How to Cast a Quick and Easy Circle

Here is my version of casting a circle. I added a few ‘witchy tips’ in this video to help as well.

And you can use a very similar one from here - PRINT

Hope you enjoy it! Blessed be.

PS - I talk about “files” section. I originally made this video for my private Facebook group…but the Florida Water recipe can also be found in this forum.


The aroma of Palo Santo…! :relieved: :slight_smile: I always use it during meditation!

And the hula hoop filled with salt… :laughing: Very postmodern!!!

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Right? LOL Imagine whippin’ out your hula hoop first? HA! Brilliant though…no mess! LOL

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I watched you on youtube, you are doing great!

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Thanks! I am certainly trying hard.

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I am Sacred Feather on Youtube that is why I signed some when I commented…

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Thank you so much for this, really helpful thank you