Looking for an anti Depression spell

Hello everyone

I really want to help my partner who is slipoing into depression after being in a good place the last few years. Things were extemely difficult beforehand and i dont want either of us to go back there. Therefore im looking to step in before things get worse again.

Can anyone recommend a spell rid the bad vibes, depression and enhance mood? Ive already put together an essential oil blend for my difusser but wondering if there is anything else.

Blessed be


I made an anxiety jar with
Clear & Rose Quartz
Tigers eye
And sealed with a white candle
And while I was adding the ingredients I said the following
“ nervous anxiety your dead may the items in this jar soothe my head. Bring me your calming peace, Anxiety thoughts you will now cease.”


This came from @SilverBear I’m sure if you go look on her YouTube there’s some more that might help you.


Hello @Cosmic_Curiosity,

I’m sorry to hear your partner is having a rough time with their depression. I think they are very blessed to have such a loving and caring partner such as yourself at their side to help them through it :pray::heart:

The essential oil blend you posted (just adding in a link for easy reference, it really is a lovely mix!) is a great start, and I agree with Brandy that a spell jar is another great option!

I think anything you make that they can carry with them throughout the day to remind them of your love and care would be a great option. In addition to a spell jar, you might consider enchanting a piece of jewelry- either something you or they already have, or a newly crafted piece.

Here is a guide on how to enchant a piece of jewelry- you can enchant it with whatever intention you choose, such as happy thoughts, anti-depression, self-love, positivity, general good energy, etc :sparkles:

Another option is a worry stone. Sometimes when negative thoughts feel overwhelming (I have anxiety and get the anxiety thought overload at times), having a worry stone is helpful. This is just a smooth stone or crystal you can handle that helps release negativity and work through tough mental states.

A worry stone can be anything at all- I have some beach rocks I use sometimes. If you have them around, some stones are particularly good for helping to ease negative thoughts and replace them with motivation, good energy, and positivity. Here are a few:

Wishing you and your partner all the best- while I’d say I hope you can find the perfect thing to help them through this tough time, I already know they have the perfect thing already by their side- you!

Hope they are feeling better soon. Many blessings! :pray::candle:


That sounds like a great idea. I will have to source the crystals though as i dont really have any. Thats for the suggestion. It is much appreciated.

Thank you so much. These are such kind word and they brought warmth to my heart.

I will certainly also look into creating something they can carry. I might get the runebook back oit and carve a bindrune for them to wear or carry in their pocket. Thank you for your suggestions and links. It is very mich appreciated

Blessed be



That sounds like a lovely gift- they’ll have the magickal blessing of the bindrune and also a heartfelt token from someone who cares about them :handshake: :heart:

It is my pleasure, Alan- I’m really happy if I could help!

Many blessings to you and your partner :pray::candle:


There are definitely some good suggestions above and I agree that you are a very caring partner. What I would do is perhaps focus on more specific aspects that you can help with.
Are there recent changes that may be causing the depression - health issues, insomnia, job stress, family issues, etc. - if so, then I would look to a spell to help tackle that issue.
Is the depression manifesting in a specific way - trouble falling asleep, trouble waking up/general fatigue, lack of appetite, trouble communicating, etc. - then I would look for a spell to assist in that area.
Lastly, it is always helpful to have healthy coping strategies - yoga, walking, working out, journaling, deep breathing, positive affirmations, calming baths. These are things you can potentially work your craft into as well, such as making a calming tea or bath mix or using specific incense to improve mood and banishing negativity from the space and then helping your partner find an uplifting meditation.
I hope that you are able to find something that works well for your partner.


I think it’s very kind and brave of you to help your partner through their depression :heart: As someone with severe depression, I can tell you that the support you provide to your partner will mean everything to them, even if they can’t show it right now.

I don’t have to much to add that hasn’t already been said yet. I think spell jars, oil blends, and healthy coping strategies are all great places to start. If your partner has the option, therapy and mental health treatment are great places to start, too :heart:


This might sound like a weird idea as it’s not so much a spell but a ritual, but it’s done in Hinduism too and it works.

Basically you get your thoughts out of your head and burn them. That way they don’t sit and stew in there.

I go through depression often and this does help. Sometimes you have to burn the same thoughts / experiences more than once when they come up again and again.

When something comes up, sit with the feeling like you would sit with a friend (just observe it happening), and then when it passes or calms down a bit write it out on paper. Then crumple it up and burn it. Nothing fancy, you don’t want to get your brain addicted to doing it. Just toss it into a fire safe thing and burn it, watching it turn to ashes.

This helps get it out of your head, transmuting it and sending it away into the universe.

Anyway… this just came to mind as I do it often. I hope this helps. :heart: :fire:


Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to offer a response and solutions. Its really appreciated and you have given me plenty of possibilities to try out. I started out with a difusser blend.

It was the first ive acutally created myself using the top,middle,base note and the 30,50,20% proportion. I sounds odd and a bit selfish but I actually enjoyed doing this, sitting working out which combinations would work based on their properties and working oit how much to use. I think it gave a purpose to what inwas doing and a bit of satisfaction both in that i managed to do it but that it was going to help someone else.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful suggestions

Blessed be



Oh, I don’t think that sounds selfish at all- you’re doing extremely kind, thoughtful, and caring work in trying to help your partner. There’s nothing to feel guilty about if you enjoy helping, I think that’s actually the sign of a very selfless and honest soul! :dove::heart:

Wishing you all the best- blessed be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t think it’s selfish at all to enjoy doing something to help someone else :heart: I think that you have a good heart and you just want your partner to be happy and healthy - that’s an amazing intention and I’m glad you worked through it and found something to do!


I am a pro at writing letters that never get sent but do get released in a fire or just freewriting. I do it with emails too. I type them out & never send them then delete them.

I do carry worry or palmstones at times too. I have a few from different stones that the energies are aligned with what I’m feeling or needing at that time.

I hope your partner knows how much you care & are trying to help. It’s wonderful of you to try & find ways to help.

You could carve a bindrune on a candle & do a candle meditation or other ritual for them too.


Normally most of us seem to work with feminine energy, but for this spell you will work with masculine energy. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done so before.

  1. Call the light: Ground yourself, then cast a circle. Imagine energy flowing from your wand/athame/finger as you draw the circle. You are creating a liminal space, a space between the worlds.

  2. Light a candle, either white, yellow, or orange. You can light more than one if you wish.

  3. Name the beast: write down what your depression feels like. Maybe it is a cloud, or a color, or having the wind knocked out of you. Write it in a few words.

  4. Dance: put on some music. Any kind will do, country, polka, metal whatever. The point is that it should have a good beat, because you want to dance to it to raise energy. Let your hair whip and you clothes flow in the music.

  5. Call the god: By whatever name you call him, be it Pan, Herne, Ra or just Divine Masculine, call him. Tell him about your depression and ask for help.

  6. Peel and eat an orange while meditating. Imagine your depression evaporating in the light of the sun, as you eat each piece of orange. Feel the stored energy of the sun enter your body as you swallow.

  7. Raise your hands skyward, and release the energy.

  8. Close: thank the god, snuff the candles, close the circle.

  9. Walk for thirty minutes outside in the sunlight. Feel the warmth and light of the sun on your body, imparting energy and melting away your depression. Bury the paper in the ground.

This, or some version, is suitable for daily practice. You could add herbs or crystals with compatible energies.

I hope this helps!


@Cosmic_Curiosity sorry Alan i dont have an anti depression spell. But i do have teas and oils that help.


Would you be willing to share with me? Id appreciate any help.

Blessed be


Thank you so much for this. I will certainly give it a go.
Blessed be


I have had good luck with sandalwood incense! Geranium essential oil has been helpful for some people (diffuse, etc.) I have had quick mood boosts with peppermint (I keep a peppermint lip balm in my mental health emergency kit, I swipe it on my wrists and inhale it, like a rescue inhaler :slight_smile: Another unexpected mood-booster has been electric white fairy lights, esp. for any darker spots in the house. For crystals, I would recommend amazonite (which is also inexpensive), chyrsocalla and peridot. By far, the best remedy IMO is LOTs of sunlight and fresh air.


I like to use the Florida Water diffuser blend recipe or make the oil to wear. I will also make a simmer pot of it too. It always lifts my spirits & makes me feel better. I forgot about that one until I put it in my diffuser today! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Another thing I do is, I have a calming playlist & will listen to it while I focus on my breath, & sometimes just let the feelings or emotions flow for what they are & how they present. I usually do this laying down with my comfort items around me. Also, my pupper because he just knows when I’m having an off day or hard time.


Thank you so much for thatm i totally agree about the pups. Thats my first port of call when i feel down. I ha e never made florida water before. I will certainly look into it a bit more. Love the idea od making the oil and also using in a simmer pot.

Thank you so much

Blessed be