Honey Jar Spells With Petition

Merry meet my pretties! Today I’d like to bring up the idea of the honey jar and it’s magickal properties!
First have you worked with honey jars and if so what was your intention?
I am going to be creating a money drawing honey jar and if you are interested in either following along or perhaps you already know and would like to offer tips or assistance do please let me know below and I can create either a link or photos!
Blessed be :black_heart:


Yes, we’d love to see your money-drawing spell with a honey jar!

@SilverBear also shared her method for a honey jar spell: Lilacs, Honey & Magick!

I made one for St Valentine’s Day this past February and I feel as blessed with my relationship as it were the very first day :two_hearts:


Although jar spells aren’t a big part of my personal practice, as a Kitchen Witch I love working with honey! :honey_pot: It’s such a great addition to sweetening and love spells :two_hearts:

I would also love to see your honey jar spell if you’re willing to share @AliceInWonderdab ! :heart_eyes: Wishign you the best of luck with your crafting :sparkles:


I just ordered some mint honey to get it started!!!


I love to do jar spells but I haven’t worked much with honey. This is strange because we always have at least a small bottle of it in the house. :thinking: I would love to see your honey jar spell for money also! Thank you for sharing with us! :hugs: