Kananga Water Anyone?

I was doing some random researching and stumbled across Kananga Water. The description/details of it piqued my interest. Has anyone used Kananga Water before? And where do you purchase it from?

Ive used Florida Water for many years and love it! It smells so good and feels great to wear as a perfume during the summer. It helps keep my neck cool.


Awesome question, @marissa! :grinning: I’ve split it into a new topic so it can get the attention it deserves :+1:

I’m familiar with Florida Water, but I’ve personally never used Kananga Water- thoughts, everyone? :thinking:


Thank you so much! :grin: I added some photos to help with identification too

Same here! I have and used Florida water for years. I love it! Now im intrigued and interested in trying this one


It’s a type of cologne a lot like Florida water, than can be used for ritual bath and cleansing. It’s mostly used in Afro-Caribbean traditions.


  • Invoking blessings
  • Guidance from ancestors
  • Spiritual protection
  • Smuding, purifying, cleansing

Original Botanica sells it.

But you could try making your own too! Here’s a recipe from the Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook:

Kananga Water Recipe


Wow! Thanks for the breakdown, Francisco- ohhhh I feel like I can smell it just by looking at the ingredients :relieved::two_hearts: I actually use a very similar blend as a perfume now- with ylang ylang, neroli, and bergamont. They make a heavenly blend!

It’s good to know Kananga Water is out there- I may just try using it as a base for a perfume someday (or at least for some very luxurious ritual baths!) :sparkles:


Ah sweet! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!! Let us know if you get some and use it!


Hello all
I’ve been away for a while, missed you guys dearly.
So KANANGA WATER is up for discussion eh😍. This cologne/ splash is aTheee truth if you work with ancestral magic. If you’ve an ancestor altar, Pour the WHOLE bottle in a bowl and watch how magical your alter gets.
I use this ALL THE TIME.
Florida water is amazing as well.
At the base of your neck towards the bottom of your skull, it’s said that this is where your ancestors reside with you. There are many times where we can get unwanted entities within our energy field and that’s where they will go and hide. So if you have ever experienced around your neck and your shoulders tension & pain and it’s not related to any health issues splash some Florida water right there around your neck put it on the palms of your hands and wave both of your hands by your ears.
Kananga water is a good offering to place on your ancestral alter.
It’s good to be back. Have a great day everyone


That’s very useful to know! Thanks for the advice, and it’s great having you back!

When you pour the whole bottle at once, how long do you let it sit on the altar?


Thanks for all the helpful advice and great recommendations about Kananga Water, @SageDove- it really seems so useful :heart_eyes:

Missed you too- welcome back! :raised_hands: :two_hearts:


Until it evaporates :heart_eyes:


I LOVE THIS STUFF. I been wearing it everyday this week. It just makes me smile. Its like all my favorite fragrances in one. Warm, Citrus, Sweet, Spicy, Fresh.
SO THRILLED to see a recipe for it.
Thank you Francisco… you are a wealth of knowledge!

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