Peering into 2023 :tarot_card: Collective Tarot Reading

I did a reading with one of my dragon oracle decks for the dragons’ advice if 2023 will be full of conflict.

And I drew Culmination - Completion and Renewal, Bliss - Cherishing the Day, Trust - Love and Friendship, and The Self - Gathering Your Power.

Culmination invites us to congratulate ourselves on a job well done for all that we’ve accomplished (which goes hand-in-hand for 2022 as we could expect our goals having manifested that year).

Bliss reminds us that each day, from sunrise to sunset is a gift. Even when things are tough, take a moment to remind yourself that you have lived to see another day from time and time and celebrate that with something (or someone) that you love.

Trust asks us to take care of the relationships that we already have (and let go of the ones that do nothing for us and cultivate new ones) for love and friendship can make life better (and make difficult times easier).

And finally, The Self reminds us to take care of ourselves, for that has a great effect our energy. Remember to practice self-care, and grow in self-knowledge and self-esteem. Learn who you are— what are your values and morals, what are your limits, and what goals do you want to manifest? Is there anything about yourself that you need to change or improve on (shadow work can reveal that).


@yolande1 – It looks like it! At least we have the information now to prepare :laughing:

@Dierna_Nimue_Selene – You can absolutely post your reading and interpretationg for others to see and help you with! :heart: I think the best place for that would be in #questions if you’d like!

@Kasandra – That’s such a helpful perspective – thank you for doing an extra reading and sharing your interpretation!

You know, for my personal yearly reading, my goals, obstacles, and theme all have to do with self-care and burnout recovery. It looks like I’m not the only one dealing with this. It’s a great reminder to enjoy ourselves and not get swept away in the chaos of life. We need that self-care!


Oh wow! Im only just now getting to read this, and it is so on point with what has been going on in my life this year. Looks like we’re in for a rough one!


Hey @mandi1 :wave: I’m glad it’s making sense for you but yeah, looks like a rough year! I also do monthly updates, too. Here’s the one for March!

March 2023 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In

I hope the year isn’t too bad for you and that your own readings (if you do them) give you some more clarity.


@MeganB Ok, just seen this. Funny I don’t see this as a negative reading, challenging for sure but not negative. I’ve been through such a change of whole life circumstances, faith, family, home, finances over the past couple of years, this reading to me feels like a fine tuning of all the hard times, and a reminder not to get stuck in a rut. To flow with the ups and downs of life, and for me to get my head out of the clouds (I tend to see through Rosey spectacles then get disllusioned when it isn’t like that). It’s a very wise reading. Forewarned is forearmed. Thankyou for this. Be interesting to see how or if it changes throughout the year. Blessings :sparkling_heart:


Challenging seems to be the right word for it :sweat_smile: I really like your interpretation – over the course of my monthly check-ins, it does feel like we’re fine-tuning some of the things we’ve been through.

I hope you’ll follow along with the check-ins I’ve done so far! :heart: I do them right before the beginning of each month and the June 2023 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In has just been posted!


Thankyou, yes I’ll take a look. Thankyou for doing these readings lovely. :heart:


You’re very welcome! :revolving_hearts: I look forward to doing these readings every year and month!