Is their any wiccan rituals for healing the inner child?

Hello beautiful people greetings from down under :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you have any suggestions for any wiccan rituals or spells to heal the inner child? I have had alot of trauma in my life and i would love to find a way to heal this part of myself.

lots of love and light always



I’m sorry that you’ve experienced so much trauma :frowning:

In regards to this subject matter, consider me your doppelganger.

I think it’s been coming at me so strong lately because I have been helping my Oma declutter her home and we have come upon an old suitcase of mine and a bag of old mail from 1995-2000’s. Love letters from my Dad to my Mom, one from my Mom to him that got sent back due to wrong address, and so much more.

I understand how you could possibly be feeling, since you’ve reached out and asked for help healing the inner child and the trauma. It’s heavy, not quite like a tightness in the chest but almost like a body weight. It’s a mournful, longering, yearning kind of feeling. And it is the conductor of our music until we have been taught how to heal.

I feel for you very much @kira-marie, I’ll be watching this topic and hope that you can find healing!

:slightly_smiling_face: :blue_heart: :pray:t4:


~hugs~ I’m sorry you went through trauma @kira-marie . That sucks. I don’t know of any rituals but there are a couple of good guided meditations on YouTube that might help.

Sending you good feelings!


yes thats exactly it, its like a big heavy ball and chain on your soul that just sucks. I think alot of it is contributing to me having anxiety and depression and i just want to set myself free, for myself and so i can show up better for the world. I do know that the silver lining to it all though is that i have a big heart.

That’s amazing that you were able to find old memorabilia what a lovely way to connect with you loved ones. I have my a photo copy of my mothers letters that she sent to my family. My mum passed when i was 6 so i felt like i never really got to know her well but her letters give me an insight into her personality and her mindset at that point in her life.


Thank you for the virtual hug definitely appreciated. I’ll keep an eye out on YouTube :slight_smile:


You’re welcome @kira-marie, I just wish there was something more I could do for you. Good hunting on YouTube.


Hi Kira-Marie!

Have you read Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving? It’s a wonderful book that includes some exercises to start working with the inner child.

I think it’s all about being gentler and more compassionate to ourselves. Visualizations and guided meditations such as this one help. Self-care and journaling are excellent ideas too!

For now, let me offer you this exercise from Psychology Today:

  1. Think of one of your most shaming experiences from childhood. Now think of what you wish someone had said to you right after that experience. What would have been the most helpful and healing thing for you to hear at that time? Write this statement down on a piece of paper.
  2. Imagine that someone you care about very much, someone you admire, is saying those words to you now. Hear those words in your ears. Take those words into your heart. Notice how those words make you feel.
  3. Now say those words out loud to yourself. Take a deep breath and really take in those words. How does hearing yourself say those words out loud make you feel?

If you are like most people, hearing those words of compassion can be very healing. It’s almost as good as if you heard them at the time.

Best of luck on your journey!

PS: Check your messages, I sent you a workbook that you may find useful :wink:


Hello darling thank you so much for the recommendation. I haven’t read that book but i will definitely have to have a read of it. I can admit i’m very hard on myself and definitely haven’t been very loving towards my self but this is something i’m wanting to work on.

Thank you for this exercise i will give it a try and let you know how i go. I’ll check my messages too :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the love and support i really do appreciate it.

Lots of love and light to you always



@kira-marie I went through trauma from when I was born through my early 20s. I never really dealt with any of it until this year. As far as I’ve gotten, I have a ways to go, those years were very damaging and hurtful. I know exactly what you are feeling and I wish i knew of a way to help more than this, I have found that guided meditations help me through out the day when the days get to heavy or my anxiety is ramped up. If you ever want to talk about anything, please feel free to send me a message. I dont mind being ascending ear and helping you with this. I am sending you healing love and light wrapped in a hug.

@Francisco I think I am going to look into your recommendations also! I am always oozing for ways to heal and keep moving forward after breaking the cycle when I became a mother.

I hope you start feeling at least a little better soon. :heart: :waning_crescent_moon: :star2:


i’m definitely going to give all these recommendations a try its just such an awful feeling and i think so many people are suffering also. if i do find any rituals or ways to heal it, i will definitely post it. I’ve never written a spell of my own before but if i do write one ill definitely write on on this topic as i think it could be of benefit to a lot of people also.

thank you for the loving energy i could definitely use it and its very much appreciated. Sending you lots of love and light too

Blessed be


You’ve got some very solid advice and recomendations here, @kira-marie! I’m sending you love and support too- I think you are very brave to face these shadows from your past and try to overcome them :sun_with_face: It may be a struggle, but you have all of our support to help you! :hugs::two_hearts: You’ve got a great mindset and strong determination- keep your head held high!

I think you are absolutely right- many people fight against shackles from their past holding them back. I think there are many that could benefit from such a spell! I am wishing you the best of luck with your quest- feel free to reach out here anytime you need a boost of positivity! :pray::sparkling_heart:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much lovely.


This is worded very nicely…Shackles from their past holding them back…that is just very real.
@kira-marie know although it will not ease the weight of the inner child done wrong, you are not alone. There are many of us within this group who have as @BryWisteria stated “have shackles from our past” and would love nothing more than to be released from the grasp of memories and pain.
I hope you find solace in understanding you have people here that will listen if you ever need to be heard, raise you up if you ever tear yourself down, and send you the healing energy and love when ever you require it.
Just reach out
Love & Light :white_heart: :purple_heart:


thank you so much for your kinds words that really means alot.