Love in the air?

I have never cast a love spell. But in the last week my boyfriend has stated he loves me for the first time in 5 years and 3 men from my past have all of a sudden popped up and stated they are interested and would like to go out.

Anyone have any idea why these things have all of a sudden happened in the last week?


First rays of spring maybe :blush: Imbolc is almost here. The nature starts to slowly awaken, and everything suddenly flows again. The sun is shining right into our hearts. And other places. :sun_with_face: :sparkling_heart: :seedling:


For some reason it’s been happening to me to
Even strangers flirting with me as married women made sure there number were in my phone before I went my own way I wasn’t even asking for there numbers I just my normal self just talking.

Alot of love attention been on me to


Hi Mystique!

Hmmm… looking back at the last week, it has been a Waxing Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon: - a time of growth, increase, and development. And like Celestia mentioned, after the winter solstice last month the days are getting longer with the return of the sun here in the Northern Hemisphere :sun_with_face:.

As we enter February, there are a lot of upcoming holidays honoring love and romance. St. Dwynwyn’s Day (the Welsh patron saint of love) and the Feriae Sementivae (a Roman festival of seeding and sowing) are both this week, and Valentine’s Day is just three weeks away.

If you’re interested in Astrology, you could also take a look at your personal Natal Chart to see if there are any current astrological influences that may be affecting you- such as the start of Aquarius Season, the upcoming Full Moon in Leo (a sign ruled by Venus), or Venus moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn tomorrow (the 23rd). @Marsha has some excellent Weekly Astrological Reports that could help shine a light on celestial influences during the past week too!

Just a few ideas offered up for consideration- whatever is going on, I hope you can work it out, Mystique!

Much love and many blessings to you :sparkles:


Thank you @BryWisteria !

Sounds like some good ideas to look into!! I’ll definitely be checking into them!


I’m happy if I could help- wishing you all the best with your search, Mystique, good luck and blessed be! :heart: :blush: