Peering into 2023 :tarot_card: Collective Tarot Reading

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” —William E. Vaughan, journalist and author


It is once again time for a collective reading for the New Year! These readings are one of my favorite things to do for everyone here in the coven. It helps us connect with the Universe around us and give us some insight into the next calendar year. This is also why I do the monthly check-ins – this makes sure that we are still on the right path or that nothing is going to come up and surprise us!

If you are not familiar with how this reading works, let me break it down for you. This is a spread that I created to give you a general outlook of a full twelve-month period. It contains 15 different cards and they are as follows: one for each month of the year, a theme card, a goals card, and an obstacles card. If you would like to check out the spread and read the cards for yourself, you can click here to grab a copy of the free workbook I created.

As I said before, this is a collective reading. Some people do not feel like collective readings are accurate or worth doing. I, however, find them useful in the right circumstance. As a collective reading, the cards will give us value in seeing the bigger picture. In this case, the card for one month may not apply to you at all and that’s okay. For example, if the Death card shows up as a theme for the month of June, it does not mean that every single person will experience a loss and be open to new opportunities. It could mean that in a particular country or region, they experience a period of time where the old is dying out to make way for the new. This could be political, this could be figuratively, and this could even be ecological disasters. It all varies, so keep that in mind as you read on.

Let’s Review 2022


That has to be one of my current favorite things to write – it means that 2022 is being put to rest! Also, it rhymes and makes my little heart happy. Anyway, I’m not going to go into full detail of every month and reading from 2022. Instead, I want to focus on the goal, obstacle, and theme for 2022. Here’s a refresher!

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Nine of Pentacles

  • success, abundance, and reaping the benefits of our hard work

:star: Goals of 2022: The Knight of Swords Reversed

  • impatience, rudeness, and an overall aggressive manner in endeavors
  • fighting for what we believe in

:star: Obstacles of 2022: The Nine of Swords

  • collective trauma, guilt, and shame
  • hiding away and regretting our decisions

I can’t say for sure how this will apply to everyone else, or even on a wider scale than just my own microcosm of community, but these cards rang true for me in more ways than one this year. I had to fight many times for what I believe to be right, even in my own home, and that made me very tense, anxious, and sometimes depressed. I feel that the theme is true for me personally because over this last year, I have overcome so many personal challenges that I have to celebrate – and give myself space to celebrate – and be happy that I have succeeded.

What about you? How did these cards play a role in your personal life this past year?

Looking to the Future - 2023

Are we ready to do this?! For the reading this year, I chose my handy-dandy Hanson-Roberts Tarot. This deck uses the imagery of the Rider-Waite Smith deck with a slightly different art style. This was my first-ever tart deck gifted to me when I was 19. She’s been there for me all these years and I felt that it was only right for her to help guide me us into 2023.

The Card of the Year: The Seven of Rods :wand_tarot:

Right off the bat, we have a card of conflict. As a seven card in tarot, this card is more about protecting what you already have rather than fighting to get something new. The Rods – equal to Wands in the Rider-Waite Smith deck – are connected to fire, passion, and creativity. This year may see us needing to defend ourselves and our creations. This makes sense coming off the 2022 reading where we were busy achieving our goals.

We have come so far now! This position we have ourselves in is one of sustainability. We have fought for what we created. Now we need to stand our grand in order to keep it – and never fear. We will persevere!

Goals of 2023: Justice Reversed :balance_scale:

Yeah, this makes total sense. If the theme of the year is represented by The Seven of Rods and our fight to defend our position then it only makes sense that the goal would be to keep the scales of Justice equally balanced. Justice Reversed indicates a definitive lack of balance. Something is unfair, whether it be our treatment of others or their treatment of us. Our goal here is to make sure that everyone, including ourselves, are held accountable for our actions.

Having Justice Reversed as a goal isn’t so much about being dishonest or taking advantage of the situation. It is more of a reminder that the goal is to tell the truth and find those that are behaving unfairly. Remember the Wiccan Rede – “With a Fool no season spend, lest be counted as his friend.” Avoid anyone that is tipping the scales of Justice in their favor unjustly. They will only bring you harm, so speak out about them!

Obstacles of 2023: The Sun :sun:

You may be thinking, What the heck? The Sun as an obstacle? But that’s a good card!? And you know what? You’re right! The Sun is a wonderful card full of warmth, positivity, and joy. But it can absolutely be an obstacle in this case. The blatant message I get from The Sun as an obstacle is that of people pleasing and keeping the peace. It makes me think that the people we will be in conflict with will be close to us, either family or close friends. They could also be people that have control over our careers or other aspects of our lives.

With The Sun, we will be tempted to keep the peace. This means biting our tongues rather than speaking out, smiling and nodding when you want to yell and scream, and saying “okay,” when all you want to do is run away. If you want this year to be successful, you will have to overcome the anxiety and desire to stay out of all confrontation. Sometimes arguing and disagreeing are necessary “evils” in order to make forward progress.

January 2023: The Three of Swords :sword_tarot:

Heartbreak, betrayal, and loss. This is definitely not something we want to see for January but that’s what we have. What’s interesting to me is that this may be the tipping point that leads us to the theme of the year. Something may happen this month that causes us to have conflict with those we care about. Watch out for people who are acting unfairly, lying, and being intentionally deceitful to further their own motives. Whoever this is in your life, it may be someone close to you – the swords through the heart show that it has the potential to be especially painful.

February 2023: Queen of Rods Reversed :wand_tarot:

Whatever happened last month, it doesn’t seem like it will affect February. We go into the month having an abundance of confidence in ourselves. We know our truth. We firmly stand in our beliefs. We aren’t afraid to share what we know and have that challenged by others. This energy of confidence may start off fairly small this month. This is your sign to build it up and really take charge of your self-image. Watch how others move through life – take inspiration (don’t compare!) from their routines, habits, and lifestyle. Find something that works for you so you can maintain the confidence you need throughout the year.

March 2023:The Star :star:

Hope and abundance will be key figures this month. The Star is a leader in our lives. Think of the North Star – Polaris in the constellation of Ursa Minor – and how we can easily find our bearings if we are lost as long as we look to the stars. Take solace in your divinity this month. Let the Universe guide you forward with hope, whatever “the Universe” means to you. This is a moment of rest and peace along the path of the year. Take advantage of it while you can.

April 2023: The Ten of Cups Reversed :cup_tarot:

You may have wanted and hoped for a harmonious and engaging relationship with your family – spouse, parents, or other – but that’s not what you’re feeling this month. There is an air of disconnect in April. Something isn’t there and everyone involved is struggling to keep the faith in the relationship alive. You will need to find common ground this month, a common goal to work toward so the harmony can be maintained. Be sure the everyone’s expectations are realistic and not rooted in fantasy.

May 2023: The Hermit Reversed :izakaya_lantern:

The chaos of life will have you wanting to withdraw yourself this month. Remember, the theme of the year is about defending ourselves and what we’ve achieved. Last month saw us potentially disconnected from our important relationships. This month, rather than deepening a connection with those outside of us, we are going to be tempted to retreat within ourselves. A bit of introspection and self-reflection is a good thing. However, taking that too far is never a good thing. Don’t get lost in yourself, okay? Lean into your relationships and work through the troubles rather than away from them to avoid the conflict.

June 2023: Five of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot:

Prepare for difficulty this month. Financial difficulty may be coming your way but don’t get lost in the misery. This is only a minor arcana card – the difficulty will pass. If you get lost in the misery, you may end up feeling like no one is coming to help you. You may feel left out in the cold, so to speak, as the people in the card are during winter. But look closely at the card. Do you see the windows? They’re all lit up! Help is available to you but you have to overcome your pride and ego enough to ask for it. Seek help from your support system when necessary.

July 2023: Seven of Pentacles Reversed :pentacle_tarot:

With the difficulty of the last few months, July may see you wallowing in self-pity. This isn’t a good place to be, of course, but sometimes we can’t help it. I think this card is the epitome of focusing on the tiny details rather than the big picture. We may get so caught up on the little things that need to be done on a regular basis that we aren’t preparing for the future. We aren’t making plans and seeing our long-term vision come to life. When we can’t plan for that, we can end up feeling unsuccessful, like life is just slowly passing us by. Focusing on the big picture and long-term success this month should prove to be very helpful!

August 2023: Queen of Swords :sword_tarot:

Calm, cool, and calculated – these are all words I would use to describe the Queen of Swords. She thinks rationally and logically, taking swift action when necessary. This energy will carry you through August, especially after the last few months of potential struggle. This Queen is not afraid to set boundaries for herself, make them clearly known, and stick to them. Direct and clear communication will be necessary this month to make sure you are not misunderstood. Stick to your boundaries and be clear.

September 2023: Ten of Pentacles Reversed :pentacle_tarot:

This month, you may find yourself in a position of financial loss. It may not be something that will ruin your life, whatever that means to you, but it will sting a bit and cause you to evaluate your relationship with money and wealth. Are your standards too high? Do you have expectations for yourself that are so unrealistic that it stresses you out? That stress is going to be felt this month whether we like it or not. It may be time to rethink our idea of wealth, success, and money.

October 2023: Five of Rods Reversed :wand_tarot:

More conflict…if you could hear my sigh through the screen, I am sure you would feel just like I do. Reversed, this card is all about an internal struggle rather than an external one. You have gone through so much this year already. Boundaries have been tested, relationships have been tested, and even your self-confidence and values have been tested. It will all culminate this month to a feeling of overwhelm with yourself. You may find yourself struggling with your mental health, especially as we near the holiday season and deal closely with our families and relatives again. October will be a good month to break out your journal, breathe, and practice some self-care.

November 2023: Five of Swords :sword_tarot:

The look on this person’s face is one of smugness. Your pride is showing and conflicts will be abundant again. This month, though, these conflicts are external. Things may turn into a competition and you will feel the need to win no matter what, even at the cost of your relationships with the people you care about. Don’t let your pride get in the way! There is a vast difference between not arguing for the sake of keeping peace and arguing just so you can get the last word. Find a middle ground and don’t argue just to argue.

December 2023: Seven of Swords Reversed :sword_tarot:

We are ending the year on a low-ish note, it seems. So much will happen over 2023 that we will either feel like an imposter at the end or we will be lying to ourselves about something we experienced. This card also suggests that we may be hiding our true thoughts and feelings from ourselves or those we care about. We should not bypass our emotions for the sake of keeping the peace, either. It is very important to be honest with ourselves and those we care about. Otherwise, we may end up internalizing our secrets and being even more miserable.

:star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

I really do not like the look of this reading. I hate that out of fifteen cards, four of them are swords and four of them are Major Arcana. It looks like it will be a year full of conflict and important situations that may define our lives for the next year or so. I will have constant reminders for myself to just breathe and not get lost in the chaos and commotion that seems to be heading our way.

:star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

I hope this collective reading makes sense for you. I plan to revisit it every month with a monthly reading and see if anything is set to change. These collective readings on a yearly basis are difficult to pinpoint because even the smallest change can have lasting impacts. Feel free to leave your own interpretations down below and bookmark this post to come back to it when necessary!


Man… ok… it will be interesting to see how all this pans out for sure!


This is interesting and I liked the booklet I downloaded. Hopefully, it will keep me on a path to doing my readings every day.


@AileyGrey – I’m definitely hesitant to go into 2023 after seeing this reading lol but I’ll be glad when I can do the check-ins before the next month so I’ve got more information!

@crystal35 – I’m glad you liked the booklet! I hope it can help you too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Geez now I’m kinda scared of 2023! Yikes! :pleading_face::sweat_smile:

I’m getting married, traveling and possibly moving next year, so I already knew it was going to be chaos for me but… Whoa!! This reading is freaky. And I really resonated wirh your 2022 overview reading, so… I bet this will be accurate, too.

How can we prepare? How to take things slowly and digest, rather than feeling as if stuck in a whirlwind?


Oohhh the cards have some worrying messages in store. But if there is conflict in the future, then may it be something that helps push us all towards where we want to be. Even if it’s a tough step forward, it can still be a step in the right direction!

And it’s certainly not all doom and gloom- I see some happy moments (especially The Star- if ever there was a hope, it’s that! :star2:) and plenty of things that may turn out neutral.

I really enjoy reading these, @MeganB, thank you so much for taking the time to share your reading and interpretations! I’ll look forward to each month’s in-depth dive as we enter the new year :blush::heart:


This is a really good question! I like to look at these readings as a small blip in time. That’s why I also do the monthly check-ins to give a better look at the months as they come up. I would suggest taking this reading and doing one of your own for the month. Then you can tailor the questions to your specific needs – marriage, travel, moving, etc. :blush:

Amen to that! :raised_hands: I’m not looking forward to the big issues in this reading but I’m definitely looking toward The Star :star:


Kinda sounds like we still have a lot of work to do to get where we want/need to be.

I think your 2022 matched a lot with our nations politics this year and the overall feeling of the nation. I can see where it fits in personally for me too :wink: Great job @MeganB I enjoy your readings too :yellow_heart: Thank you.
Hopefully we get some forks :fork_and_knife: in the road for some of those months :pray: that will lead us to greater/calmer things.
Oh yeah, Thank you for the download too, its awesome :+1:



@MeganB omg how this rings true for my situations this yr, and the upcoming months into 2023. Its gonna be a struggle but we WILL get there.


@Sarafeena_Sage – It really looks like a lot more work :sweat_smile: hopefully one day in the future we get a year that isn’t so crazy hectic! I’m glad you like the download! I hope it’s helpful for you :blush:

@Mistress_Of_Herbs – Yes, we WILL get there! I’m claiming that for sure!


Wow, seems like we’ll be going deeper and darker yet, wonder if we’ll be hitting bottom yet… our conflict-ridden material reality on one side and our own shadow on the other coming closer, our egos are really going to have less and less room to breathe. I’m just going to trust that it’s exactly what we need right now. If we would’ve wanted it easy we would not have incarnated in the first place! :sweat_smile:

I’m glad I’ve already had a good start with my Existential Kink practice, as Malkuth / Samsara is not going to be pulling any punches to make us feel small and thoroughly dominated! Whatever comes, staying present in our body, no dissociation, no judgement. Complete honesty and responsibility of our subjective reality. Feeling into that deep unconscious part of us loving what it’s experiencing, no matter how shameful or out of character. We’ll not only get through this, but enjoy the ride, as there’s really no other like this. That’s our resolution for 2023, no more, no less. :smirk_cat: :black_heart:


Oh geez, I really, really hope not :laughing: I prefer my landings to be cushy and soft, not rock hard bottom!

I love this! Your practice of existential kink is super interesting to me and something I’m gonna look into further. I’m like you – I’ve gotta trust that this is the direction that we need to be going in right now in order to create a much better future for ourselves :pray: :sparkles:


Me too! Sometimes life likes to play rough though :sweat_smile:

I’m happy to hear it resonated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s given me a whole new powerful and fun tool to shape how I experience my reality, to do the Great Work, making the unconscious conscious. Becoming less reactive and more relaxed and loving, and gaining more focused will for magickal workings as well.

You can read the first few chapters from the book here! I got the link from the author’s email list, which sometimes has free course offerings too.

She also has a podcast:
Content warning: they talk about sex, a lot, some of it is quite graphic but it’s always relevant to the matter, sometimes painfully so :sweat_smile:

I feel you :pray: :sparkles:


@MeganB yessssss, me too


Thank you for the reading! I do enjoy your interpretations. And now I have your booklet to help with my own readings too - thanks!

This! This! So much of this! Reminders for myself to just be still and breathe. It’s when I give myself a chance to pause and just reflect without adding to the chaos, that I can find beauty and spots of peace and almost “happiness”. It’s there, but I tend to make the hard and heavy days seem much larger than they are. I’ll keep that in mind


One thing that my therapist has me doing at the beginning of every day is finding three things to be grateful for and writing them down. She says this helps to elevate our mood first thing in the morning so that when the chaos does eventually happen, we’re already in an elevated mood and will be better equipped to handle things!

I also like to set an intention at the beginning of the day, usually just a few words. Yesterday’s was “Get some rest,” and a few days ago it was “Just breathe!”

These all go in my planner so I see them all day long and it’s a good reminder for me!


@MeganB I use a Panda Planner from Rocketbook and I love it because listing 3 things to be greatful for and making an affirmation statement is at the top of the page - it’s the first thing I do before I start making my to-do list and flushing out my schedule for the day. :purple_heart: I got it on Amazon, and I like the sustainable/reusable aspect of Rocketbook.


That’s really awesome!

I’ve used a Rocketbook notebook in the past and I just couldn’t do the texture of the paper. It wasn’t working for me at all lol but I also love the sustainable aspect of Rocketbook!


O dear… Another roller coaster ride :face_with_peeking_eye:


Thanks for posting this. I used this spread to do a yearly read for myself, as I want to see where my upcoming year will go. As you all know (if you read my posts that is, lol), I had a pretty rough end to 2022 and feel the only way is up.

well the cards were mixed for me. I have the results if anyone wants to see them and see if I’m on the right track with my interpretations.

thank you for posting this, it is greatly appreaciated