June 2023 ✨ Collective Reading Check-In

June is upon us, whether we like it or not, and we have reached the halfway point between now and the new year. We will be graced by a sabbat this month, the Solstice – Midsummer or Midwinter, Litha or Yule. June is a liminal month, one between then and now…the middle space between Gregorian Calendar Years. I feel like that will be relevant for this reading and I haven’t even flipped over my cards yet (as I write this part, of course!) I have an odd feeling about June - not necessarily one of apprehension, but one of cautious optimism, if that makes sense. The cards sitting in front of me, still facedown, are buzzing with an energy that’s hard to describe.

Anyway, let’s get on with the reading!

If you need a refresher for our collective reading, you can find that here → Peering into 2023 :tarot_card: Collective Tarot Reading. If you are new here, this is a periodic divinatory reading I do to shine a light on the collective reading that I do at the beginning of the year. The cards pulled here for the next month are a reflection and check-in with the relevant card from the yearly reading.

Was May Relevant?

Let’s take a minute to look at May’s collective reading card and update to see what was relevant. Then we can move on to this month’s check-in and the cards I will pull.

May 2023: The Hermit Reversed :izakaya_lantern:

The chaos of life will have you wanting to withdraw yourself this month. Remember, the theme of the year is about defending ourselves and what we’ve achieved. Last month saw us potentially disconnected from our important relationships. This month, rather than deepening a connection with those outside of us, we are going to be tempted to retreat within ourselves. A bit of introspection and self-reflection is a good thing. However, taking that too far is never a good thing. Don’t get lost in yourself, okay? Lean into your relationships and work through the troubles rather than away from them to avoid the conflict.

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The three cards I pulled as the update for May were the Eight of Swords, Three of Wands, and The Sun. Over the course of May, my life had a few ups and downs. I am sitting here trying to remember what I was doing at the beginning of the month. Honestly? I had to flip through my journal for a reminder! I can say that my month sure did start out with swords – there was a lot going on in my personal life that was out of my control. It still is, if I’m being honest. I was able to take the blindfold off and see what needed to be done, though!

The rest of the reading really resonates on a personal level, too. I can’t say too much about it on a global scale because things have been moving so fast for me that I haven’t been able to keep up with what’s going on in the world. Heck, I can barely keep up with the crap the Florida government is pulling right now… :woman_facepalming: but The Sun is shining on my life right now, and I hope it is shining on yours, too!

Let me know how the reading for May played out for you!

:sparkles: This month, we are looking at the month of June!

As a reminder, the collective reading for the month of June has us looking at The Five of Pentacles.

June 2023: Five of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot:

Prepare for difficulty this month. Financial difficulty may be coming your way but don’t get lost in the misery. This is only a minor arcana card – the difficulty will pass. If you get lost in the misery, you may end up feeling like no one is coming to help you. You may feel left out in the cold, so to speak, as the people in the card are during winter. But look closely at the card. Do you see the windows? They’re all lit up! Help is available to you but you have to overcome your pride and ego enough to ask for it. Seek help from your support system when necessary.

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With this card in mind, I took three deep breaths and pulled three more cards to give us some more guidance on where June is headed.

The above image shows three tarot cards face up on a gray table. The cards are, from left to right: The Four of Cups Reversed, The Three of Cups Reversed, and The King of Cups.

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw off the floor – all three cards are cup cards, and two of them are reversed?! Whew… I don’t know if I can handle an emotional month of June. :sweat_smile:

Four of Cups Reversed

Everything within us is screaming to retreat right now. Run away! While The Reversed Hermit from last month was about isolation, the Four of Cups Reversed may see us pulling inward in contemplation. We may not be isolated, but we have a lot going on in our minds and hearts this month. Disillusionment, boredom, and apathy might make an appearance. If we are not careful, we can get lost in an unhealthy cycle of disappointed thinking. This can look like thoughts of extreme boredom, cynicism, and potentially even depression.

Three of Cups Reversed

On top of our sense of apathy from the reversed Four of Cups, the Three of Cups Reversed pushes us deeper into ourselves by making us feel alone. Our support system is gone, we think! No one feels the way we do. No one thinks the way we do. There is no one there for us. But that is all lies – the Three of Cups Reversed plays with our sense of self and sense of community. When it sits here with the Four of Cups reversed and the Five of Pentacles, that feeling of loneliness is amplified. We must not forget that there is always more than meets the eye. Communication in a community setting is a two-way street. Your support system will not know you need help unless you reach out and ask.

King of Cups

I feel like this is a strange card to pull with everything else going on. Usually, the King of Cups is a card that represents mastery of emotion. This person is aware of what they feel and why – there is no secret hiding in the subconscious mind that the King of Cups doesn’t already know. So why, then, is he here when the other cards point to a disconnection? Well, I think the King of Cups in this reading is showing us what we think we look like. We know everything, right? We know how we feel. We know why we feel that way. But what we aren’t doing is recognizing that we are in denial. We may think we know our emotions, but in this case, we are just pretending.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Seven of Rods

  • conflict, protecting what you’ve worked for, passionate disagreements

:star: Goals of 2023: Justice Reversed

  • lack of balance, unfair treatment, honesty with others

:star: Obstacles of 2023: The Sun

  • keeping the peace, complacency, people pleasing, avoiding confrontation

Putting it together…

Well, if I wasn’t worried about May then I sure am worried about June. This is looking like a completely emotionally disconnected month – I don’t like it at all! The Five of Pentacles for the first card is already a card of isolation, loneliness, and solitude. Then we have the compounding factors of all these cup cards? No, thank you!

It is going to be really, really important in June for us to be honest with ourselves and those that care about us. If no one knows we’re hurting or need help, then we will suffer in silence. There is no sense in suffering in silence when there are people who care and are willing to help you! And me…I am probably the worst when it comes to things like that. :joy:

I will reiterate what I said in the collective reading. The Five of Pentacles may be a card of loss and isolation, but the windows with lights are there and waiting. We just have to be willing to knock and ask for help.

What do you think?

Do you have any insight to share from the collective reading? And how do you think June is going to go?

If you want to do your own reading for the new month, you can find the current infographic below. I also have a blog post that goes into more detail about each card in the layout. You can find that post by clicking here .


I also have a video that details how I use this spread!

Tarot for the New Month || A Simple Four Card Tarot Spread! [CC] - YouTube


If I’m being completely honest & before building off it with my little check in reading… I feel like I got a head start on June this last week or so :laughing: If today is any indicator, I’m really hoping I’m on the upswing of the King :cup_tarot: because I feel like the 4 :cup_tarot: & 3 :cup_tarot: hit me like a ton of bricks. BUT I figured out the 5 :pentacle_tarot: too & just have to keep that in mind… I’ve recognized those things & know what it is that works so not to retreat again. Keep the end of today’s momentum going through June & I’ll be okay because I’m aware of the upcoming challenges & work that needs to be done already. :hugs:

I really hope that made sense :green_salad:


I found myself nodding along sadly with this- I was already expecting June to be an emotional rollercoaster of a month. My partner has (finally) received the date for the green card interview- but alas, my three months in the EU are approaching their end, so I’m going to have to fly back to the US alone and wait until everything clears (probably 2 months) until we can be reunited again. For lack of better words, it’s going to suck.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that once it’s done, our nearly two years in limbo going back and forth across the Atlantic to stay together can come to an end and we can settle down Stateside. I’m counting down the days.

But yeah- isolation, depression, frustration for June? Oh boy is that resonating :sweat_smile:

I needed this right here- the main card of the month and all three supporting cards are minor arcana. Of the four, the only court card is Upright and it’s the King. I’d like to think that the difficulties will be relatively fleeting, but will leave us at the end feeling accomplished and complete. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but so mote it be! :grin: :pray::crown::cup_tarot:

Thank you for another wonderful and insightful reading, @MEganB- I look forward to these check-ins and always enjoy them! :heart:


Oh yikes :grimacing: hopefully you’re at the King! :clap: we need that King of Cups energy for June – less disconnection and more emotional mastery :heart: You can do it!

That’s amazing news! I know you two have been going back and forth for so, so long. I know it’s got a bit of a downside – the wait without your partner – but there is a light there at the end of the tunnel!

We can hope! :crossed_fingers: I agree, especially since all of the cards are minor and theres only one court card.


Ok, this is mind blowing. Someone up there is really shaking me up. 4 cups dont get lost in negative thinking when multiple problems arise, it isnt your fault (my) things just are sometimes.
3 cups feeling alone, yet surrounded by people who care, its all in my head. I create huge dramas in my head but the reality is its in my head, noone else knows cuz I dont say.
Finally that King, it made me think of a very British saying "stiff upper lip and all, gotta keep a stiff upper lip":joy: in other words, no matter what you feel inside, aint noone seeing it outside, and you dont acknowledge it to yourself, “everything is fine”. Total denial. I am so guilty of this, no matter what is thrown at me (and ironically we’ve received quite a few surprise bills), I put on a smile and pretend I’m fine with it. I think this is good advice for me to ask for help more from my family and not try to shoulder everything with a smile. I need to be real with myself and sometimes hit the punch bag, yell, cry and then stare at the beautiful stars to unwind. Fabulous cards, very timely for me. :heart:


While I’m happy they resonate with you, I do wish it was a more positive message that I was sharing this month :rofl: I hope you’re able to work through everything easily!


Positive things will come, I’m sure, we just got to keep our boats afloat while we ride the storm. :heart:


Big hugs :people_hugging: I think you are right that it will be an accomplished & complete feeling, but a little sucky… I’m so happy that they finally got their interview though! :raised_hands: :clap: I hope the countdown goes quickly for you both! :revolving_hearts:

I need to learn this skill or at least stick to it more than I have been lately. I would like to think that I am in the forward motion of a cha-cha right now. :flat_shoe:



The further we get into the year, the more I can look back and see how true and perfectly in sync this reading has been with my reality. I’m just gonna be over here clinging to bright shiny windows like a Thomas Kincaide print!


Cheers to that! We are running towards it as quickly as the passing days allow- it’s really just a waiting game now :grinning:

Thank you, Siofra! :heart: I hope so too! :people_hugging:


Yes, that’s the energy I’m gonna hold on to, too! :window: :bulb: :star2: