Invoking the Feline Cat Challenge 🐈

Ok so for this challenge I am so speechless and didn’t know which direction to go when putting this challenge together.

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For the purpose of this challenge, Cat Magick is magick pertaining to felines in any way, shape, or form :cat: so for this challenge I did a tribute to ashie and collaborated it with a prayer to help me find a furry buddy in the near future.

I am a lover of cats :cat2: and enjoy every moment of their company. This challenge was a bit hard for me since I have lost my furry friend a few years ago, I have never gotten myself another cat from since and I still how every from time to time misses her :pensive:

Cats has many powers and meanings when pertaining to the craft, below is a few of my findings


For this challenge I wanted to say a prayer or chant that will assist me in attracting another furry friend maybe a black cat for a change. While partaking in this challenge it gave me the need to find love to attract a feline. I love keeping my work simple but very effective through the spoken word. I found this simple prayer that I used for this weekly challenge…


  • Chant

  • White or Brown Candle

  • Rose Quartz or Tiger’s Eye


I truely believe by saying the words and through my intentions I will be able to attack the perfect Feline Cat, :slightly_smiling_face: I lit my candle, said the chant while hold my rose quartz as I meditated on the friendly, playful and loving :heart: moments as my candle burns out. I do wish for the same and even better moments with him or her.

Hoping for the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed Be💫


The chant was beautiful and made me tear up as I read it. I am sure you will find a new friend very soon. Thank you for sharing that.


Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you missed your familiar, but I’m sure she/he in a better place, watching you from above and protecting you.

Much love and purrings going your way :heart_decoration:


I’m so sorry for the lost of your kitty, @NickWick- it sounds like she was a true friend to you. Sometimes time eases old wounds but the scars never truly go away. I hope and pray that you can find a new furry friend, not to take the place of your previous cat, but to wiggle into a new place in your warm heart and open arms :cat2: :heart:

May your spellwork and powerful chant help to bring the perfect feline companion into your life! :raised_hands: With your intention out there and magick cast, perhaps you might stop by a local animal shelter or take a peek at the newspaper for animals searching for a new home. Your perfect kitty may already be out there waiting for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :paw_prints:

This is some truly heartwarming spellwork and a beautiful entry to this week’s Cat Magick Challenge- thank you so much for sharing, Nick! :black_cat: :two_hearts:


What a beautiful spell @NickWick! I’m confident that the perfect furry friend will find their way to you soon :heart:


I’m sorry that you lost your kitty :cat2: I have lost one in the past too! Her name was Midnight. I miss her still and with thanks to you, I’ll be doing this tonight :pray::pensive:


I’ve lost many furbabies, some from cars and some from old age. It’s always difficult. You have my sympathies.

But this is a wonderful chant and spell, so I bet your home has a new furry overlord of it’s own soon enough!


Thank you guys @crystal24, @WhiteFox, @TheTravelWitch, @Limeberry, @christina4 and @Amethyst so much for your warm love :heart: and support! this really helps… I know I will be getting a furry friend real soon kinda excited about it too. Love & Light