July, August, September 2022 Daily Single Draws

July, August, & September 2022 Daily Single Draws

We have come to the end of the first six months of the year. The New Moon just passed & a new time is beginning for everyone.

Please feel free to post your single draws of Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Runes, Ogham, whichever it is that you practice. Please add in the name & author of the decks that are used for card draws & cite where the meaning came from on other draws unless it’s your own words.

Also included for Reference are Pagan & Astrological events for each month.

July 2022

  • July 5: Mars :astrology_mars: in Taurus :taurus: , Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Cancer :cancer:
  • July 6: Waxing Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon: in Libra :libra:
  • July 6 – 7: Honor the Slavic Goddess Kupala (Eastern Slavic Regions)
  • July 8: Celtic :triquetra: Month Holly Begins
  • July 13: Full Moon :full_moon: in Capricorn :capricorn:
  • July 17: Marina’s Day & Venus :astrology_venus: in Cancer :cancer:
  • July 19: Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Leo :leo:
  • July 20: Waning Moon :waning_gibbous_moon: in Aries :aries:
  • July 22: Sun :sun: in Leo :leo:
  • July 23: Neptunalia
  • July 28: New Moon :new_moon: in Leo :leo: , Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: Retrograde in Aries :aries:


  • August 1:
    • Lammas/LughnasdahHonor Celtic :triquetra: God Lugh, Celebration of Harvest
    • Freyfaxi: Norse Celebration of First Harvest, Honor God Frey
    • Mars :astrology_mars: Conjunct Uranus :astrology_uranus: in Taurus :taurus:
  • August 4:
    • Wag Festival: Egyptian Festival of the Dead: Sunset Ceremony
    • Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Virgo :virgo:
  • August 5:
    • Crescent Moon :waning_crescent_moon: in Scorpio
    • Celtic :triskele: Month Hazel Begins
  • August 11
    • Venus :astrology_venus: in Leo :leo: , Full Moon :full_moon: in Aquarius :aquarius:
  • August 13: Honor Roman Goddess Pomona
  • August 17: National Black Cat :black_cat: Day
  • August 19: Waning Moon :waning_gibbous_moon: in Taurus :taurus:
  • August 20: Mars :astrology_mars: in Gemini :gemini:
  • August 22: Feast of Montu the Egyptian God of War
  • August 23:
    • Roman Festival of Vulcanalia
    • Sun :sun: in Virgo :virgo:
  • August 24: Uranus :astrology_uranus: Retrograde in Taurus :taurus:
  • August 25: Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Libra :libra:
  • August 27: New Moon :new_moon: in Virgo :virgo:


  • September 2: Celtic :triskele: Month Vine Begins
  • September 3:
    • Roman Festival of Bacchus
      • God of Vines, Vegetation, & Win
    • Waxing Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon: in Sagittarius :sagittarius:
  • September 5: Venus :astrology_venus: in Virgo :virgo:
  • September 7: Feast of Yemaya
    • Mother Goddess of Nigerian People
  • September 10: Mercury :astrology_mercury: Retrograde in Libra :libra:, Full Moon :full_moon: in Pisces :pisces:
  • September 17: Waning Moon :waning_gibbous_moon: in Gemini :gemini:
  • September 22: Sun :sun: in Libra :libra:
  • September 23: Mabon & Autumnal Equinox
  • September 25:
    • Haustblot
      • Norse Autumn Fest
    • New Moon :new_moon: in Libra :libra:
  • September 26: Mercury :astrology_mercury: Conjunct Venus :astrology_venus: in Virgo :virgo:
  • September 27:
    • Festival of Astarte
      • Mesopotamian Goddess of Fertility & Healing
    • Day of Willows
  • September 29: Venus :astrology_venus: in Libra :libra:
  • September 30: Celtic :triskele: Month Ivy Begins

Celebrate Pagan Holidays
Astrological Calendear 2022


Looks like it’s a moon kind of day today! :laughing:

This is a card that has come up several times in readings over the last week. I thought I knew what it was pointing to, but it looks like I haven’t got the full message yet. I’ll have to meditate on it today :thinking:


I can already see two full moons from here :rofl:

:full_moon: :smiley_cat: :full_moon:

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


Home is where the heart is!! :house_with_garden::heart:

Today the main focus is to be at home literally and metaphorically. Being at home with oneself and allowing ourselves to take comfort in the place that we can be our best authentic selves. Taking today to be in our emotions and feel comforted by the things and people that make us feel at home. Cleaning out the clutter and airing out any and all unwanted energies and things that no longer serve us. Today is all about grounding and replenishing ourselves for a new and improved us. Blessed be friends. :heart:

Oracle deck: Spellcasting Oracle Deck by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free


@TheTravelWitch_Bry – That deck is so pretty! Which deck is that? I might have to look at it :laughing: Also, those two full moons are adorable! :eyes: :black_cat:

@Chrnicmadnx – Your deck is so pretty, too! I’m adding it to my wishlist :laughing:


Is that your little Thunder Cat?
Thinks he’s all big and bad, doesn’t he?
Enjoy your friend
Blessed be


7/1/22 Raven’s Wand Oracle: Ebb and Flow

Kay-Hi pays respects to a river spirit in her homeland. Along its length, a single river branches frequently and changes character often, thus it houses many different spirits. We are similar - one soul with many aspects. The way these aspects ebb and flow makes us the individuals we are. Some of your traits might disappoint you; are you prone to impatience or criticism for instance? Flaws are not a problem in themselves, but surrendering to them can be, both for us and others. The next time your instinctive reaction is to exhibit one of these flaws, pause -rethink - gently tell that flaw it isn’t required right now, and move on.

Threads of Fate Oracle: The Pillar (ether)

The Pillar signifies a need to rise to the occasion. It indicates a time where we may need to be all things: the backbone, the nurturer, the provider, the lover. The Pillar asks you to step into these roles as best as you can, knowing that you are being pushed outside of your comfort zone. You will learn just how capable you are.

It is a time where we take our gifts to new heights and learn that our perceived flaws are jus that, perceived. If you have been resisting a new opportunity or role that has presented itself it is time to step into it and trust that you will learn as you go.

This is also a time where our container grows. We learn just how much space we can hold for ourselves and for others. Continue to listen to yourself, fill your own cup so that you can be there for others, but do not forget to push yourself!

Balanced Pillar energy is being able to wear many hats, to hold space for family and community, but doing theses things with empowered boundaries. It is placing your personal well-being and needs first, knowing that your service will be better because of it.

Unbalanced Pillar can go a couple of ways. in an attempt to maintain all control one can get domineering and manipulative. On the other hand, they may find themselves becoming codependent, where their identity gets wrapped up in the need to caretake others while forgetting about themselves.

If you find yourself in the shadow of Pillar, ask yourself:

  • Where can I soften?
  • Where can I put up boundaries?
  • Where are my personal needs, and how can I go about meeting those for myself?

Two cards that mention flaws are not really flaws. And the ToF is definitely calling me out! I have a tendency to take care of others before myself and my guides have been telling me to change this and now the cards too. Looks like I need to start listening.


Saturday, July 2, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

10. Quert Apple

Keywords Female, Lineage, Decisions, Choices, Beauty, Abundance, Regeneration, Fertility, Motherhood

The Quert Apple shares the ninth lunation with the Coll Hazel but brings in its own perspective so this sunny time of year. She offers us such sweet fruit, and, in such variety, it is fitting that she is concerned with beauty and making choices among many good things. She also reminds us of the unseen helpers that minister to the plant world. With Apple, we honor the fairies as well as the nature spirits that play a central role in the organization & proliferation of plant life on our planet. Apple represents the Mother aspect of the Goddess, our connection to our female lineages, and to our ancestral homelands. Glastonbury is sacred to this tree, as is the symbol of the pentacle which can be seen at the core of an apple that has been sliced horizontally. The Ogham for this tree is Quert & the letters Q & CC.

10. Quert Apple Upright

Abundance is associated with this card. Therefore, you are granted many boons & blessings. You are reminded to be grateful & to count those blessings. Appreciation is in order. Look at the paradise that you live in & do what you can to protect her. Give your gratitude to all the unseen helpers of nature. Perhaps you can leave a corner of your garden wild, so the nature spirits have a place to dwell.

Apple invites you to rest & heal from strife, illness, fatigue, or injury. You are granted the unconditional love of the Great Mother.

When you get this card in a reading, you may also be offered a choice between two equally beautiful things. It is not an easy choice to make. It may be time to place your attention on one thing at the expense of other choices. If so, home into your talents. Choose. Enjoy the sweetness of the Apple that you picked.

Apple also connects you to your homelands. Is it time to make a spiritual pilgrimage? If this is not possible, you can study the ancient spirituality of these places and find out more about your own lineage. Immerse yourself in some study of ancient wisdom.


I use the Galaxy Tarot app for interpretations and it has a card of the day. I like Galaxy because it not only gives you the meaning of the card, not it gives you a message for the day based on the card. Today’s card is The Lovers.


Oh thats really cool! Is it from the Samsung Galaxy apps? I have a Samsung Galaxy account/phone.


I have it on my s22 ultra (even though it says it’s not compatible) but it’s not from Samsung. You can get it in the Google play store.


Oh! Awesome! I’m going to check that one out definitely thank you! Also, I love :heart_eyes: the decks that have been recently used for daily posts. Thank you so much for sharing! :hugs:


Thanks! Those are my favorite oracle decks.


I need to start keeping a list. I am itching to get a new deck but I’m waiting for the right one. Something is telling me that it’s out there, so I’m going to have to keep an eye out. I adore them. :heart:


Haha, you are better than me! I just buy whatever catches my attention. I have these two oracle decks, a question’s answer set and six tarot decks. I have others I want but I have not come across them when I’m looking so it’s not my time to get them yet.

  • Rider-Waite Tarot
  • Women of Science Tarot
  • Hush Tarot
  • Ethereal Visions (Tarot)
  • Golden Thread Tarot
  • The Weaver Tarot - Ascendent Edition by Threads of Fate
  • The Threads of Fate Oracle - Lumen Addition
  • Raven’s Wand Oracle
  • The Illumin8tor’s Amulet (answer deck)

OH! My list is quite the list but I have:

  • The Light Seer’s Tarot (My first deck after my Rider-Waite that I gifted to a friend)
  • The Celtic Tarot
  • The Tarot of the Divine

Oracle Cards

  • Radiant Crystals
  • The Way of Brighid
  • Wild Runes
  • Inner Child Oracle
  • Celtic Tree Oracle

There are Raven & Crow types of decks that I love & some others that I have seen throughout the forum. I just have to find the list. :heart:


Sunday, July 3, 2022

Rune Draw

Mannaz :mannaz:

Image Credit

Magickal Uses: Help or cooperation with others, increase mental agility, improve memory, promote harmonious relationships, & success in legal & academic issues.

Use Mannaz to cultivate more of your own potential. There is something deeply & inherently human in each of us, & the world benefits by sharing that with others. Whether it’s creative pursuits, professional aspirations, or simply a way to live to your highest potential, invoke Mannaz to help bring forth that from which the world & you will benefit.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Divine Union, Relationships, Ancestors, Community, Intelligence, Manifestation, Origin, Self, Family, Man/Humankind, Natural Gifts, Physical & Spiritual Cultivation

Brightstave/Upright: Rune of humanity & of humanness with all of nobility & power of spirit along with weakness & mortality. Great intelligence is born of divine or higher knowledge. There is happiness in inner & social life born of a realization of the truths of human existence. Blinders removed. Awakening. See things as they are. Could indicate seekers of any kind. Success in learning. Self-development: nurture & grow that which is natural & unique to you. Your gifts are necessary not only for your personal development & fulfillment but for the betterment of those in your chosen community. Never doubt yourself, never doubt the magic that flows through your soul.

Mannaz - 20th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 4th of Tyr’s Aett :mannaz:


@MeganB Thank you! :laughing: :black_cat: :heart:

That was the Ostara deck- I wrote a review on it if you’re interested! It is kind of a tricky deck, but every now and then I’m feeling artsy and its the one I grab for a reading :art::smile:

@Garnet Hahaha he is a little Thunder Cat! :joy_cat: Thank you, Garnet! :heart:

Page of Swords

Element of the Day: Air :air_element: with secondary of Earth :earth_element:

Reflections on the Page of Swords

What fresh ideas and curiosities do you find yourself pondering every day? Now could be the moment you investigate them.

Which of your creative or personal interests can you now research, learn from, or plan for? Your infectious curiosity may spark the interest of others.

Where, to who whom, can you curiosity lead you?

From Tarot by Tina Gong

Have a blessed day everyone! :star2:


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

  • (By: Amanda Lynn Hails)
    I shuffled 3 times, removed the top 3 cards & flipped over the top card:


There is something you have been putting off & now is the time to do it. It may seem overwhelming but beyond the horizon waits something more wonderful than you can know in these present moments. Do not be afraid, no one is ever truly ready at their first steps. It is not perfection that we seek but a life lived fully.


I shuffled three times and drew off the first three cards to get Strength (I don’t know why that is done but I have seen it done numerous times in here)
This is from the Beginner’s Tarot by Juliet Sherman-Burke, illustrated by Giovanni Caselli.

Strength can be connected to an inner struggle with the lion representing self interest. This can be destructive. The woman is trying to stop it from being destructive rather than trying to stop it altogether. Strength is a process for us to control urges without repressing them. Inner courage and self discipline help with that. The preceding l is a paraphrase from the tarot guide that comes with the deck.

Great card for me as I am trying to switch my eating habits to what they were before and I keep saying “discipline” in my head when the urge to eat whatever I want whenever I want comes up (regularly I might add).


Thank you for sharing @maudot7!

I am the only one that does the shuffle 3 times, takes off the top 3 cards, & then draws; that I have really noticed… I’m honestly not sure it’s a popular “thing”… I have an affinity for triplicities, things happen in 3s, and the symbols & sigils representing those things, I know things related to 3 are sometimes :triskele: Celtic :triquetra: , 3 is I guess a sacred number to me, so I choose to do the shuffle 3 times, take off the top 3 cards on Tending Brighid’s Flame & on this thread too with my decks. :revolving_hearts: If it is something that you find works for you, then yay & if not, then that’s okay too :smiling_face: