Helpful hints and tricks to stay on track

Does anyone have any Tips or helpful hints on how to stay on track and find motivation during life’s highs and lows? I’m married, have a full time job, and I happen to have a football team of boys at home. Trying to find time for daily devotions, lunar rituals or daily writings is so hard for me. I’m not lazy by any means, but I need more hours in the day… any helpful hints or tips would be soooo appreciated.


Hi Annette,
I’ve been where you are, even went through a period where I had to step back from my craft until I got some things organized at home etc.
Best advice I can give you is go at your own pace. I started by committing some “me time” into the week whether it was to read, do a devotional, or ritual. I used my google calendar to set reminders like Tarot Tuesday/Thursday one of those days for readings the other for lessons in Tarot. Then I have Witchy Wednesday where I just dedicate to whatever I feel called to do like straighten my altar, read some of my books, go through a lesson whichever feels right. Mondays I try to meditate and do some self care.
Any other days I can fit even 30 min to my craft is a bonus,:grin:. Weekends I try to do what I can or catch up on the forum.
Key thing to remember it’s your path your craft you do what you can and what you want.
With a football team of boys I can imagine how limited your time is.
Hope this helps in some way,
Blessed Be


So funny you say a football team of boys… we are watching my son’s best friend’s last football game. He’s a Senior & on the Varsity team. I remember when my son was on the team & busy doesn’t cover it.

I started doing the coffee consecration in the mornings. I love to take ritual/spell baths/showers. I light my candles in the morning when I am getting ready for the day. If it’s something like a spell or full moon ritual, my kids help me bring what I need outside/inside & sometimes… I just have to tell them. I need an hour to myself, usually on the weekends.

I know that it probably didn’t help too much, but I completely understand where you are right now. If I think of anything specific, I will let you know!

Little things each day will keep you where you need to be. I go through disconnects too. So think small at first until you can work into having 3 minutes/5/10/15 minutes. Each day will be different when you have a family & the kids are into different things.

If I am doing meditation then I tell them I need half an hour or however long it is… I know that doesn’t always work though.


Firstly, you are an amazing person :heartpulse: Please don’t be harsh on yourself for not having a lot of time you have responsibilities and those also hold importance :heartpulse: I have two children and mostly work part time unless it’s busy and i often find myself at the end of a week and realise i haven’t done any proper devotionals or offerings to the Gods and i do beat myself up a little about it. But the universe and Gods understand responsibility and being busy :heartpulse: I try to stick to mediation as much as i can to keep me centred and keep my connection to the divine strong, even if its only 15mins here and there it still helps :heartpulse: Or put aside a little time each week to have a bath ritual to help you feel more connected to the craft :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Like everyone else said, don’t stress yourself. It’s the little things that count. I give thanks before eating and taking my meds. It only takes a few moments on something I was going to do anyway, but it makes me feel more connected.


If you feel like you don’t have motivation or energy for a devotion/spell/ritual, think of something more important than yourself, like a bigger purpose, a loved one, a situation, or even the energy exchange circle that could use that energy. :candle:

When I tune into that frequency of channeling energy without holding onto it, I find that I needed a lot less energy than I thought I did.


Thank you so much for those kind words and helpful advice. 5 boys between 7 and 13 is a handful, for sure. My question is, how do you make you’re family, who needs you constantly, understand and respect your “me time?” I have tried numerous times to set boundaries, and to put my Proverbial foot down, but I feel soooo guilty. Mom guilt runs right through me like the Mississippi River. Cutting down my boundaries, slicing through my good willed intentions, leaving me feeling empty and on auto pilot. I feel bad for asking my husband who also works really hard, to give me the space I need. I feel awful and inept in my attempt to do everything. I’m floundering like a fish without water. I’m so lost.
Sorry for rambling. I’m just so alone. Thank you for your advice and I will try again to start small and set some time out for me. Even 30min twice a week would work wonders for me and my lost spirit. Blessed be my friend. All my love.


Thank you. You have no clue how much this helps. Just knowing I’m not alone, and life gets to us all helps. I feel like an awful child of earth, because I rarely have time to give thanks for the smallest of blessings. Thank you so much, and good luck to the team. I’m excited for this time to end, but I know I will miss it, so I try to be as present as possible. The struggle is so real. So very real. Thank you again. Blessed be. Love and light to you and yours.


“The energy exchange circle??” I will have to study that. That sounds like something I could really use. I find myself holding on so tightly to energy that I absorb throughout my days, it doesn’t belong to me so it’s exhausting to hold in. A lot of times I find myself exploding with emotions not my own. Would this help me to find my center? Maybe a way to teach myself to separate my energy and emotions, and let go of the rest? Your thoughts and instruction would be most appreciated, even some direction. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Blessed be.


Oh beautiful I’m so sorry you feel like this :heartpulse: I know it is common to feel alone in a world full of people but you are not alone :heartpulse: we are all here :heartpulse: I know we are not near but we understand and we want to help :heartpulse: I suffer from anxiety and my sister has suffered from depression for a while now and i wonder if maybe you could speak to your doctor? I tend to go straight to magic to help with my anxiety but every so often I have to admit that I need help in the physical world as well, it doesn’t have to be a medication route I get some counselling and mental health group meetings to help me find myself again and cope better with my feelings :heartpulse: I’m doing a ritual for the Energy Exchange Circle tonight and i will include you in my thoughts when i ask for healing and strength :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


We need time for ourselves. We need time to recharge. Whether it’s to read, exercise, do a hobby, meditate, perform a ritual, etc., we need that time alone. Coming from my former Christian background, my mind races with stories of Elijah and Jesus.

Three quick paragraphs summarizing these stories.

Elijah was a prophet of God in the Christian Old Testament. He was in the midst of a my-god-is-better-than-your-god battle with some other prophets. Long story short, he won. Instead of celebrating he decided to get all suicidal and asked an angel of the lord to kill him. God’s solution? It was time to take break, rest, eat, regain strength.

Jesus is the son of God in the Christian New Testament. Even with all of the power of a god at his disposal, he routinely excuses himself for personal time. We find him in a garden praying alone, on a mountain praying alone, and taking the disciples aside to spend time with them alone.

“If a prophet and a god both decided that time alone to recharge was important, how much more should we crave that time?” That’s the programming still running background processes in my formally Christian brain.

Ignoring the preaching, sorry, the others have given some great ideas. My only suggestion is start small and be patient with yourself. :hugs: I imagine you are near a breaking point if you are reaching out but hang in there, you can start getting to work on your needs and we can be lifting you up with the energy exchange circle. (Leave a comment there and everyone will see it.)

Maybe set an alarm :alarm_clock: or a notification on your phone for personal time every morning or every evening? Even if it’s just for a few minutes at the start, it would be beneficial to you. Here are four tricks I use.

  1. Every morning I stop before I step out for the day and I kneel before my angel and light a candle.
  2. Every evening after the kids are in bed I take 30 mins for myself. (When my spouse was here, she would spend that time alone for herself, too.)
  3. When I am in the shower I say a spell and do a quick meditation.
  4. When I am folding laundry I stop for a minute and do a breathing exercise.

I see a lot of comments about emotions, finding a center, guilt, and letting go. Someone that has really helped me with these ideas, besides my therapist, is @SilverBear. She has a Meditation Playlist on YouTube that may be a good start for you, too.


Totally understand mom guilt! But someone once told me a while back that while we do everything in our power to take care of others, we always put ourselves on the back burner. By taking even the smallest amount of time to have our “me time” we are in fact taking care of ourselves so that we can take better care of our loved ones. In a sense you take care of you so that you can take better care of them.
I’m also familiar with the auto pilot feeling…it’s not a nice thing either.
We’re here for you, you’re not alone.
Message me or anyone here or post on the forum if you need anything.
Hugs Momma!
Blessed Be,


Little late to the conversation but there is nothing wrong with saying you need some time to yourself. Whether that’s going for a walk on your own or having a bath, even the social butterflies amongst need me time. It’s not selfish, it’s good for us. But I get how tough it can be at times, there really aren’t enough hours in the day.

I’m a bit of an introvert, OK a lot of an introvert, and quite happy in my own company. I’ve hit burn out a few times in the past socialising with people whose company I love. And during the pandemic my hubby (who I adore) and I have been in each others pockets as we’ve both been working from home full time.

When I say “I’m taking half a hour/an hour for a bath/to mediate/for a ritual…” he’s more than happy to give it to me. He’s seen me struggle with my mental health and knows I’m asking for what I need, and hopefully sees how much calmer I’ve been recently.

Kids are difficult. I don’t have any myself but hubby has three and they’re with us regularly. 17, 14 and 12 going on 21, all with hormones. But thankfully they’re so wrapped up in their own lives I don’t think they notice when I disappear for an hour :joy:


I really try to infuse everything I do with magick, no matter how mundane it seems~like stirring my coffee counter or clock wise for different intentions and performing glamour magick (like putting a spell on a lipgloss to make you speak so everyone listens) I even have a really great minute meditation practice~whatever is troubling you think on that and then see how it would be if that was “fixed” envision it as right as rain as you inhale blessed exhale be for one minute living in that feeling of rightness.


Even something as simple as offering whichever spirits, guides etc you work with the first bite of your food incorporates it!



I can totally relate. My schedule is crazy and with the stress of my day job, I find myself living in zombie land - Insomnia rules my world. However, after finding Spells8 site, I have found I can work my practice in (at my pace) throughout the day. The YouTube video shorts are great when I need to take a breather and recenter myself.

I found this great book on Audible called The Witches Book of Self Care. I have been listening to it on my commute to work and during my daily walks. I also listen to the daily devotions and prayers during these times too.

I repeat daily affirmations while brushing my teeth and also on my way to work. I also take about 10 minutes at bed time to do some breath work, express gratitude for the day, and pull a tarot card with the intent of what I need to know about tomorrow.

You are amazing and filled with love and light.


@annette4 hi I know this post is older but I just wanted to suggest a tag team approach to your situation. Maybe give hubby some alone time while you occupy the kids at a set time then arrange a time for him to deal with the kids to give you some well deserved time. Even if it’s only 15 or 20 minutes that can give you something to look forward to, and your husband too.