Invoking the Feline 🐱 Cat Challenge!

I talked in our weekly Zoom tea time hangout thing about thinking outside the box for this challenge. A few people were struggling with how to approach this challenge, so I proposed something along the lines of spells to embody the nature of cats…

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I am a cat person, to put it lightly. I love cats. I always have and I probably always will (even though they have a tendency to be mild jerks at times) but my cat does not stay still long enough to do any sort of magic with her. Instead, I decided to put together this little spell or meditation, however you want to ritualize it, to embody specific aspects of a cat’s nature.

What do you think of when you think the word cat?

Do you think of slinky, sneaky felines worming their way around to get what they want? Do you think of fluffy furballs lounging in the sun without a care in the world? Or do you think of the curiosity in cats that sparked the phrase Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back…? How about the soft purrr that cats make when they are happy and around the humans they love? Or even the skill of the hunter, keeping the home free from rodents and pests?

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All of these traits of the feline species can be embodied in our own lives! Do you want to be more sneaky and clever to get your way? Do you want the comfort and ability to lounge around and relax? How about feline inspiration for your creative endeavors via curiosity?

The spell I have crafted allows you to choose aspects of the feline nature to embody into your life. If you use this spell, it will need to be adapted to your use and what you choose, but that is fairly simple. This spell does not require any items unless you want to include them.

_____ Like a Cat (fill in the blank with the trait you picked, i.e. Curious Like a Cat)

:cat: Gather any tools you plan on using. As I said before, no tools are required because this is an exercise in visualization. However, having a visual representation of what you want may be helpful. You could use an image of a cat for yourself, grab some art supplies if you want the curiosity and creative inspiration, or a nice fluffy pillow if you want to relax.

:cat: Create sacred space in any way you choose. I do not cast circles, so I would just play some nice music, light some nice incense or candles, and get comfortable.

:cat: When you are ready, close your eyes and begin to relax. Feel your body soften and get squishy. See yourself sitting as you are in your mind’s eye. Slowly, watch yourself shift and morph, slowly and gently shrinking down into a cat-like form. Take note of what this cat looks like for you and, if you do this spell over again, see if it changes.

:cat: When your mind’s eye sees you clearly as a cat, place your hands over your objects. If you do not have an object, place your hands over your heart. Feel your energy soften and change as you visualize the cat in your mind coming to you. Tell this cat what you want, either mentally or verbally.

:cat: For example, if you chose the fluffy pillow and want to relax, you might say the following.

I want to relax like a cat with this fluffy pillow.

Visualize the cat then walking toward you and the pillow. See your cat-self climb atop the pillow, roll around, and get it nice and squishy comfortable before laying down on it. The cat looks at you and then disappears.

:cat: If you chose art supplies and want to be inspired by curiosity, you might see your cat-self walking toward the supplies, nosing at them, pawing at them, being curious, and then rolling around on them.

:cat: What you see is going to depend on what you are trying to achieve.

:cat: After the cat disappears, slowly come back to yourself and wiggle your fingers and toes. Then take your object (or yourself) and get to work on what you want to achieve!

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As I said before, you can do this with any trait you want to embody of a cat. It does not have to be a stereotypical trait, either. If you think cats are jerks because they stand up for themselves or they don’t let people walk all over them, embody that attitude! Take on the feline feralness to help you stand up for yourself when you need it!

This was a fun challenge to really think outside the box :black_cat: Thanks for the challenge @BryWisteria :partying_face:

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What a good idea! This rocks! I’ll have to try it sometime!


I love everything about this- what a wonderful way to channel and adopt the traits of a cat! It’s a perfect way for even those who don’t have cats (or don’t consider themselves to be cat people) to draw on the many qualities of feline-kind. And it’s a really fun and creative visualization too :heart_eyes_cat:

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfurl feline invocation, @MeganB! :grin::+1:


This is a unique entry!!! :cat2::relaxed: You really do have a creative mind! Ill have to give it a try sometime because I want to know what it’s like to go crazy like my cat does ( she reminds me of a dog) and run around the house, all over the furniture, the curtains, the shelves. I have to know what’s going on in her mind!!! :sweat_smile:


Thank you @Amethyst :revolving_hearts:

It definitely is @BryWisteria I think it’s a great one for people that don’t have cats but, as you said, still want to embody the nature of a cat. Because let’s face it, cats aren’t for everyone, they’re assholes, but they’re great at taking care of themselves :laughing:

Aww thanks @christina4 :heart: Sometimes I try to think outside the box and get creative. Let me know how it goes!


Something like… “gasp Kitty! Where?! Must pet and squee and fall asleep next to!” :smile_cat:

I know, kinda challenging to work with, but still love this! The world needs more cats and cat people :cat: :two_hearts:


Awww so sweet! This made me smile :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_cat:

Hahaha I won’t deny it! My partner’s cat has decided (as of two nights ago) that 1am is now officially time for the zoomies. And Chunky Garfield (my name for him) basically runs this place, so I guess that means we are just going to have to be nocturnal from now on :woman_shrugging:

Cats… sometimes it’s amazing to me that we still love them no matter what :joy:


Yes! My cat decides to do the same thing sometimes. OR I’ll wake up to her chewing on a hair tie right next to my ear because for some reason she loves those damn elastic things. It reminds me of this meme… :laughing:


Great meme!


Oh my goodness I love the meme- it’s so true :joy_cat: