Loving my sacred space

I have started setting up my altar and I’m in love :heart_eyes_cat:

Have my Labradorite crystal ball displayed and I just love it.

In my witchy room I also have growing herbs with my click & grow which I also adore! This is the coolest thing ever. It came with lettuce, tomato, and basil. I am going to purchase some lemon balm, holy basil, and rosemary in my next order.

Made great headway yesterday on my BOS too so over all it’s can a great weekend. I continue to read, educate myself, and read about how to perform ritual/spells and so on, and I am not pressuring myself to know or do it all in one day. :heart:

I have been especially low energy recently because my current job is very toxic and psychologically abusive. I am taking a day at a time and I think maybe I could do some protection rituals for myself to help improve the situation. Just working on my altar space and being in my special sacred room helps improve my energy.


Your altar looks amazing! How pretty! I really like that crystal too!


I love your altar it looks cozy & the Labradorite sphere is gorgeous :star_struck:. That is a protective stone too. It really does look nice.

I would say maybe if you carry crystals carry ones that offer protection or cast a circle of protection when you’re at work around you or use sigils, amulets, talismans, or pouches of protective items, meanings.

I hope your day gets to be more relaxing for you even if just for a moment. You did a great job. Make sure you are taking care of you also.


Thank you so much! :star_struck: Yes I am in LOVE with crystals of aaaaaaalll kinds! I have started a really great collection of them and plan to continue adding. I recently purchased a book about Crystals as well so I am eager to get started on it. I am trying to do one book at a time but its SO hard haha :laughing: I am especially loving my Labradorite Crystal Ball though - its so gorgeous and I did learn that it is a protective crystal, which I very much do need at this time in my life.


Thank you so much! Yes isn’t it so pretty? It has unique colorings as you turn it and as the light shines on it. I am in LOVE! :heart_eyes:


You may be interested in Labradorite Information :gem:, it has a lot of information about the stone there. I can list some information from my oracle deck too. It may be a repeat of some of the information though. @Christina4 that did the post went to the same school as I am currently. & @Missa may have some information to add also.


Thank you! I will take any and all info. I love learning about these things to add to my practice :heart_eyes_cat:


Everything looks gorgeous @carrie4- congrats to you on your lovely altar! :tada::blush: That labradorite globe is stunning, I love the swirls of colors inside :rainbow: And your plants look very happy! May they all thrive this season :blush::green_heart:

Blessed be!