Lughnasadh Celebration | Weekly Challenge Entry

Merry Meet! First of, Happy Lughnasadh/Lammas everyone! I hope you had a great day yesterday.

For my kitchen magic, I decided to incorporate some magic into my Lughnasadh celebration food. I asked for permission from all those attending first, especially since they are not pagan. I explained to them that I would be cooking with specific intentions in mind such as love and friendship. They were “why wouldn’t we want that?” Lol!!

Our meal consisted of fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries), blackberry marinaded pork loin, steamed organic green beans, and grilled squash (summer and zucchini).

My friends wanted to bring dishes that would be seen in the celebration as well. They did this completely without my knowledge and it meant so much to me! One made spinach dip with triscuits, another a corn-based side that was amazing, and the other a strawberry-based dessert. I love my friends!

Back to the meal prep! As I made the marinade for the pork loin, I added each ingredient to the bag and stated my intentions. I thanked the pig for giving their life so that we may have food and wished them we’ll on their next journey. This then went into the fridge overnight.

Sunday, my husband smoked the pork loin. He humored me by keeping the same intentions in mind as he tended the pit. For the vegetables, I worked in a similar manner. As I cleaned and chopped and add spices, I would state my intentions.

I made the amazing bread machine seed bread recipe that Amethyst shared. Right as it was about to bake, I carved a heart into the top as a symbol of the love I share with my husband and my friends.

Overall, I absolutely loved this challenge and exploring kitchen magick. I’m definitely going to keep exploring it!.

Bonus pictures of our Lughnasadh celebration.

This post is my entry for the Weekly Witchy Challenge - Wickedly Delicious


Wow, sounds as if you had a lovely celebration! It looks yummy! You’re doing a great job with the kitchen witch stuff!


Looks like a day full of sunshine, bread, and good food!! Perfect Lughnasadh display @jessica55 !

Blessed be :ear_of_rice: Here’s to more abundance to come! :beers:


Thank you @Amethyst and @Francisco! This was my first celebration out of the broom closet and it was so great to celebrate with friends. It also meant so much that even through they don’t follow the same beliefs, they tried to make sure they honored my beliefs and incorporated foods that would be appropriate.

Blessed Be to both of you as well.


A delightful celebration and blessed feast- your friends and family are so lucky to have had you as a host for Lammas, @jessica55! Everything looks so delicious :yum::heart:

This made me smile- you are blessed with some very good company :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for sharing your Kitchen Witchery talents and fun Sabbat celebrations- cheers for many more blessed holidays to come! :heart:


You are definitely a wonderful kitchen witch!! I would love to have friends like yours! " Why wouldn’t we" was the best!! Oh, and the fact that you used a recipe @Amethyst shared is beautiful and even even so with the heart in it!!! Sounds like your entire day was magical and thank you for making us all a part of that!!


Everything looked so tasty, and well set for honoring Lughnasadh. I love how you prepared the food, wish I could have been there to enjoy,hopefully next time. Body and Spirit being nourished, it must have been amazing.


I wish y’all had been able to come too! Maybe we can plan something for Samhain (Mabon is too close to David’s birthday and in the middle of the week).


Your bread turned out perfect!! I like that you carved it out into a heart!
So beautiful!


@jessica55 , amazing spread you had and im sure wonderful company as well. Great way to celebrate!