Holiday Cheer? || I mean, sure? Cupcakes for breakfast!

Okay, so I think I have this written in time to qualify for the challenge. Today has been nothing but wrong thing after wrong thing, but I am hopeful that the rest of my plans go, well, according to plan.

I made Solstice Cakes yesterday instead of a Yule log. I realized when I went to make the Yule log that I did not have quite the right pan. So I winged it and went for cupcakes instead. These are gluten-free and 100% plant-based chocolate and buttercream frosting.

I took pictures/video of the entire process and if you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw them – but I am going to show them to you anyway.

So these were cupcakes from a box. I can’t remember the name of the brand but they are gluten-free and plant-based from a box from the grocery store.

They went into the oven at 425 F for about 20 minutes. I used the leftover batter I had and put it in the bottom of a pie dish because I only have one cupcake tin and I had extra batter.

After I took the cupcakes out, I cooled them and made the "butter"cream frosting. And yes, all plant-based and gluten-free!

The plant-based buttercream frosting recipe is as follows, for anyone that wants to make it.

1 cup of plant-based butter – I used Country Crock
3 - 4 cups of powdered sugar added 1/2 cup at a time
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extra

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together until it gets creamy. If it is too thick, add a small bit of milk or milk-alternative about a teaspoon at a time. If it is too soft, add a bit more powdered sugar about 1/4 cup at a time. I do not recommend mixing by hand unless you have a hand mixer. That was hard :sweat_smile:

And yes, I turned it BLUE

I also want to mention real quick that the cake batter I got did not have an alternative to the eggs in the recipe. If you want to make a cake or other baked good vegan, you can substitute any plant-based milk for milk, plant-based butter for butter, and plain unsweet applesauce for eggs! Instead of an egg, use a 1/4 cup of applesauce. This recipe called for two eggs, so I used 1/2 cup of applesauce instead.

I then traced a sun in the top of the “cake” that I had in the pie dish. I let them sit in the fridge overnight to set, otherwise the frosting would get too runny. Then this morning, I lit the candles in my Yule log and had cupcakes and coffee for breakfast!

Today has just been…a bunch of wrong things over and over again. I’m going to try to not let it get to me because, well, there is nothing I can do about it now. I have some thoughts to mull over and might write a blog post about it for my website. I am going to end the evening with a meditation that was recommended to me by a friend in a Discord server and then probably pick through this really cool book my sister-in-law got me for Christmas.

Here is the meditation…

And here are some pictures of the book!

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I’m sorry things didn’t go well for you today. It’s the last bits of 2020 trying to hold on to you. Hopefully that energy will change with the year. The cupcakes look great though, nice and chocolaty and you made a wonderful frosting! Good going!


Sorry to hear it’s been tough for you lately, @MeganB- but cupcakes for breakfast is a great way to bring back some cheer! :cupcake::laughing: They look delicious, I love the blue frosting :blue_heart:

And what an awesome book- it has skeletons of fantasy creatures (harpy, mermaid, etc.)? :star_struck: What a neat idea- and such creative artwork! I hope looking at the book and the meditation helped you to feel better. Sending love and light! :sparkling_heart:


The cupcakes look delicious and I think they are perfect for breakfast! I’m sorry that you had a rough day yesterday and I hope it only got better for you as it went on. It can’t rain all the time and I hope the sun is shining for you now.


That’s okay. I mean at this point, I don’t really know what or why I expected anything to be any different :sweat_smile: but hopefully we have it all situated and figured out and now we’re just waiting for someone else to do their job so we can finish ours.

Oh man, it’s skeletal systems, muscular systems, everything - plus information on their folklore! I’ll have to post more pictures when I’m done with it. Maybe even review it on my channel :open_book:

Thank you Krissie :heart:


The waiting is the hardest. I hope the wheel turns for you soon and things get better. Keeping you in my thoughts!


Thank you!


Ohhh yes please! :star_struck: It looks like an amazing book :open_book: