Honey jar alternatives?

So I’m finding that sweetening and souring jars- and specifically honey jars are part of hoodoo closed practice. I found that there is a honey jar spell on here, but Since I don’t want to get too close to appropriation, are there any alternatives that do similar things? My goal is to create space and energy for an overall improvement of my relationships with some co-workers. They are very set in their ways to the point of not even being willing to hear me out and being passive aggressive. So, while I don’t want to do anything that would interfere with their free will, I would like to sweeten the air so to speak. Maybe make them
More receptive to at least hearing me out or being less aggressive in their resistance to new ideas? If that makes sense?


Greetings @CandiAnn,

That’s a great question- thank you for sharing it! I hadn’t heard that honey jars are specific to voodoo/hoodoo, was there a specific honey jar spell you found that was created by a voodoo/hoodoo practitioner? In that case, I can see how the spell might have traits that would be exclusive to those within the practice.

But if it was a general spell without specified ties to voodoo/hoodoo, then I believe that honey and similar sweetening agents in spellwork are universal ingredients- sweetening substances are common in many many types of love, friendship, and relationship spells. Also, honey is not like White Sage in that it has specific cultural ties and symbolism- honey has been used across civilizations dating back to Ancient Egypt:

Honey was revered in ancient Egypt, and until recently the oldest honey in the world was indeed found in an Egyptian tomb. That 3,000 years old honey had been placed in honey pots in the tomb of deceased pharoah King Tut to keep him happy on his celestial journey to the afterlife.

From Bee Mission: World’s Oldest Honey

Others may have differing opinions, but I do not believe that one culture or practice can claim exclusive use of an ingredient easily accessible and historically used by people around the world.

And while I didn’t personally write the Honey Jar Spell or Valentine’s Jar Spell (both of which are honey jars), as a fellow creator here I can attest that if they were written for Spells8 then they were definitely written to be used by any practicing witch or pagan, as opposed to only for those within a certain sect of magick :+1:

I think it is very thoughtful and responsible of you to be wary of cultural appropriation, but in the case of general honey magick and spell jars using honey, I don’t think you have to worry. Any general sweetening jars should be okay to use. And if you’re set against that type of spellwork, then perhaps a Cleansing Spell could help to “clear the air” with your coworkers"?

These are just my thoughts on the issue- I’m sure those who know more about voodoo/hoodoo may have other thoughts for you to consider as well! As always, I am looking forward to hearing what the rest of the coven thinks about this :blush: :sparkles:

Blessed be, Candice!


That’s a good question. Thank you Bry for the research!

@CandiAnn If you don’t feel comfortable with making a honey jar, you can cast a spell with chocolate instead. :chocolate_bar:

Good Luck!


Ooo I hadn’t thought of chocolate!


You could do a pouch or sachet with a tulle pouch, for example, that has herbs in it. It would just look like potpourri in a bag so if you had it on your desk (if you work in an office) it would not be conspicuous. I’ve made a couple of those with dry herbs and a few loose crystals. The tulle pouches can be found in dollar stores. Some combination of dried rose petals, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, sea salt, some rose quartz, perhaps, maybe. You could also try rolling a little rose oil or lavender oil on your wrists with an oil roller (Aura Cacia) to help you relax at work.


The pouch is such a good idea especially for places such as our offices. Thank you for the idea.


You don’t have to stick to any specific ingredients for most spells. You also can use substitutes. One substitute for honey in baking would be 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup water and is totally vegan. (Neither animal flesh, nor animal made.)
As far as your co-workers, "The deaf cannot hear, the belligerent will
not hear. "
My personal opinion is that they are afraid because they think we’re trying to recruit them. Christian dogma makes us an abomination to the church.
But you and I know we are only people who believe differently from them.
We don’t recruit, that’s the Army’s job.
We live our lives with gentleness and love. We are kind to everyone and usually we are rewarded with the same in kind.
Blessed be


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