How to Cleanse - 🔥

There is more than one method to cleanse an item. What is your preferred method?


That was a very good video @SilverBear! Do you think that smoke cleansing works better because you’re using two elements: fire and air. Whereas the other methods are only one element?


Not necessarily…but I do think smoke is the easiest and fastest method of cleansing. Modern witches don’t have time to be burying things lol.


True. Plus it would look weird if my neighbors saw me burying someting out back. I can just imagine the looks.


HAHA…Yep. Same here…lol


Smoke is a preferred method most definitely.

Breathe is another cleansing method I use, mostly when I am cleansing and charging my crystals.

I think about my intention for the crystal(or whatever object I am cleansing with this method) and then while cupping the object in my hands, I take a deep breath in and then exhale, blowing on the object. I do that 3 times or however many until I feel its absorbed my intentions.


That’s a good question! I never thought about that!


It makes sense to me, that the more elements you use to cleanse the more it will work, but that may be just me. I use a selenite plate to rest my crystals on so they are nice and clean and recharged and then smoke cleanse them. So that’s three elements for my crystals. It makes them squeaky clean!


Incense smoke is definitely my favourite for cleansing!
When I’m cleansing/consecrating items I have a mini ritual-
I always have an elemental altar set up (plant or flowers in north, incense in east, candle in south, shell with [moon]water in west).

  • I’ll brush the item against the petals or sprinkle some dirt from the plant over it thanking the earth
  • Swirl incense smoke as you demonstrated - inside outside all around thanking the air
  • Pass the item above the candle flame thanking the fire
  • Dip it (Or my finger which I’ll then brush against the item) into the shell of water thanking the water
  • Hold the item to my heart and whisper positive intentions into it and thanking the spirit, then leave it in the centre of the altar until morning.

This is so creative and sounds so lovely!


Am just reading ‘The Modern Witch’s Guide to Happiness’ by Luna Bailey. She’s talking about cleansing crystals but I like these ideas for cleansing other items as well:

  1. Wrap your (item) inside a dark silk cloth with a large unpolished piece of amethyst (I’m not sure why amethyst specifically - personally I’d go with a nice cleansing selenite, clear quartz or just whatever is calling to me in the moment if charging with intention)

  2. Hold a crystal pendulum over your (item) and pass the pendulum over the top nine times in a slow, anti-clockwise circle. Then dip your pendulum into a bowl of water nine times and shake it dry. Finally, move the pendulum back over the (item) nine times in a clockwise circle to empower it.

Nice. :heart_eyes:


Awesome video- I love how you compiled so many methods all in one place! This is a great resource for anyone looking to cleanse their materials or space :blush: Thanks so much sharing, @SilverBear!

I love @kasie’s idea and I totally agree! I’ve found that spellwork (especially spells for general things) that involves all the elements tends to feel more balanced and more powerful :+1: The downside is finding things to represent all the elements is sometimes easy and sometimes more challenging, depending on the spell! It is sometime a test of creativity :laughing: