Larvikite or Black Labradorite

Larvikite or Black Labradorite

I had to find out what this beautiful stone was! The flashes of blues & silvers were stunning! :star_struck: I had recently noticed that I have quite a few :heart: heart-shaped crystals, so I kind of went looking for some. Then I got an email for a Mother’s Day coupon code to 1 of my favorite crystal shops. I happened to be looking for some more labradorite & bloodstone… I came across a gorgeous piece of Larvikite. I had never heard of it before & a quick search also brought up Black Labradorite as possibly being the “same” stone. After 3 new crystal hearts were added to my cart, I went to find out more about this striking stone.

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Affirmation: I am expanding into my highest potential. I am centered and grounded. My life is filled with magic and wonder.

  • ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone. It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature. Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It allows us to see the past, providing clarity to visions of past-life recall. Larvikite can neutralize and cancel spells that are no longer wanted. It repels negative energy. Larvikite increases our security in the strength of our own intellect and stimulates creativity and the exchange of wisdom. Larvikite helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self. Larvikite teaches patience and can support when completion and closure to a goal are required. It also helps us to understand and resolve complicated facts and to make decisions that are rational and sober and not based on our emotions.

Larvikite assists the brain to take in new information more easily. It creates new pathways for knowledge to travel and can open new doors for us. Larvikite can help to make us more adaptable to situations.

Larvikite can help with learning disabilities. It can be used to treat skin disorders and enhances vitality and youthfulness. Larvikite aids in the recovery of strokes and helps brain function. It cleanses and purifies body tissue, harmonizes the metabolism, and helps with muscular detoxification. Larvikite calms the nerves and will cool and reduce blood pressure.

Larvikite is sometimes referred to as Black Labradorite or Black Moonstone. Although Larvikite is related to a Feldspar, it is neither Labradorite nor Moonstone. “ Larvikite is a relatively coarse-grained anorthoclase-rich igneous rock. Anorthoclase constitutes 90 or more percent of this rock. The presence of the alternating alkali feldspar and plagioclase layers gives a characteristic silver-blue sheen (Schiller effect) on polished surfaces. ” ( Source: Larvikite gemstone information )

Larvikite Heart - New Moon Beginnings

For more information: Larvikite - Crystal Guidance & Larvikite Bracelet (About & How to Use) - Energy Muse & Cape Cod Crystals


Beautiful! Just beautiful! :clap::clap: :hugs::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart:


Thank you! I’m still hunting down information since I am going to own a Heart of this stone, so as I figure out some more, I will add it to the post :smiling_face:


You’re welcome! I can help find out some info if you’d like.


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Very interesting, and good to know! I don’t know many crystals but I do love Labradorite. I’m sure if I came across a Larvikite, my first thought would be that it is Labradorite :joy: The pretty shiny highlights really do look so similar! :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom about this stone, @Siofra_Strega- it’s fun to learn about! :blush::gem: