Jess' Challenge Entry - Dual Wielding - Baby Witch's First Spell Jar

:crossed_swords: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Dual Wielding

Weekly Witchy Challenge - Dual Wielding entry

Chosen forces: Light/Dark and Lunar/Solar

Oakey dokey artichokey… I have decided to have my very first crack at kitchen witchery and create my own spell jar. Now I am still very much a baby witch but I came up with this one all by my onesies. With a lot of reference to the awesome material available on the Spells8 website. If anyone has any feedback or notices anything that I have done wrong please, let me know, I am grateful for the feedback.

Solar and Lunar:

Solar: decided to harness the power and energies of the sun to charge my spell jar to bestow the ability for me to rise each morning from the proverbial ashes of my toxic and emotionally abusive relationship, to grow and to be bathed in its warm energy to increase my sense of self-worth.

Lunar: I decided to harness the power and energies of the moon to charge my spell jar to bestow the ability for me to continue to let go of the negativity of the past, move forward with a new chapter in my life and transform into a new version of myself with each passing lunar cycle.

Light and Dark:

Instead of going for the literal light and dark I decided to take a little bit of a deeper interpretation and look at the light and dark aspects within myself, my inner light side and inner dark side. In my light self I was usually a very happy and bright person. That all now feels lost in a sea of never ending darkness of my own creation where I am living in the shell of despair. After coming to the realisation that I was emotionally and financially abused by a narcissist for 15 years that has created a lot of self-doubt that has changed who I am, to where I question everything and I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore, all I have known is abuse and neglect by the person that I loved most in this world.

I wanted to try and incorporate the light and dark of my situation in my spell work to not only seal away all the negativity and darkness from the past but also encourage me to heal and move forward to a lighter and brighter future. I need to try and find a balance within myself where I hang onto my light but I also embrace my darkness and learn all I can from this experience. These lessons will make me into who I am meant to be.

Anywho this is what I came up with myself:

I’ll add some photos of my finished spell jar once I have finished it. I’ll be making it over the weekend.


That’s beautiful @jessica72 :heart: I love how it incorporates the light and the dark! Thank you!


You’re welcome :blush: trust me to take the challenge and make it backwards :crazy_face: but hey gotta have the crystals input. I couldn’t leave our bestest little buddies out :purple_heart:


To start I just want to say this reminds of things my kids would say when they were younger. I know that sometimes they came from the TV shows they were watching, but it would be things like: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy :lemon: or instead of saying, Oh No, they would say Oh, Pickle Juice. :rofl: It’s all gravy until you start talking to other adults & sound like you haven’t left Disney Jr or Nick Jr off the television for more than a few years. We even have different songs from the shows on playlists that we still play in the house.

Okay, that bit of nostalgia is out of the way, I love the way that you went with Solar :sun: & Lunar :full_moon: & then Light & Dark of aspects of yourself. A great interpretation of the challenge.

You also did a wonderful job with creating the spell! I love the symbols that were used on the pages.


Aw, nope you can’t do that :laughing:


Funny you should say that :rofl: my day job… I manage a child care centre. You should hear some of the doozies I come out with. I’ve been in the job 16 years now. I well and truly have made up my very own vocabulary.

And thank you xxx I can’t wait to put is all together.


Wow. What a lovely spell! You really did a great job!


Thank you xxx


You’re welcome! :blush:


Beautiful entry! :sun: :crescent_moon:

Thanks for taking the time to make these pages and share your creativity with us!


You’re welcome :blush:


[jessica72] Three word to describe your wonderful entry:
Wonderful, freeing, cleansing.
Ya done good Jessica


Thank you Mamma Bear :blush:


I’ve made a little bit of progress with my spell jar. I decided to decorate my jar first so I didn’t up end it all once I’d filled it tomorrow.

I used some twine wrapped around the jar with the intention of binding all of the negativity in there and added a random pentagram that i found for a little extra protection.

I had an old Black Obsidian chip anklet that had broken so I thought that I would add those to my jar for cutting ties with a toxic relationship, protection from negativity and healing after emotional trauma.

I decided to add in one of my favourite affirmations that I found while Googling ‘healing from narcissistic emotional abuse’. “I know and trust my own mind”. This one really resonates with me. How Mitch treated me was real. It really did happen and he really is this horrible person that i have discovered him to be.

Can’t wait to share a photo of my jar once it’s finished tomorrow :blush:


This is stunning, Jessica- I don’t even know where to begin! :star_struck: I thought this challenge would be a bit of a stumper, but you really took the theme and went to the next level- including not only one pair, but two sets of opposing forces, drawing out the benefits and abilities of each, and combining them all in a beautiful spell. Your first homemade spell jar too! :clap::heart:

And those amazing spell pages that can be printed and added to a BoS? What a gift on top of it all! :gift_heart:

I can’t wait to see the picture of your finalized jar- I can already tell from your writing that you’ve crafted something wonderful, Jessica! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing challenge entry- you blew this out of the park, great job! :raised_hands: :partying_face:


If anyone would like to print the pages of course they are more than welcome :blush: thank you so much for your encouragement. I really wasn’t sure I was on the right track but I’m hoping it will turn out as i have in my mind.


I’ve added a couple more affirmations for my jar. Keeping with the things in 3 theme I had going. And here’s how i decorated my jar. I thought that the cord would help bind the energy within and I just added the pentagram for a little extra protection.


Wow, @jessica72 awesome challenge, you took it to the next level, excellent. I love it.


Ok… here it is… my finished spell jar…

My little altar all set up ready to go.

Cleansing the jar with white sage and palo santo incense.

First few layers.

And here it is…

I’m pretty chuffed with it. All I need to do now is charge it through the night and a day.


@jessica72 I am so impressed with this energy. So much has gone into & combining multiple opposing forces was a great idea & strengthening for the spell.

The actual jar & the way you dressed & sealed it is stunning also. It looks great & very well thought out & put together. :star_struck:

Thank you for the pictures to go along with it & the spell pages are an amazing gift for everyone. Thank you for sharing. :heart_eyes: