Is it intuition?

Hello everyone,

Recently i have been reading some books based on intuition and how to develop it, mainly the following:

Intuition: your silent thunder by Michael Bradford

Intuition on Demand by Lisa K

I have had the experiences where my gut is telling me something and I know just to trust and go with it. However, I have suffered from mental health issues in the past, mainly depression and social anxiety. Part of this was always my head telling me to do or not to do things. Even now, after talk therapy and medication, the remnants of these still have an effect.

An example was yesterday when i met work friends for dinner and drinks. I had this feeling inside saying something would happen which made anxious about going out. I actually debated not going even though i had thoughts of something bad happening e.g. being mugged on the train. I did have to come home because my acid reflux kicked in but nothing simister happened.

I guess my question is, how can I tell the difference between true intuition and paranoia/limiting thoughts brought on by anxiety?

I’d be interested to hear your own experiences and thoughts.

Blessed be



Hello Alan, great question!

I had agoraphobia and a panic disorder. With therapy and constant work I am out of the house and haven’t had an actual panic attack in years.
I have used intuition to guide me and understand your concern over it being intuition or fear.

Here are different things I have learned/done:

Recognize what is true guidance or fear thoughts- true guidance is always empowering, it doesn’t invoke fear, even when giving a warning. When if find my list I will post it.

Trusting that when it is really important/imperative you listen to your intuition you will KNOW, there won’t be doubt. I have even found that things in life have conspired against me doing something it was trying to tell me not to do it.

When you have a thought come up, try and trace back to the original fear thought- this can be hard but with practice you can do it. If you need therapy to work through the bit you uncovered then do so. If you can heal it by acknowledging it or joking with it then do so. I find humour useful.

Take a fear thought and take it to the extreme of the “what if” cycle. Eg - doing dishes- fear cutting myself, what if I cut myself, what if I need stitches, what if I amputate my hand!” Then there is usually a chuckle and a shift.

If it is intuition telling you something may go wrong, ask how you can handle it or if you can handle it. Most things that we have I tuition about can be dealt with. Like when you simply went home. You saw friends, then had to leave. All that is ok.

It is also possible you had acid reflux because you were anxious. Or maybe in that instance your intuition was telling you to relax before going and if you don’t something would happen.

When I was questioning things at the beginning I also asked a close friend who was an energy worker to check in as well. That helped identify intuition/fear. It was rare that I was told not to go somewhere, it was always just to be aware, to have faith, to breathe, to trust I could handle what comes up.

I used to be afraid of having a panic attack in public and my brother pointed out that most people just don’t care. He wasn’t saying that to be mean he was saying to let me know that others are focused on their lives and will move on.

I have also used tarot as a divination tool. I was on an airplane and having a bad feeling. I couldn’t calm myself down and I couldn’t identify where the thoughts were coming from. I pulled out my tarot deck (no one paid attention) and pulled a card. In this deck the devil card is titled The Liar. It was perfect. I knew that my thoughts/bad feelings were lies. I was able to release the bad feeling and not have a panic attack.

I hope this helps you.

Have a blessed day!


Oh, I also bought a deck of Angel oracle cards. I found those particularly helpful when I was super anxious.


This is a great indicator of how to tell the difference between the 2. I normally try to tell myself thar if its panicing me, its my anxiety but there was always that “what if its not?” Idea in my head. Ive found out though through lots of experiences that the fears i worry about don’t materialise.

Peevious therapy taught me to try and turn worries into positive thoughts and again emphasised they they are unfounded.

I consulted my tarot yesterday about going out and got the High Priestess. I took this as perhaps meaning that some things are not meant to be known (hidden behind the veil) and that it shoildnt stop me. Things will happen if and when they happen. It also raised this whole post because she is the card of intuition and it jist confused me more. the 4 of swords fell out too which suggested i needed time some alone time and time to reflect and evaluate on things…perhaps the issue of trusting my intuition!

My Egyptian Oracle gave me the Giza Plateau card…feel the energy in the air rarher than looking at the physicial structures. I see this as another reference to intuition.

Inwas told the same. I was told to acrually look at others and when i did, i realised that people were not interested in me because they were too busy with their own lives. Now i dont, or try not, to bother so much.

I really thank you for taking the time to give so many helpful tips and guidance. Its very mich appreciated.

Blessed be


First of all, you’re not alone. This has been a struggle of mine for a while, too. Learning to tell the difference between your intuition and anxiety or other mental illness is a journey on its own.

The one thing that has helped me most in telling the difference between the two is this → Mental illness usually comes with physical symptoms while intuition does not.

For example, when I’m having a high-anxiety day I usually have some sort of feeling in the pit of my stomach, a physical feeling that seems like a weight on me. I’ll get headaches easier. I’m more irritable. I may sweat more or have trouble focusing.

If I’m picking up something intuitively, it’s more of a knowing rather than a physical feeling. I’ll just know in my heart or mind that something is true, going to happen, or that I need to do something. It doesn’t come with physical symptoms such as sweating, trouble focusing, etc.

This has been the way I’ve been learning how to tell them apart, and I know it might not be true for everyone else. One way to test this out is to just keep track of these feelings and when you think it might be intuition. Go through a sort of checklist – How were you feeling? Did you have physical symptoms? What happened after? Keep a journal and see if you can identify a pattern!


Hi @Cosmic_Curiosity,

Raising my hand too- as someone with anxiety and occasional panic attacks, I fully empathize that it’s a challenge. I often have a hard time sorting through what is intuition and what is just my anxiety causing trouble.

Like you’ve already mentioned, I’m also a big fan of using tarot cards to get a second opinion on things- holding onto the thought, I’ll draw one single card about the situation. From there, I have a better idea about if it’s worth worrying over or if I need to let go of the anxious thinking.

Meditation can help too :person_in_lotus_position: . If I’m able to clear my mind and get to a less stressed place, I can sort through where the thoughts are coming from- are they stemming from something I saw or read in the news? Bias or stereotypes? Fear or the desire to protect? If the thought is directly related to something I am/was recently processing, I’m more likely to try to lay it to rest. If it seems to have come from somewhere else- a higher voice or sense- then I keep it closer to heart and mind.

Thank you for opening up the discussion about this very important topic- I really appreciate hearing everyone’s suggestions and ways that they sort between anxiety and intuition :pray::heart:

Much love and blessed be! :sparkles:


On a technique side, I am listening to an audiobook, psychic witch by Mat Auryn.

He mentions training ourselves with a symbol for us to go into our relaxed, alpha state. For example, crossing our fingers could be a symbol for us to go into the alpha brain wave state, where we feel relaxed like when we are reading or mediating.

It seems similar to taking three deep breaths to try to engage our parasympathetic nervous system.

It may be helpful to train an action like touching fingertips or finger crossing with the relaxed mental state to help engage a calmer side when feeling anxious or unable to discern what is what.


So this is (at least in part) how mudras work! We really have an associative nervous system! :sparkling_heart: It’s how we get stuck with trauma triggers and anxiety in the first place, and it’s the key to freedom too. The poison and the antidote are one and the same. :sparkles:


Ohhh, I have a book on hand mudras!! I need to pull that back out as I haven’t used it in years!
That is the thing with life, sometimes we put things down to get back to later and 15 years go by!!


Hi! I can remember my intuition being very strong for a long time. & then… well we’ll leave it at life happened. So for a long time… it was like there was a wall, I can’t even say a block, it was a wall. Without getting too far into my own mental health adventures, there was a time where severe anxiety, anxiety attacks, panic attacks… were a prevalent part of my daily life. I had to work through some, things & learn how to manage my anxiety.

Along with things already mentioned by @Phoenix_Rose & @CelestiaMoon @MeganB, & @BryWisteria one thing that really helped me with it is meditation. At first, I literally started with a minute :timer_clock:… because there was a time it was so bad, I couldn’t even fathom any type of meditation. I also did, I guess a meditation workshop specifically for anxiety on Headspace; along with the course of the guided meditations here. I also use Insight Timer for its multitude of meditations, and soundscapes that are for just about all things & all different amounts of time. Now I have gone from barely being able to sit for a minute (thank you severe anxiety with panic) so I can meditate on my own for up to a 1/2 an hour with ambient music playing instead of being completely guided. I have my own inner temples that I go to also. It took about 2 1/2 years for me to get there… & I’m not saying that’s how long it will take you or anyone, that is my experience.

I had to start journaling things &/or writing letters or emails :email: that never got sent but did get released either through burning them :fire: or deleting them & then practicing taking 3 intentional breaths & find what worked for me.

Once I started learning what worked for me to ease the anxiety & learning what my anxious mind was staying away from, and what is the actual situation, in my control & out of my control… then it started to be clearer what was intuition & what was not. It wasn’t an overnight thing. It actually took a while & to work on myself & through those things. I still have times due to whatever circumstances, that I have to work through my anxiety before I can tap into my intuition again.

Honestly, over the last month & a half… I knew that my anxiety had come back with anxiety attacks & panic attacks in a big way :flushed:… so my intuition couldn’t be accessed on my own if at all. I had to work through those things though before I could feel like I was able to get back to myself, sort of like a cha-cha :dancer:

Those things include listening to calming music :musical_note:, some kind of meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: at the very least once a day, having a minute to just be able to center me however that may be, journaling/letters :pen:, or both.

I also use tarot intuitively & oracle (a bit of intuition & guidance there… work in progress… :construction:) a tarot draw is always a good tool for me as well & if I’m anxious or anything that comes with it, at the very least I have to take 3 breaths before I consult with them. Otherwise, it’s a literal blank stare when I draw the cards & just nothing…

I agree with everything that has been said & having the same types of things in my own life, it really is to work through it & find what works for you to come back grounded & centered even if for a minute. It helps when you’re mind isn’t working with you because of the anxious thoughts & physical feelings that come with it.


I like this. Normally my anxiety brings the churning stomach or a very short temper building. It would be useful to question whether this is occuring when I think something or someone is telling me something.

This is something i need to do more often. It was part of my daily routine for so long and it always kept anxiety at bay. When life gets in the way though, it seems to be the thing that gets cut out. I really need to devote time to meditation daily as i have definitely felt its benefits in terms of mental clarity and general positivity.

This sounds interesting. Definitely going have a look okk at this.

Im to hear that your anxiety teturned. It can hit us like a train when we least expect it, when we think we have a hold on it. I am.pleased that you had the strategies to helpmyou get back on you feet too.

Thank you everyone the advice. It certainly has given me a lot to think about and try as I attempt to sort what is a true message and what is my own self sabotage.

Blessed be to you all



Once again, my brain & typing skills haven’t been in good time with each other :laughing:

I have heard wonderful things about the book that @Phoenix_Rose mentioned:

Psychic Witch by: Mat Auryn from other members that have also read it. Maybe not everything in it will align with your practice, but overall everyone that I have encountered regarding this particular book says that it is or was helpful to them with techniques to connect & it is also on the top of my book list to read also. I believe it is also available on Kindle as well as paperback & audio.

Anxiety absolutely can & that’s exactly what happened :bullettrain_front: & it took a while to sort through it all. I am much better now, but it can definitely be tough to untangle & find what works for you to manage it in the best ways & sometimes, even when you have those, it still takes some time. I hope you have some good starting points of things to try to quiet yours & begin to connect with your intuition better :people_hugging:


If you are using breathing to activate PNS, focus on the exhale. Making the exhale longer is thought to stimulate the Hering Breuer reflex ( a nerve bundle that is responsible for keeping your lungs from overinflating) that is believed to send a “reset” to the PNS.

You might also take a look at the “dive reflex.” Immersing your face up to your ears in very cold water for 15 to 30 seconds is known to do a reset as well. You can get one of those gel eye masks, put it in the freezer and use it for 15 - 30 seconds in place of the water.


There is so much amazing information here! I, too, have struggled with anxiety for some years now. I have a very strong intuition too. I’ve learned that if it’s just nagging and I cannot breathe my way through it or come up with a valid reason for it to be bothering me… it’s probably intuition… my intuition is kind of just like a stop me dead in my tracks kind of thing. I think, too, that you just kind of have to pay attention and make notes on what you realize is anxiety and what you realize is intuition so you can start to notice the different feelings.


I have to do the dive reflex for my heart arrhythmia but with a manoeuvre rather than an ice bucket. Super fun…:crazy_face:


I have been working on the longer exhales again. I had to start all over with box breathing then gradually exhale a little longer each time. It really helps when I can get there too!


Great question! I’ve been weeding through it myself. What I’m starting to notice is that when I’m experiencing anxiety, I get a dropping feeling in my stomach and feel physically uncomfortable. But when my intuition warns me of something, even if it’s not a good thing, doesn’t feel scary. It feels more like a friend very calmly tapping me on the shoulder and informing me of what I need to watch out for. So to sum it up, for me, anxiety is very physical and internal, whereas intuition feels more like a knowing that comes from within and outside myself.


Yes! Tarot for anxiety is epic. That’s one of my reasons for sticking with tarot. Just the calm required to pull and read a card helps me chill a bit and detach from and observe my anxious thoughts. That, and the messages I usually get from the card is often very relevant…


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