Lunar Eclipse on Friday

So the full moon on Friday will feature an almost total eclipse. I will draw down the moon as usual, but I will likely also ask Hecate for help with a protection spell. What plans do you have for this?


Wow an eclipse! To be honest i am not even sure yet… Does any one else have any suggestions?


I’m glad you made this thread, @Undomeher! :raised_hands: I think this Friday will pose as a bit of a conundrum to some witches, as:

  • :full_moon: On one hand, the Full Moon is often seen as the best and most powerful time for spellwork

  • :black_circle: But on the other hand, Lunar Eclipses are often believed to be reserved as periods of rest and reflection. Some even say that eclipses can be dangerous for casting!

The situation this week does pose a unique situation to those of us who enjoy moon magick! :sweat_smile:

I personally think I’ll be sticking to Tarot work this weekend. However, depending on how I feel, I may also do some of the Shadow Work as listed on the Lunar Eclipse Magick Page.


I know everyone has varying beliefs around moon magick and the nature of eclipses so I don’t mean to discourage anyone here. I can definitely see how some magic might actually be perfect for this time, such as working with Hekate, who is a deity of darkness and realms beyond the light :old_key:

I’m both curious and looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and plans for Friday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wishing everyone a blessed full moon and eclipse!


I’m honestly not sure what I will be doing then, I have thought about putting a few things out & resting. Then I was thinking of more quiet activities I could do, I did a tiny bit of Shadow Work over the last couple of days, so :thinking: maybe I will continue to work on that a bit over the course of Friday through Sunday. I will be able to journal some too :pen:

Of course, all of this depends on how I feel when it gets to that part of the week too. I may just sleep if I keep down this road :mask: we’ll see though. I’m hoping to be able to participate even if it is minimal.


I believe I will be working on just meditating, planning, and introspection Friday. Using the time to reflect on what I need to work on and what steps we need to take as a family, as well as planning my rituals and spellwork for the next week. :blush:

I suppose it’s a safe question to ask, if we don’t do spellwork during the eclipse, is it safe to do after the eclipse has passed, or is the energy just too volatile in general for any spellwork that night? :thinking:


Oh, the way I feel & by the end of this week a nice meditation would be nice that evening/night too! Great idea! I will go look for a nice meditation to do that evening. (I do much better with Guided Meditations) Thank you! :hugs:


I do better with guided meditation as well! I can’t focus and relax like I need to with solo meditation hahaha


I have a couple for November by itself, but I’m looking for at least one that is directed towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Now that I have thought about it a little bit, I want to do the meditation before I do any type of Shadow Work or journaling that night. So, if I come up with anything, I will share it here! :hugs:


This just seems like a busy and perfect week working with Hekate. Tomorow is Hekate’s Night, and three days later (hmm, three days?) is not only a full moon, but a blood moon and near total eclipse.

Tomorrow is about offerings and honoring, for me. During the moon, I will invoke Hekate for a cleanse and protection. Without going into details, I’m feeling vulnerable and this feels like a good time to flex some protection magic.


To be honest, I didn’t even know there was an eclipse this Full Moon :laughing: I went and looked it up though because sometimes it isn’t visible where I am.

Visibility will be excellent across the Americas, much of Asia and parts of Europe and west Africa, and with the long event time you’ll have maximum opportunity to dodge clouds or crowded schedules to see the event unfold. –

If you go to Time and Date they have a nifty little animation so you can see when and where the eclipse will be visible.


I tend to not do any sort of work during an eclipse. I don’t have any historical basis for the belief that an eclipse is chaotic energy, but that’s just the sort of feeling I get sometimes :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ll probably stick to some divination and deity communication, maybe some meditation and some candles. I haven’t actually decided yet lol I’m a bad witch, I know


You are a bad witch, in the good and powerful sense!

Any thoughts about moon water and crystal charging during the eclipse?


I think it’s going to be up to the practitioner and their beliefs. For me, if I were to make moon water during an eclipse, that water would hold more chaotic energy for me. This would also directly tie into whatever Zodiac sign the moon is in during the eclipse. I think this month, the Full Moon is in Gemini (though I could be 100% wrong about that).

I also don’t believe in charging crystals :laughing: As an animist, crystals already have their own spirit. They do what they want or can without any direction from the moon or any other influential spirit, entity, or being. I would instead just ask the crystal for help :woman_shrugging:t3:


That link was very helpful! Thanks for posting it! You’re right it will be in Gemini. Interestingly, in my natal astrology chart, my moon is also in Gemini. Not that I have any idea what significance that could have, but it is interesting.

Correction: the full moon is in Taurus. It transits in to Gemini twelve hours later. The differences are thin enough to trick the apps.


I found some information about the use of Lunar Eclipse Moon Water should anyone be interested.

Lunar Eclipse Water – When drastic change is needed use this water with your spells. If you, or someone you know, is in a terrible situation and you need a drastic change, when casting your spell for change, add Lunar Eclipse Water to draw on the phenomenal change shown as the moon cycles through all of its stages in a single instance. This water should not be used for simple situations in which a bit of change is needed. For example, if you want to switch from one position to another within a company. This is the water you use if you want to change industries or change countries of operation. If you want to leave your old self behind and construct an all-new you, use Lunar Eclipse Water in your spell.

Remember that the specific properties of the Zodiac will be infused in the water, too. As well as using lunar-based waters, those who prize balance in their practice may opt to use solar-based water, as well.

The rest of the article regarding Moon Water & it’s uses during different phases & aspects of the Moon is here :hugs:

I personally do not use any Eclipse Water during rituals & spells. I do have Storm Water, but it has a very specific use for me & isn’t something that I regularly use for things. I also have Full Moon Water & it was in Aries at the time I made it.


Its a Full Moon in Taurus + Lunar Eclipse this Friday! I’m not sure what kind of energy that will be imparting for my crystals and water though. I’m not good at that branch of practice :’)


New, waxing, full, waning, eclipse, storm. 12 zodiac signs. Solar.

That’s a lot of water to store! To date, I haven’t considered the Zodiac with my moon water, but I suppose I’ve reached a point where I might need to start. Labelling them seems important, too​:grin::grin:


I only keep the Storm & Full Moon(s) when I need it. The zodiac is secondary but does influence some of the way I use it. I do not have any Solar water though :thinking:


I can get really tired on a full moon. And I think the lunar eclipses can amplify emotionality and fatigue in some people. I already feel kind of drained. I heard a YouTuber say that it would be good to do some grounding activities. I think I will make it a self-care kind of Friday – salt bath, herb tea. Comfort food and a snuggly blanket (that is Taurus energy right there, I think). A gratitude ritual. Long walk, maybe, clear some crystals. Hygge kind of night :slight_smile:


An eclipse can be an amazing energetic force and has all the same feels as turning a page in a new chapter. Whether it’s a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, this could be the perfect opportunity to recharge your crystals with whole new energy. Dramatic shifts can happen during this natural phenomena.

This will answer your question about charging crystals under the eclipse


Exactly my thoughts. I have a couple of banishments that I want to get done so I might harness some of that eclipse energy this Friday. I made a short video with ritual ideas: