Ideas and your story on Freezer spells

How many has had success in doing a freezer spell? This is not my favorite spell to work with . I am going to do one but please give me some ideas …like what do you add to your spell to give it that punch and did it work if you did one. I am so use to binding spells but I am willing to give it a try.


Greetings @LadyFireCancer! :blush:

I have to admit I’m in the same boat as you- when push comes to shove, I turn to banishing spells or cord-cutting spells before freezer spells. I guess it’s just my mentality, but I like the idea of moving around/forward rather than hitting the pause button on a situation!

As for recommendations on freezer spells, like any spell you can customize the ingredients, wording, and setup to best suit your unique situation :+1: Want to freeze the actions of a co-worker? Include something from your workplace to help guide the spell. Trying to keep a situation from getting out of control? Write a statement of how things need to stay and include that in a jar/vessel for your spell ingredients.

There’s a great guide here Writing Your Own Spells with advice about including your own elements in a spell, and I recommend the Spells8 Lesson How to Write Your Own Spells for more guidance on spell customization :+1:

Freezer spells definitely work for some people and I know quite a few people have used them successfully! That beings said, if they turn out to not be your cup of tea, you could try approaching the situation in another way- with a binding spell, cord-cutting spell, banishing spell, or even something like a road opener to help unblock a situation or move in another direction :railway_track:

Just my thoughts for your consideration- hopefully those who do use freezer spells will have some more advice and guidance for you! :blush:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Good morning! I’m not sure where exactly I stand, I haven’t success with cord cutting spells, but then again, the only 1 that I have truly done was less than a month after being back on my path.

I have done a freezer spell. Just 1 though & I have had great success. The issue was between my daughter’s mother & something I said to another friend on FaceBook, but the conversation had started on the other mother’s page. Anyway, she wouldn’t listen when I tried explaining that I wasn’t stirring up anything or making her post more visible, I just answered the other party. Anyway, she had a lot of not nice things to say publicly & to me personally. I’m not going to get into specifics, but it was a lot of bad letters coming my way from her.

I put a picture & a petition for her to basically keep my name out of her mouth & to stop the gossip about me. I unfriended her on FaceBook. I also placed vinegar & some herbs; I believe rosemary & a couple others that aligned with my intention & then sealed & wrapped the jar in tinfoil with the shiny side towards the bottle so what she says reflect back onto her. After that, I haven’t heard from her or about her. I have also deleted my social media accounts & didn’t reach out to her.

Her daughter & mine, have been best friends since the 2nd grade. This all happened the first year of the pandemic. The girls still talked to each other at first without me knowing, then I saw my daughter & said Hi to her friend. Now the girls hang out at the recreation center in town. I drop off & pick up my daughter. She does the same with hers. If I get there before the friend’s mother, I will let my daughter wait with the friend until her mother gets to the rec. (They are 12 years old, I’m not leaving them downtown by themselves waiting for a parent, especially with the weather changes & it gets darker earlier). I still havent’ talked to her mother & she hasn’t tried to talk to me either. Although, 1 time we did wave to each other when we dropped off the girls.

The last time the girls were going to the rec, I had a feeling that it would be closed. I told them that unless they can get inside, I’m not leaving them to hang out outside for 3 hours downtown. My daughter’s friend’s mother left after her daughter got out of the vehicle & the girls walked up to the doors. I waited to make sure they could get inside. When the doors were locked, I told the friend that she is more than welcome to come to our house or for my daughter to go to hers if her mother was unable to turn around, but she had to call her mother & see what was easiest for her. The friend came to our house & actually wound up spending the night. Then her mother picked her up from our house the next day.

I havent’ done any other jar spells, but I would like to try another cord cutting spell but make sure that I am ready to go through the whole process without cutting corners because of my anxiety. Lately, I have a slight issue with focus due to stress & anxiety.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please ask & I will answer them the best that I can for you.


I have done at least one freezer spell that I can remember. Someone was harrassing a family member and violating restraining orders, etc. Basically, he was being a Not So Nice Person and I did my part to help him along and get out of the way. There are some other things that went on but that isn’t my story to tell.

Basically, I took his name and wrote it on a piece of paper. I placed that paper in a plastic bag full of water and tossed it in the freezer telling him if he doesn’t leave her alone, every step he takes toward her is going to feel like ice in his veins.

It worked for the longest time, but then it stopped working because she decided to let him back in. That was a caveat, I guess. I didn’t intend on her changing her mind and allowing him back into her life so I didn’t feel like it was a necessary intention.

Freezer spells can be as simple as I stated or on the more complex side as @Siofra_Strega has stated. It just depends on what you want and the tools you have at hand.


Thank you​:heart: But I want to do a Freezer Spell and you gave me some great ideas……but I want to master this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you :heart:


Very simple…….:grinning:Thank you :heart:


I did a freezer spell. I don’t think it worked because the person continued but since there was nothing else I could do, I will say it made ME feel a lot better. It made me feel like I was doing something in an impossible situation and you know, it kind of stayed in the freezer instead of in my head. So, if you can’t solve a problem, find a way to feel better about it, kind of thing. and then I was cleaning out my freezer, and I found it and I was like “what the heck is this?” good thing I did not defrost it for dinner, ha ha :wink: Good luck!


I have this same feeling or had? Once I put it in the freezer the issue wasn’t something that I really ever focus on. Our girls are still 2 peas in a pod & we are civil to each other when we happen to see each other.


Oh, absolutely! I wasn’t trying to discourage you at all, and I love your determination- go for it! :raised_hands: I hope you can find or craft the perfect Freezer Spell for your situation :blush: Good luck and blessed casting! :sparkles:


Hey no problem…you were just looking out for me :heart:


Of course! :blush: That’s what a coven is for, after all! We’ve got each other’s backs :woman_mage: :infinite_roots: :handshake: :heart:


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