Love Spellsss

Question. Real or fake?

Who tried this and did it work or no?


I don’t do any love spells haven’t. I don’t feel the need to personally not yet anyway. And I don’t think I want to further a connection I’m unsure of definitely not with my power and magick behind it. Not saying others can’t use it obviously. I don’t view spells and rituals made by others as real or fake. I just don’t. I think anything can work if u believe in ur work. And don’t second guess ur work. Also I hear don’t keep checking up on it wondering if it’s worked. Because that action places doubt into your work. Just a thought or a few


If we put emotion into it, anything can be a spell, anything can work.

I, also do not do love spells.

@Devenne is right about second guessing once the spell is cast. I get the feeling @john1 was asking if it is worth putting energy into, though.

If you like the spell and feel called to do it, go for it.


I was asking cause a few people I know we’re talking about the witchtok vids spells. How some people do a spell but it’s made up some spells I question cause of that


I would not worry :birthday: about it. Sometimes spells don’t work because it’s not the right time, we have doubt, or there’s something maybe in the way ? Maybe I’m just spit balling here


@Devenne I always love what you have to say. Makes me think also :heart:. I make wishes and they come true that’s a spell if you think about it. Oh yea I love dollar tree store. It’s like the cheapest witchcraft supply shop


dear Devenne
not me either but I’m 49 and still single :grimacing:


Lol :laughing: I envy you. I actually do. To have the strength to stand on your own. I’m working toward it. Ive been told u need to move forward with my independence and it hit me hard.

@john1 thankyou my friend that’s really nice to here. I love dollar tree too. Last time I went I left everything there because there were three lines at checkout all the way to the middle of the store lol :laughing:
I’m like nope not worth it

I find myself being more watchful of my time that damn clock ticks way to fuckin fast


What? Did they expect that only a spell from an ancient grimoire is “real”? Which grimoire? These people are stuck in the idea that there is only one source of power. Consider the source of the opinion. In that case, all spells are made up! That doesn’t make them any less powerful. The power is in YOU, not some words on a page or acts in a video- or even tools on your table! Those are guides, tools to give you ideas of what you can do for yourself. Your hammer didn’t build your house, did it?You are the witch or wizard. Believe in yourself.


But the hammer started to hammer nails in by itself :joy:


Very well said :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t do love spells, minus ones for things like self-care, self-love :heart:

A person can create their own spell at any time for whatever they want & also cast or perform their spells & rituals however is comfortable for themsleves, using items or things of their choosing. Including casting circles.

As @georgia mentioned no spell or ritual has to “be from an ancient grimoire” for it to be correctly done or work. It also doesnt need to be something “passed down” from another witch clise to you.

Ultimately, any spell or ritual You choose to do, comes from You & your intent & energy when casting or performing.

I am always using spells, rituals, or whatever that I may find more as an idea or guideline. 99.9% of the time I change them for what’s comfortable for me or what I need, but along the same idea. I also tend to make sure that my frame of mind is clear & my intentions are clearly stated & focused on while doing any workings.

As for them working, there are quite a few reasons they may seem to not go as you planned or onmy partially work. It could any of the reasons mentioned or it was not the right time or not what is right for you. The spell will manifest differently but with your true intentions in an unexpected way. It could even be that its a full moon cycle that it needs to manifest, not everything is immediate. So performing multiple spells for the same reason can backfire or cause to much crossover or even chaos.

It’s kind of the same as working with a deity but they say no, something else needs to worked on 1st, or something else evolves instead or differently than you expected.

They aren’t always going to work, say yes, or happen the exact way you want because its not their job to just grant your wishes because you asked or want them to at the time. Or it’s not something you need at the time, there are other things that need to processed, or the energy was off so it did work, but not how you wanted but you don’t see how it did turn out looming for another result.

Being in an emotional place when casting or working can also change the energy connected to your working. Or the working could also seemingly backfire once the ripple effect hits of what it was you worked making the result something out of your control or negatively impact other things related but not intended.

Sorry for the ramble :laughing: I tend to do that as the thoughts hit my brain :rofl:


Keep it up i love your thoughts I can never get tired listening to you


What you said…absolutely :100: @Susurrus


@john1 & @Kajsa thank you! :blush:

As I said, like @georgia I don’t do love :heart: spells & @Devenne. I only do them for my self-care & self-love, not toward anyone else.

This does hold true for any spell, but just know that the energy, intent, emotion tied to when you do the spell, may work but not exactly how you envisioned it or at all.

My honest feeling is if the results aren’t immediate for that working a full moon cycle or 30 days is a good amount of time before you attempt it again or something similar. It may have manifested, but not in a way you thought it would or should have. Make a note of when you do the spell, any changes around you or the situation that come up. It may have been answered or manifested but was overlooked while focusing on what you feel will happen or be the end result.

There are always things that may affect the outcome, as well as a ripple effect from that outcome. So watch for those too. :revolving_hearts:

If you feel called to do something, then absolutely go for it if it feels right & falls within your beliefs.


I mean… in theory, all spells are “made up” – what works for one person might not work for another. If it works, it works :woman_shrugging: there’s a lot of misinformation on TikTok (as well as other social media platforms) but I personally don’t like to discredit the spells or information right away just because it was posted on social media and/or is different than what I’m used to seeing.