Kyphi-Ancient Egyptian Incense-Easy to Make

This incense recipe if just one of the recipes found written on the walls in the Temples.
Follow carefully… to buy it is very expensive but you can make it easily.

You will need 2 containers that have seals on them…canning jars work.

To one of the canning jars add the following: 50 Raisins, 1 C diced small dates, 1 T Honey, 3-4 drops of Lotus oil or Ylang Ylang, Cover with dark wine…just barely…you just want to cover it( you may use pure grape juice if you want) Seal and set aside, This mixture must be stirred 2x a day.

Tablespoon or teaspoon measurements are finished ground product for each.

Day ! - grind 3 Tbls of Frankincense…it must be in powder form. Add to other jar and seal.
Day 2 - Sandalwood 1 Tbls ground fine in powder form. Add on top of Frankincense in jar and seal.
Day 3 - American Sweet Gum 1 1/2 Tbls ground fine. Add on top of Sandalwood in jar and seal it.
Day 4 - Myrrh 2 Tbls ground fine. Add on top of Sweet gum in jar and seal it.
Day 5 - Cedar 1 1/2 Tbls ground fine. Add on top of Myrrh in jar and seal it.
Day 6 - Galangal 1 1/2 Tbls ground fine. Add on top of Cedar in jar and seal it.
Day 6 - Juniper berries 1 T (If dried grind fine and add on top of Galangal - if fresh put into first jar with wet ingredients.)
Day 7 - 1 Tbls Copal or Pinion Pine Resin ground fine and add on top of Juniper or Galagal in jar and seal it.
Day 8 - Cinnamon 1 1/2 Tsp use the stick kind and ground fine add on top of the copal or resin and seal jar.
Day 9 - Dragons blood 1 1/2 Tbls ground fine, add on top of cinnamon seal jar.
Day 10 - Orris Root 1 1/2 Tsp ground fine, add on top of Dragons blood in jar, seal it. .
Day 11-Gum Arabic 2 Tbls ground find, add on top of Orris root in jar, seal it.
Set all Dry ingredients aside.

**Each day say a little prayer, mantra, to consecrate each item as you put it in the jar. This is done as a long ritual.

Day 12-Use potato masher or any other item that will mash what is left in wet jar. Mash thoroughly,
Put dry ingredients in a large glass bowl, mix thoroughly, now add wet ingredients a little at a time-(you may want to use gloves as this stuff gets sticky)
Once mixed to a consistency of pie dough so all will hold together, Roll long skinny ropes out on a wax paper sheet…cut the rope into small little pea sized parts roll in a ball, set on a cookie sheet with wax paper. When all is cut and rolled, set the cookie sheet up and turn the peas daily. When all is mixed and you have all on your cookie sheet, consecrate them as you would any other item…To dry them correctly takes about 2 weeks.
When all are dried, light a charcoal and let it get ashy, then add peas for aroma…

I found using my pestle and mortar, good on some things but, to get them very fine, I put them in a coffee grinder, so much faster and so much finer. I have a coffee grinder bought and consecrated especially for my workings… I am a modern old witch with not a lot of power left in my hands. I usually say some kind of chant while grinding even with the coffee grinder and chant when adding to jars. use your own special chant.


This is really interesting, @roxanne! :astonished: It takes a long time, but I imagine the result is amazing after putting so much love and energy into the incense! :blush: Thanks for sharing this recipe! :two_hearts: