Let’s talk Tarot! What’s your favorite deck? Why? Recommendations on other tarot decks? 🥀

I am a lover of divination through tarot cards. I’m curious to know what everyone’s favorite deck is. How long have you had it? Was there an energy or characteristic that drew you to that deck? Was it gifted to you? I’m generally curious :wilted_flower::star:

To answer first :black_heart: my favorite deck is the Tarot for the Divine deck. The intricacy of the design, colors, and imagery of this deck drew me in. It is my absolute favorite tarot deck at this time.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s input :black_heart: on this. Tarot divination feels very connecting to me and I’ve found myself drawn more towards certain decks & I would love to add some new ones to my collection.

Blessed Be :magic_wand::crystal_ball::nazar_amulet::crescent_moon:


That deck is beautiful. I love the art. :sparkles:

My favourite deck is the Marigold tarot deck. I love the colours, themes, and design. It’s so elegant.

I’ve been open to picking up another deck, but there are a couple that I’m still deciding between. :black_heart:


:face_holding_back_tears::heart_eyes: That is a BEAUTIFUL deck! I love the contrasting colors and how they bring out the details so well.

Thank you for sharing! There’s a shop close to me that holds very beautiful decks of tarot cards, and I may look for this one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love black and gold :grin:


Beautiful deck! :sparkles:

Such a great aesthetic- that shiny gold and black is mesmerizing! :black_heart: :yellow_heart: :star_struck:

I’ve worked with a few decks over the years- some are like old friends I go back to from time-to-time, others were clearly impulse aesthetic buys (that I can’t get rid of because they’re too pretty, but I also don’t read with them- looking at you, Ostara Deck :laughing:) and some work well but kick my butt so I don’t particularly enjoy reading with them, if that makes sense (the worst offender being Anima Mundi. Brutal deck)

My current favorite is the Soul Cats Deck.

I actually bought this as a gift for someone else- who opened it, looked at once, and then decided it wasn’t the right deck for them. So I guess I “adopted” it back.

It’s a very gentle and kind deck- no hard punches here! Every card (called “guidance” and “protection” instead of “upright” and “reversed”) is given a soothing and helpful message to help you on your journey.

It’s a deck with “self care” written all over it and I love it :cat: :heart:


omg that is absolutely gorgeous!!


I have seen so many decks and I wanted them ALL lol. I knew I wanted something colorful and kinda playful fun that has an interest to me, like a fan deck or something. I absolutely fell in love with the animated tarot, but it’s out of my budget. So, I crafted my own after I saw someone else make a “trash tarot” repurposing things they found around. I feel so connected to it, and it seems to have my sarcastic personality too!!!


This is my favorite so far I’m also looking for another deck


Beautiful decks! Wow.

I collect unicorns, so I have two tarot decks of unicorns. The first is the Crystal Unicorn

The second is based on the movie The Last Unicorn

Are oracle cards included? I bought the Practical Witch’s Spell Deck and found it informative. They are hard to see in a pic because they are so dark, but I tried to show one from each type: Altar, Everyday, House, Love, Moon, Money, and Healing.

In the past, I enjoyed the Native American based Sacred Path Cards by Sams as an inspiration to research more. I had to leave them behind during a move, so I can’t offer a picture, but I did quote them in my books.


Ohh so many pretty decks here! I have a feeling this post will get me in trouble – yup, adding decks to my wishlist right now :joy:

As far as my decks, I don’t know if I have a favorite… :thinking: actually, I think that’s a lie. Right now, I find myself reaching more and more for Mother Tarot by Wren Brignac.

The artist had reached out to me on Instagram to send me the deck (and one other) for review - I haven’t been able to put it down since!


I use my dragon tarot deck most of the time, for obvious reasons. But lately, I cleansed my cat tarot deck and have been using it more. I’ve been telling myself I’ll buy a Rider Waite deck, and I think I finally will for Valentine’s Day or Ostara.


I was trying to answer this while half-asleep, so I forgot to include one thing that’s very important for me: if there’s a book, I want it to come with a nice book. No little black and white paperback thing where I bend the cover every time I open it.

And this one really delivers. :heart_eyes:

The official box set on the site that comes with this book and a blank lined notebook is here:

My partner saw how beautiful the cards are and suggested I get a second copy just in case. But it’s a bit expensive ($93 for the deck by itself), so they settle for reminding me to keep the cards safe and away from the cats all the time. :smile:

:silver_heart: :black_heart:


Oh yes! I could not agree more! The book should be as beautiful as the cards themselves.

I really really love that deck…it may be the next one that joins my collection :black_heart::star: thank you for sharing such a beauty.

All the tarot decks here are beautiful, and the energy that surrounds each one is so genuine. You all have great choices in your decks!


My favourite decks, all of which I purchased for myself - The Wild Unknown Tarot (I also have the Wild Unknown Archetypes oracle deck) which pulls no punches; The Guardian of the Night Tarot, which is simply beautiful; and the Good Tarot, which is a very gentle and kind deck.


This is so beautiful. As a witch and as a mother, this deck really hit me in the jellies :heart_eyes::face_holding_back_tears:

She’s gorgeous! There are so many that I want now!!!


:heart_eyes: I love them! Thank you for sharing! I have so many different ones that I’m looking :joy: I can’t decide and I’m pretty sure my husband will be mad if I get them ALL :joy::weary::grimacing:


I feel… drawn to a deck. :astonished: I don’t think I’ve felt this tug since I saw the Marigold deck. I like a lot of others, but when I step back and think about it for a bit, I hesitate and tell myself, “I’ll think about it some more…”

I don’t like super colourful or bright cards, so I’m really enjoying what I see of the colour palettes in this one. And there’s something about this card… :star_struck:

Is there an official site for this? I think I keep finding resellers and I’d rather buy direct if I can.

The other decks I was considering were this tarot and oracle deck by the same artist:



The main problem is that the shipping cost is a lot… But they offer the coloured books for free as a PDF, which is really nice, or a cheap physical book off Amazon. Because of the free PDF, if I wanted to make sure the books were printed as a hardcover, I could probably do it myself, so that’s alright. The design of the books isnt’ amazing – it’s literally just the card on one page and basic text on the next, so it’s a little underwhelming, but it could be worse.

Wait a moment… Why don’t I just make guidebooks for the decks myself? :thinking: I probably couldn’t sell them or even give them away (legally) because of copyright issues, though… That kills my motivation a bit – not being able to benefit others too is kinda poop.

:astonished: Yes! Aww, what a lovely design they have for the book. I especially love the cover, but there’s a lot of care taken on the inside, too!

I know I just said I don’t like super colourful decks, but each of these cards contains just two main colours at most, and the rest comes in small amounts, so I do like that. :sparkles:

Oh! And it has a beautiful hardcover on offer!

I love that. :heart_eyes:

Now I’m tempted to ask what other decks you have to add more ideas to my impossible wishlist! :laughing:

Would it be too much trouble if I did? :innocent:

:silver_heart: :black_heart:


I have two favorite decks. The first is the Dragon Tarot, illustrated by Peter Pracownik. I have had this deck since 1997, and it has been my primary deck for over half of my life.

The second, the Rune Oracle deck by Nigel Jackson and Silver RavenWolf, isn’t a traditional tarot deck, instead, it is a deck of runes. Cards have always resonated more deeply with me than physical runes. I think I have had this deck since 1997 also.

Since both of these decks are older and very precious to me, I tend to use them only when reading calls for them. Sometimes that means a sabbat, sometimes I just feel that I need one of these decks. I honestly talk to both decks, not only to thank them when I read but to apologize when their energy lets me know they have been neglected. The Dragon deck specifically can be temperamental about my lapses in practice and jealous of me using other decks consistently.

That said, I do read with other decks and am always looking for one that resonates deeply with me to work into the rotation and prolong the life of these two gems.


I also have the Moon Witch oracle deck :black_heart: I got it on Temu…and it is beautiful and small enough for traveling :black_heart:

They actually have so many different decks! And they are really affordable and pocket sized :grin:


(edit: sorry I’m lazy and sitting on the couch otherwise I’d take photos of my actual decks :wink:)

Well, I have favorites deckS, plural. It depends on what type of reading, what time of day, what season of the year…

Mythos Tarot

Golden Art Nouveau

Dark Wood Tarot

These are my current favorite tarot decks… now if you’re asking about oracle decks… :sweat_smile:


Ooh all of these lovely decks. :sparkling_heart:
I’m not sure still if this is my favourite, but this deck considers me to be its favourite :rofl:

It’s a demon deck, and we work very well together.