meditations each day. I personally enjoy the female voice over the male. She is so soothing and it doesn’t seem like it is as long as they actually are each time.

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Ohhh nooo! :laughing: An honest mistake- and maybe it’s actually a blessing in disguise if starting up again means you get a free month! I know you’ve mentioned Headspace a few times- it seems like a good resource! Best of luck with continuing your meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: :two_hearts:

You’re very welcome, @christine4! :blush: The Calm app sounds very helpful too- and that’s awesome that they have courses! I think when apps like Calm and Headspace have easy-to-follow programs like courses, it makes meditation a lot more approachable, especially to beginners! Good luck with your meditation- Enjoy it :sparkling_heart:

You’re very welcome, @christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you find it to be helpful for your meditation practice :woman_in_lotus_position:


The Headspace app has been wonderful for me to learn how to ground myself and calm my anxiety. Now I can do the guided meditations on this site and calm myself enough to be able to do them peacefully and without my mind wandering off to a million different places

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I’m so glad to hear you’ve been having such luck with your meditations, @krissie117! :blush: Keep up the great work- you’re doing amazing! :clap::two_hearts:

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@TheTravelWitch thank you, I try to do them 3 times a day on a schedule, but the last 4 or 5 days I have been able to do one before bed. This morning when I woke up at 3:12, I made sure that I did one to start my day and then made sure that I got to journal about it on one of the blank pages. I like to do that after anything that I do.

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