Link on Persephone Found this link on working with Persephone and was wondering has anyone worked with Persephone and how should I approach working with her.


Persephone is a Goddess of transformation and change, so it’s possible that she came to you during a period of transition or decision-making.

I would encourage you to read about her mythology and immersing yourself in her story. A very elemental startin point would be Spells8 article on Persephone and her signs and symbols, and also how she connects to the High Priestess archetype:


By understanding her story, you’re also exploring parts of yourself, seeing your own growth and transitions reflected in her journey from innocence to Queen of the Underworld.

My personal experience is that She is a figure that helps me the most with understanding the changing nature of life. Today I am here but tomorrow I could be in an entirely different place. To me, physically or spiritually, it’s good to let go and embrace change. So her tale isn’t just about the change of seasons; it’s about personal transformation and finding strength in new beginnings.

The website is another excellent resource for delving deeper into Persephone’s mythology.


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Thank you for the information @Francisco

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Some people may be against this. But I looked everywhere possible for all the info available on the gods I want to work with. I find loads on YouTube. Just type in working with Persephone. Obviously take what u need from the videos throw the rest out.


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Persephone’s story has always fascinated me and I have always felt a draw to Her. However, I have never officially or formally worked with Her or introduced myself to her. @Francisco already kindly shared the link to the Spells8 course on Persephone. We also have many different topics here in the forum, too.

Then, as @Devenne mentioned, YouTube is a great place to learn about how others practice and work with a deity. Here are a few videos that you might find interesting! Just as a note, I haven’t watched all of these videos so I can’t speak to their accuracy :blush:


Hello! I work with Persephone and Megan has already shared many great topics.

I thought I’d chip in with my experience with Persephone. Working with her has been a profound journey of understanding life’s dualities—growth and decay, light and dark, surface and depth. Her energy brought a sense of renewal and resilience, especially during tough transitions. There’s this unique balance she offers, a blend of delicate spring beauty and the formidable queen of the underworld vibe.

I started working with Hades first and found Persephone was not too far behind. These two are a package deal, a reminder of the inseparable nature of life’s contrasting forces. So, be ready for some deep, transformative work when you invite her into your spiritual practice. If you want more information on working with them as a pair, I’d be happy to share.


Thank you so much! If I get stuck I’ll definitely message you! 🩷


Thank you so much! 🩷


I echo @Nixi 's sentiments and also am glad you asked @brandy20 !
The Greek pantheon has always been a love of mine. I find I’m drawn to learn more about different deities depending on the time of year, or the circumstances of my life.

Winter always has me drawing more on dark energy and shadow work.
Thanks so much for the information @Francisco, @MeganB and @Amaris_Bane :black_heart: I’ve bookmarked the posts and added information to my Bos and we’ll see where it goes from there :thinking: