Important Announcement: New Update to the Forum Guidelines [April, 2022]

Warm greetings!

Please be aware that there has been an update to the Forum FAQ/Guidelines in the section about Sharing Content.

After some discussion, the moderator team has decided that, due to their nature and the difficulty of tracking down the original source, memes and GIFs are no longer required to have a source when shared in the forum.

Please be aware that this update ONLY applies to memes and GIFs- any other images or text borrowed from around the web are still required to have a source link that gives credit to the original poster/owner.

Want to share images and text from around the web, but not sure how to give credit/make a source note? :thinking: No worries- there’s a guide for that! :grinning:

:raised_hands: Content Ownership - A Friendly Reminder for the Forum Family

The Spells8 Forum is a really wonderful place, and the Forum Guidelines exist to help keep the forum and all the wonderful people that use it safe and protected.

They are important, so if you haven’t already read the Forum Guidelines, please do so! (You may even get a special something for your account by reading them :wink: :medal_sports: ) You can also read through the previous update here: Announcement: New Updates to the Guidelines [Dec, 2021]

The Forum Guidelines and the moderator team that upholds them are both here to help you as much as we can, but as a gentle reminder, at the end of the day, all users are personally responsible for the content they share.

So please READ THE GUIDELINES and if you have any questions at all about them, please comment below or privately message @moderators- we will be happy to help you! :heart::handshake:

Thank you very much for reading this update! :pray:

Blessed be, Infinite Roots!

:infinite_roots: :sparkles: :blush:


Thank you for the update @TheTravelWitch_Bry


Thank you for checking out the update, @Jessica72! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is a great update & I’m sure will make posting more entertaining for some posts :joy: Thank you for letting us know!

Thank you @jessica72 for acknowledging & going through the update! :heart:


Aye-aye my Captain!


Hahaha I look forward to it! :grin:

Much obliged! :heart::blush: