Hey man...let me see your stash... recycling..upcycling and your craft

I’m curious what my fellow coven members have in their stash of “stuff I could reuse in my craft”. Bottles, boxes, tubes, containers…what do you keep on hand?

Here’s mine…well half of it. LoL.

The other half is a box under the sink of various sized of glass jars and glass containers I need to finish removing their labels so I can put them in rotation :sweat_smile:


So… I have this box :package:… think a case of printer paper box from W.B. Mason (tealights, jars, bottles, extra herbs/plants/salts, charms, twine, incense, bags, pouches)… then I have a reusable shopping bag with more bits & baubles (coffee grinder, strainers, funnels, droppers, jars), then books & journals under a good quarter of my queen size bed… there’s a lot either I or someone from my family or that knows me will bring me.

One day my son brought me home bottles (1 I use for stormwater :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:) from an excavation site he was working at :smiling_face: & my husband brought me home the bottle I use for Moon Water. I have a wooden box on my dresser that has candles that I’ve used to seal things or that haven’t burned all the way down, a pair of scissors, a silver polish cloth, & smaller jars/bottles & crystal holders that I can use on necklaces.

I have a Selenite bowl with earrings that I took the backs off of because I lost the match & then I use them for other things, sometimes I keep the back, it depends on what type it is really & what I want to use the charm for after or it has charms that I lost the jump rings too or the necklace itself broke.

Honestly, I save all kinds of things. I get shells from my daughter & neighbors all the time too, beach :beach_umbrella: sand, and ocean water. They bring me or I save all kinds of things :rofl:


@Susurrus u literally said everything i was gonna say.


We need like special twinsie rings or something… we’ll figure it out @Mistress_Of_Herbs


I’m a terrible hoarder. I keep everything. My grandmother (B.1896) used to say. “Keep anything 7 years and you’ll find a use for it.” Then again, this is the same woman who said "The eye does not see where the heart may lead, even if it’s to a pile of :poop: .


@Susurrus oooooooooo yes.

The other Chrissie



Chrissie 1 & Krissie 2 :thinking: that could be a thing :laughing: tell the others… :loudspeaker:


I have things scattered all over my house :laughing: I don’t think I could take just one picture!


@Susurrus bwaaaaaaahhhhh