How does your diety speak with you?

My Goddess sent me a hello message yesterday.
I left my pen opened on the bed while decorating my BOS and found out this in a couple of minutes later.
Hecate signed my leg :joy:

How do you think, was she trying to say something specific?


Was there anything in particular you were decorating in your BOS? Perhaps it could be related. :smile:


There have been a few interesting communications… :sparkles:

  • Back when I was working with Brigid she turned off the electricity as a “go to sleep” thing while I was on my computer late at night
  • Also after a ritual with her in Imbolc, I felt called to meditate, and received some closed eye visuals and feelings, including having wings of fire
  • When I had a small cut, I thought of Lilith, and said in my mind, “this is for you”, and soon it stopped bleeding
  • Kali appeared to me in a dream once, and literally exploded the whole world, or maybe just made me so small that I fell through the space between matter into a deep void
  • After a ritual night with Kali another time I fell asleep feeling so calm and peaceful, and in the morning I woke up with a tingling and a red spot over my third eye

Dreams are a pretty common thing… usually less face to face and more symbolic. Synchronicities too. Often it’s a feeling, like a certain frequency showing up that I can recognize. Sometimes it’s a feeling of love and connection. It’s always lovely and exciting :blush:

As for your message, your intuition knows best :heart:
I’m seeing a fly, and the letter M, or maybe the Greek letter Σ (S)
Flies can be messengers from the Underworld, which kinda fits… :black_heart:


Loki talks to me through technology mostly, mainly the radio. He has his trademark station, and it’s always travel news. I can have a cd on, and he’ll switch it off and put his program on. I’ve had the radio off and he’ll switch it on. It’s always the same radio station, the same show, and as soon as the travel news is finished, whatever cd, radio station it was on will return, so it’s not some random techy hitch. He’s been doing it for months. (It freaks out my clients when they’re in the car, I now tell them its the god of mischief. They look at me, then the radio, I don’t know who they think is crazier, me or the radio :rofl:)

He also messes with my phone sometimes particularly with my keyboard.

I have had dreams where he’s used symbols and sigils to get his message across, and he’s taken me on 2 journeys in the early days, where we crossed rough sea, in stormy weather, here he introduced himself, and always appears hooded and warrior like in these.
The scariest time was for my poor husband (who’s only just recently embraced Loki), we were sat at Macdonalds having a coffee, and a strange look came across my husbands face. When I asked what was wrong, he said, “I just saw a face Infront of your face, it was his face,”. I said, oh it’s ok, he’s cool. And Jason said, “nope, it’s a pretty scary thing seeing a gods face!” Then we both laughed. :joy:


Loki really living up to his reputation with you, @tracyS! I kinda love that he literally got up in your face with your husband. :joy:

I have yet to hone in on a method of communication with mine personally. But I suppose it’s different for every entity.

The only things I’ve been sure of so far are Hekate’s communications. She sent me a black butterfly all the way up to my apartment balcony when I first embraced witchhood. :butterfly:

Someone sent me music that same day, but I have a feeling it wasn’t her… :musical_note:

Hekate also sent me the sounds of hounds when I was wandering the streets one full moon, looking for the right crossroad to leave an offering at. I almost gave up, until I decided to literally walk towards the moon until I nearly reached home. They howled when I approached the final crossroad, and I knew that was the spot. :wolf:

The next full moon, at the same crossroad, I found a sleeping homeless person on my way to do some late-night grocery shopping. I bought some extra things that Hekate likes, from crescent-shaped bread to dark chocolate, put them in a separate bag, and left them by the homeless person on the way back. :croissant:

I have a whole list of other things I’ve written down in a book, but I’m not sure who to associate each with. My gut tells me the one that appeared as both an endless shadow and a burning flame when I was a child could perhaps be the Lightbringer, Lucifer himself. But I feel I must think about all of them some more… :black_heart:


Such beautiful experiences, each and every one. I can see the god/goddess personality reaching out in each account.

Lovely to share these on this night of the moon. :sparkling_heart:


I was cutting potion stickers into smaller details. And decorating the wheel of the year with cristal stickers. Simultaneously, listening to a music playlist on YouTube called Greek Gods :joy:.
Not sure what song she liked to write on my foot.

@CelestiaMoon I am a bit of a coward so messing with light or doing some paranormal IRL stuff scares me to death, I prefer a more gentle approach. :sweat_smile:
I interpreted it as a sign of approve to what I was doing at the moment, with letter H (her initial) and a signature :joy:
But it might look like an M, too.

@tracyS how fast did you get used to Him contacting you in your dreams?

@starborn The butterfly is a very beautiful symbol, in my opinion. I get ladybugs very often.
Sometimes wondering if Hecate is the only diety contacting me or perhaps there are others.


@EvaCVM The first time he took me on a journey, it scared me as I’d never had a deity do that before, and it was during a reiki session so I was able to talk about it with her. The next time was directly in a dream where he kept ghosting a family emblem across a storyline about my great great (all the way back to Germany) grandfather. It took awhile, and a few reaccuring dreams for me to understand what this emblem meant.
The 2nd journey wasn’t so scary as I recognized him from the first and it was very reassuring.
I am used to entities contacting me in the night as I have a lovely demon that comes along when I’m in need of him, and though he scared me at first, now we’re good. Lokis dreams are different. They’re very specific and stick in my mind clear, so I’m able to write them down.
Now I’m used to it, if I need help with something, I’ll ask Loki, if he’s ok with it, to let me dream about him and for him to leave a message.


A fellow white sneakers with red laces enjoyer! Everyone who’s seen me do this is like, “Whoa, that’s different!” (Different usually means weird.) And I’m always like, “No, it’s mad (awesome).”

On another note, ladybugs are often associated with Freyja, if I recall correctly. Maybe she’s trying to get your attention?


That is very sweet. I wish I had this experience with Hekate, but at the same time, Her being also Goddess of ghosts and necromancy it is very scary.
I prefer Her gentle approach in the form of little scribbles on my foot :joy:

@starborn I’ve been thinking about that, too. Love, beauty, fertility and sex…
But, I am a strict pacifist and Freyja being also a Goddess of War - we have some differences and separated opinions. Also, celtic/nordic mythology is very far from my whereabouts and territory, thus I am still confused why would she try to contact me. Also I never studied anything from Celtic Gods, I have no ideas how to approach Her.


@EvaCVM Here’s a post that discusses the Norse Gods, may help with Freyja
Norse Deities Master Post


While @tracyS has you covered with the Norse and Freyja, my mind has hurtled off on another tangent. :joy:

I think the Celts viewed ladybugs as symbols of luck, believing that spotting one would bring about the realisation of a cherished wish. My great-grandmother used to tell me that they would give me seven years of good luck if one landed on me.

They could also be considered protectors due to the association of red with the sun, making them guardians against darkness. :sun:

I can’t speak for Moldova, but for us, the Celts migrated through the Balkans as early as 330 BC. So even though these countries are physically so far apart now, they likely left some influence over the years since.

Personally, we can see this influence even now in my partner, who sometimes gets stray bright red hairs through their hair despite having no one in their known family history from outside the Balkans. It’s beautiful and a fun reminder of how much travelling other people have done in the past. :black_heart:


Fun fact, I was born a ginger. My mom reminds me of my bright red hair every year, even though I am a natural brunette ATM. I noticed that I also dye my hair cherry red every year. That might be destiny :hugs:

I think I have to celebrate Freyja from now on and present her with an offering too…


I often communicate with Brigid through meditation, divination, or dreams. She hasn’t had a lot to say lately, but I’ll admit that I’ve been lax in my practice with her due to life circumstances. It’s one thing that I keep meaning to get back to, but I have to rework my patterns. I get stuck in patterns and it’s difficult to break out of them or change them :joy:


@MeganB I hope you will find your light in the darkness and peace of mind. :sparkles: I know how it feels when you get off the road and get lost or confused, or even both.


I agree, there’s special magick in the air tonight and I’m feeling it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a feeling that the Goddesses and Gods know exactly what we can handle, some are more gentle while others enjoy terrifying us a little :sweat_smile: The ones who are interested in us would like to see us grow, and breaking us doesn’t really serve that.

I actually had a very similar experience with Lilith :blush:
During a drum journey with my tantra teacher and her more shamanistic colleague I was guided to my root chakra, and through it I entered a place I’ve visited, a small medieval rose garden in Germany. It was the middle of the night at the end of summer, and she was standing there in the middle of the garden. She had a small gift to give to me, wrapped in silvery-black crepe paper. The wrapping was really beautiful, but inside there was nothing. :black_heart:

I thanked her, and was next guided to my sacral chakra. I opened wide and heavy doors to a forge or a foundry, the air was hot and heavy with glowing, molten metal everywhere, rushing waterfalls of the stuff and sounds of distant hammering. There I met someone who I still don’t recognize today, he looked like a wizard, alchemist and a blacksmith all in one. He had a gift for me too, it was an enchanted sword, freshly forged. It might be the one I already have as my athame. :sparkles:


Thank you, @EvaCVM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Life has just been super busy and overwhelming, so deity work has taken a bit of a backseat. I know She doesn’t mind, and she’s here when she needs to be.


@MeganB I’m going to do an edit of a very famous story, just for you. :sparkling_heart:

One night a woman had a dream. She dreamed she was walking along the beach with a Goddess. Across the sky flashed scenes from her life. For each scene she noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonged to her, and the other to the Goddess. When the last scene of her life flashed before her, she looked back at the footprints in the sand. She noticed many times along the sand there was only one set of footprints. She also noticed it happened at the very lowest and saddest points of her life. This really bothered her and she questioned the Goddess about it.
“Goddess, you said that once I decided to follow you, you’d walk with me all the way, but I have noticed during the most troublesome times of my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why when I needed you more, you would leave me.”
The Goddess replied, “My precious precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”
A letter to you, from Brigid. :sparkling_heart:


Awww, that’s a really sweet story! :face_holding_back_tears: :revolving_hearts:


I work with Brighid & the Morrigan regularly as well as the Tuatha de Danaan when its called for (normally, admittedly my deity work has been less than minimal… due to some serious life circumstances & unfortunate patterns)

I am (very slowly) changing the patterns back to my normal routine or what will be normal now :rofl:

Enough rambling :joy:

Brighid reaches out to me in various ways. Usually not always the same but in a way, I definitely its her. So… for example… the I was re-reading a book I have about Brighid by Courtney Weber. I had to go to the ER & brought the book with me. My nurse immediately commented on the book & started asking me questions about it. I also needed to have a test done, but the reason for me being there it was distressing. The nurse actually basically did a guided relaxation meditation type exercise so they could do the test. Which… I’ve never met a nurse that has ever done that or had an entire conversation with me about the book, Brighid, & herbs, plants, & poliinators.

I had to return to the ER 2 days later & brought the book again. Totally different nurse. She also started a whole conversation with me not only about the book, but about Brighid herself from before Christianity wrote Her stories through being transformed into Christianity. All kinds things, her history, stories, connections, ALL the things.

That wasn’t first time she had let me know that she was with me, but definitely the first time it was in a no type of a question way… Brighid was with me.

The Morrigan, is more direct but in a different way. She definitely lets me know that she not only wants my attention & needs me to pay attention… that its important & necessary. She does get very… not impatient but more I’m not messing around I need you to pay attention & do this thing. Or that hey I’m paying attention, you’re fine, things are doing what they need to do. I also absolutely know its her.

The most recent example of that would be… my daughter was in her first sailing regatta. We were at the yacht club during that week & on the back deck. Off the long dock where the smaller boats are that members yse to get to their boats out on the moorings, is a square floating dock. The sailors use it mostly, but after sailing or yacht club events the older kids go from the main dock connected to the club & swim to this floating dock & dive off & whatever. So we’re getting ready for this regatta & people are arriving for the initial meeting & getting ready to transport the boats to another yacht club. The sailors are doing their thing… getting the gear, putting the boats on the trailers. I walk out to the deck… & hear a crow. My first thought was… why is there any crow in the bay of a yacht club that is literally a part of the Atlantic. I look out. Theres a large crow on the floating dock. Caws 3 times, stretches out its wings looks at me, & turns to sit on the dock. It didnt leave the dock until we were getting ready to head to the next yacht club & flew over me to the front landed 6 feet away from my car cawed & then flew over the trees as I pulled out of the parking lot with a carpool of sailors.

Those are the 2 most more than obvious times I’ve kniw at least one of them was with me & had the overwhelming feeling that things were more than okay & going to turn out as they should.

Sorry for rambling, side quests, & any word salad :green_salad: :joy: