Looking for meteor rituals!

Looking for rituals to do tonight for the peek of persides


Oh, Hi there! I would love an idea for this too! Such an exciting time in the sky tonight.

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Hi @Kaleiidoscope!! Welcome to the Forum! :wave:

What a great question! This is a great opportunity for all of us to watch the meteor shower :comet:

Tonight’s meteors are called Perseids because they originate in the constellation of Perseus. Objects or lights in the sky were traditionally associated with Gods or had a religious meaning.

In Greek mythology, Perseus was a hero, the son of Zeus who slayed Medusa and rescued Andromeda. Rituals to Zeus, Hades, Hephaestus, and Athena would be most powerful because those were the gods involved in the myth.

Meteors can be seen as a gift coming down from the heavens above so anyone who works with angels or deities can call upon them! :pray:

But it’s also a great opportunity for us Earth and Cosmic witches to work with any kind of alien or astral energies since meteors are basically that: Aliens coming to Earth!

Experiment with the effects of wishing on a meteor, build a ritual around the process. You could, for example, charge your moonstones with this energy.

It is a useful time to work with Fire energy :fire: , as the meteors will bring more of that too.

Even if you don’t do any rituals, I suggest you go out and watch the event if you get the chance!


Warm greetings to you, @Kaleiidoscope! :heart_decoration:

Fransico shared some great ideas for how to practice in tune with the meteor shower :+1: Here’s another suggestion for meteor magick shared on the Witch of Lupine Hollow blog: Meteor Shower Magick and Ritual:

Tools and Supplies Needed

Folding chairs or blanket to sit on
Warm beverages
Blankets to keep warm
Diffuser bracelet or necklace
Inspiring essential oil such as Envision, Inspiration or Peppermint

Normally, it’s not a ritual for me if there aren’t candles but it’s important to have total darkness for watching a meteor shower!

Set up your viewing space with the chairs and blankets and get comfy. Place a few drops of your chosen essential oil on the diffuser bracelet or necklace and put it on. You can also apply the diluted oil to your wrists with a roller ball.

I think meteor showers are best enjoyed with someone else so settle in for a cozy, romantic evening! As you look up and watch the shooting stars, though, think about what in your life needs a spark of inspiration or a boost of energy. Are you working on a new project or starting a new relationship? Do you just want a fresh outlook on life? Though these are normally things we think about at the new moon, I feel sitting under the wondrous night sky during a meteor shower is also a perfect time for it.

Breathe deeply and inhale the scent of your chosen oil. As each star crosses the sky, and think of it as a potential path you could take, one that you have to grab a hold of before it’s going forever, burned up like so much stardust.

Before the night is over, make a pact with yourself to grab one of those metaphorical stars, whichever one speaks to you most strongly.

[From Witch of Lupine Hollow Meteor Magick & Ritual]

I hope you are able to see Persides, and best of luck with any spells or rituals you decide to do! :sparkles:

For anyone else interested in spotting Persides, there is a guide on how to catch it in last week’s Merry Meet Monday! :comet:

Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart: