January Flashback ✨ Collective Reading Review 2021

Okay, everyone, January is almost over and it is time to revisit our Collective Reading for 2021.

What card was pulled for January?

January 2021: The Five of Pentacles

As the rose wilts and the pentacles hang high above, we are reminded of how lonely life can be. The rose is on its own and isolation and worry take hold. This could mean a peak in COVID cases during the beginning of the year, leading to more lockdowns, isolation, and worry as we all try to navigate the ever-changing climate of the pandemic.

Unless you have been living under a rock :mount_fuji: you would have known that this month, several things happened.

:mask: At least two new strains of COVID have been found in multiple countries
:mask: Lockdowns and closures are happening again
:mask: We hit 400,000 deaths due to COVID in the United States

So does it look like The Five of Pentacles was accurate for January? Yes, I would say so. We saw a large uptick in cases of COVID, as I predicted, as well as more lockdowns and isolations.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Father of Pentacles, Reversed

  • obsession with gaining wealth, money, or status
  • having money and blowing through it quickly

:star: Goals of 2021: The Son of Wands

  • fighting for equitable change
  • inspired action fueled by passion and inspiration

:star: Obstacles of 2021: The Empress

  • too much of a good thing can turn those good things bad
  • an over-abundance of all things that help people grow

For myself, January has been okay on a personal level. My mental health has tanked in the last few days but that’s regularly scheduled programming as my best friend so eloquently put it. I’m looking forward to getting the vaccine when it becomes available for the general population. As of right now, my county is focusing on vaccinating the elderly and you can only get an appointment if you’re in a particular age group.

I hope everyone else’s January has been kind to them.

Does this part of the collective reading ring true for you? Let me know!

Note: This is not a political post. Any discussion about COVID and the pandemic is taken from scientifically reputable sources and is not up for debate here.



Thanks for the reminder! I believe the reading to be accurate. As for the blowing money…umm yup that’s me! Well, bills and having kids that ‘need’ everything. Then the little I have left I buy crystals :sweat_smile:


It seems to be fairly accurate for me, too :laughing: