July, August, September 2022 Daily Single Draws

They say the angel of death has a thousand eyes,
But I donno the energies feel positive to me


I feel like it’s a positive card & is a good reminder for me to do so. I’m getting better but was up against a blockage for a little bit. I did have a lot going on, but things seem to be moving forward & I feel better on the whole. A few bumps but nothing I can’t handle so far. :smiling_face:


Hi @jan_TheGreenWitch most likely you are a Leo :leo: as the dates for Leo are July 23 through August 22 each year. That hasn’t changed among astrologists.

The birthstones have changed over time. I found this article that explains the August birthstones, there are 3 associated with August:

  • Peridot -
  • Spinel - often co fused with Ruby & was for centuries in jewelry & head dresses or crowns.
  • Sardonyx

I’m so sorry that it took so long for me to reply.

I am very happy you sre doing well & I hope your appointment goes well for Chemo. I used to take my grandmother & mom for theirs when they needed me to.


Thanks for the reply @Siofra_Strega - I did know I am a Leo, but the Taurus reference in your posting is what I didn’t understand and confused me - also Peridot is what I always thought my birthstone is, thanks for the reference to additional stones!

You referenced Taurus under peridot so is that something different or a typo or can you help me understand? Thanks! :green_heart::leo::lion:


Oh my… dur… so the astrological sign has its own stone association that can differ from the calendar month association.

Usually, a zodiac is partially in 2 months. The birthstone is for the 1 month in which you were born.


Harvest could be spiritual or physical.

It’s interesting it’s apples: the tree of knowledge of good & evil in the Christianity is an Apple tree


I agree with the statement that Harvest could be spiritual or physical. While my physical harvest didn’t do well because of drought & high heat for over a month, the spiritual harvest for myself has been quite successful. I am navigating things that come my way, a lot better than I used to & have learned to accept other’s decisions as what’s best for them, whether or not I am included in the forward motion because I am making leaps & bounds compared to where I was in every aspect of my life.

I had recently learned that there were a grove of trees in the Garden of Eden & the tree that they were supposed to eat from for eternal life (or along those lines) is not the one that was chosen. They ate from the tree that represented Good vs Evil & as such the resulting humanity was introduced to & knew about both.

(If I can re-find the actual explanation, I will link it. I know I have it somewhere :laughing: Sometimes I know what I want to say, but it comes out in a word salad)


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Celtic :triquetra: Tree Oracle :deciduous_tree:

  • (By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)
  • I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

11. Muin Vine

Keywords bringing things to fruition, abundance, harvest, community, prophecy, psychic, enjoyment, celebration, laughter, summer, intoxication, ecstasy

Muin Vine initiates the tenth lunation & the celebration of Lammas or Lughnasa (also known as the Day of Bread :bread:), which honors the first fruits of the harvest. Here all vines & brambles are honored, including the blackberry. What is important, now, is gratitude for the outcome of fertility & for the cornucopia of fruits created through the cooperation of the sun :sun:, the flora, & the elements with the cooperation of the Earth Mother. Celebration is encouraged. The sun at its fullest power is celebrated. This is a time for song :musical_note:, dance :dancer:, & storytelling :open_book: Prophesying & consulting an oracle are encouraged, now. We enjoy our abundance. The ogham for this tree is Muin & the letter M.

11. Muin Vine Upright

When you get Vine in a reading, you are promised abundance & fulfillment :star_struck: You harvest what you have worked so hard to create. You can expect results & tangible manifestation. Pat yourself on the back, take your bows, & enjoy the recognition & applause :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: However, you are also asked to watch for signs of arrogance & hubris. Do not take this fulfillment for granted. Rather sing praises of gratitude & count your blessings :heartpulse:

This card suggests a celebration :tada: This can be simply shared gratitude for the bounty available at this time of year. Get together with others & celebrate your community. Be grateful :pray: together for all you have.

This is a card for creative expression through the arts, theatre :performing_arts:, writing :pen:, & performance. You know this is a time for something big. Tap into this bigger-than-life energy & expect expansion, creativity, & generosity. This is also a time to seek the oracle, as Vine encourages prophecy. Find a good reader or select your own favorite tool.

Well, my favorite reader is pretty easy to get a hold of, we’ll have to see what they say! So far my daily readings have been great. It’s like every other week I’m shedding old skins to become something new & better. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me! :hugs:


The coagulation part of solve et cogula meaning the Generation of forms from the formless


Thursday, August 11, 2022 (Full Sturgeon/Red :red_circle: Moon :full_moon:)

Celtic :triskele: Tarot

  • By: Kristoffer Hughes
  • Illustrated by: Chris Down

The Tower

Statement: - What is broken, does not always need fixing

Upright: The Tower is emotive, and it is perhaps one of the least understood cards of the Major Arcana. Its appearance can be jarring & a little shocking but pertinent. Sometimes for things to get back on their feet foundatioins need to be rocked, & if they are weak the building above will collapse. For new ground to be made, the old must be destroyed; inevitably, a great change is coming. Clearing away the debris of a situation is healing in itself. Do not fear the change, but instead take an active hand in embracing it. Surely this situation can’t go on in the manner it has endured. The Tower is the harbinger of change, but this is not to suggest that the change will be positive or negative; it could be either. Look to the cards that surround it for clues to the nature of the coming change. On the other hand, an intolerable situation is on the verge of critical mass; release is imminent. The question is, do you welcome or fear it?

For traditional The Tower meanings please see:


This was a good one for me - on my chemo day thank you


Is this what inspired your other post of take form from the formless deity?


This one needs to be pondered more……


I feel like @john.knox & my draws are similar for today… & there is a red full moon after the Lion’s Gate… a lot of high energy can sometimes bring about change, it could be something small or large but since even our weather is undergoing a change; seemingly from one to the other… hot & dry to rain every other day. So don’t get caught up in what the meaning could be, focus on what is happening around you & it will be there. The weather this week has me so happy because I’m not melting as I step outside & my hibiscus :hibiscus: don’t look so sad by the afternoon :smiling_face:


No. Just need to survive at my job. At simple as that work almost 9 hours Sun-Thu. I stutter sometimes & feel lack of confidence so hard for me to work a sales job but feel like I’m growing


Some of the most successful people stutter and also have dyslexia, probably because they have to work harder and excel at excellence. Much luck and prosperity to you on this Super Moon! :full_moon_with_face:


Not a single draw but my 3-card was all majors today. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: I’m in for a ride. :horse_racing::roller_coaster::racing_car:


@Amaris_Bane… I wouldn’t take it as you are in for a ride, but I would say nature (she reminds me of taming the wild forces of nature) is leading to nurture with the insights you have been able to gain through your own experience & learning (the owl just screams wisdom & insight to me). The Hanged Man is more that you aren’t sure how to proceed with what you now know & progress on your own so asking for assistance may not be uncalled for in this situation.

Maybe some meditation with ancestors, spirit guides, or deities will help you process what it is or where you should be focusing.

Just my initial thoughts from what I know of the Major Arcana…

Side Note: I love the artwork from this particular deck. It’s really beautiful!


@Siofra_Strega, the deck is Hush Tarot and it is one of my favorites. It is the one I use with Hades also. And I was more meaning “in for a ride” in that it was clear I needed to dig inside and not externally - something I’m not fond of. I took it to take some time to do self-reflection/meditation (Hermit) to cultivate my connection with my higher self (Strength) and see myself from a new perspective (Hanged Man).


Ah ha @Amaris_Bane! Well, I didn’t want to say anything about inner work or self reflection :thinking: because that’s what I was thinking but more in terms of myself. Kind of a thinking out loud… I have a thing that is surrounding me pointing in that direction too :full_moon:

I do a 3 card reading every morning if I can, but if I miss it, I try to do a Bedtime reading instead about the day. Lately I have been using the Celtic Tarot for those. I started with my Tarot of the Divine again a month or 2 ago with single draws then 3 cards.

The single draws I share with the coven are ones that I focus on the energy for the coven or I’ll say the coven as a collective.

(I have the same love/hate relationship that you do; not exactly fond of such things… Hades seems to be my Morrigan in that sense :hugs: she does that for me through the Celtic Tarot, Brigid is usually through her oracle cards that I have)