Indigenous-American knowledge

Good night everyone. Here in Colombia it’s 8:42pm :slight_smile:

It’s been a long witchy journey since I started all this (about a year ago if I’m not mistaken). Have learned so many things, and I especially thank Spells8 for teaching me this much, I was so lost at the beginning.

At this point, I’m trying to connect with my ancestors, the ones that lived here before the Spanish’s arrival and their knowledge. I’m wondering if any of you know any information about that, applies to all Latin America and even North America (we’re all like lost siblings, haha).

Thanks once more for reading and for any advice you can provide.

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A warm welcome to you, @WhiteFox!

Congrats on your path so far- you’ve come a long way! May your magickal journey continue for many more blessed years to come :blush:

The history of indigenous peoples in Latin America and North America isn’t an area of expertise of mine, but others in the coven may have some better facts for you. Otherwise, YouTube has an abundance of videos- I imagine you could find some historical, political, and cultural educational videos about different groups of people :+1:

As for connecting with your ancestors magically, here are a few things you might consider:

You could also try connecting by exploring your family history by using a DNA Test (like with MyHeritage or Ancestry) to learn more about them :deciduous_tree:

Good luck and blessed be, Stefania! :heart:


Hi WhiteFox!

As a South American :argentina: I’ve asked that question myself many times, whether there is a significant connection between the different aboriginal cultures of our great continent.

In my homecountry, most of the influences that survive are either Andean (such as the pre-Incan Aymaras) or Guaraní, which is very much alive and practiced.

Each has their own language and traditions. And even though they look close on the map, they are different and each has its own individual religious beliefs and practices.

I suggest researching the ones specific to Colombia :colombia: . For example, the Tairona Civilization is very famous for its Ciudad Perdida.

This website (in Spanish) has a useful summary of the cosmogony and beliefs of different aboriginal peoples in the Americas: Cosmogonía. Pueblos Originarios de América.


¡Gracias totales! :smiley:


Thanks a lot for the recommendations! :heart:


You’re very welcome, @WhiteFox! Wishing you good luck on your ancestral endeavor :pray::heart: