Magickal Clothing 🧣 Scarves, Shawls, and Robes

I recently made a brat Bride, a magickal and religious garment that is part of my Irish Pagan beliefs. I have been using it lately due to some health issues and it brought up the idea of other ritual and magickal garments. So, let me explain what a brat Bride is. Here’s a photo of mine for your reference - handmade by me.

What is a Brat Bríde?

The brat, often a tie, belt or braces were left out and worn by men whenever they engaged in any dangerous work for protection. The ribbon would be hung on the door so the saint would touch it or left outside. It was particularly useful against pains in the head such as headache, earache or toothache. - Irish Folklore

A brat Bride is now a cloth, much like a scarf, that gets left out on the night of Imbolg. Overnight, when Brighid walks the Earth, She gives her blessings to these pieces of cloth for good health. I have been using mine due to sickness and muscular issues and it brings me peace and ease.

Meditation Shawls

Image is my own

This is also something that I make, and I use my Brat Bríde as a meditation shawl as well. This is because it helps me connect with Her and the peaceful energy of my meditation. A meditation shawl is simply a shawl, scarf, or another garment - it could even be a specific robe, cloak, or shirt - that you wear during meditation. The reasoning behind this is simple. Doing - or using - the same thing over and over again trains the mind. Your mind then associates that object with a specific activity. So, when the mind sees the object, it knows to get ready for whatever the purpose is.

In this case, using a meditation shawl regularly during your meditation lets your mind and spiritual body know that it is time to relax. It is time to open up our spiritual eyes and transcend the physical world to commune with our divinity, the Universe, or any other Higher Being.

Ritual Robes

Much like the purpose of a meditation shawl, the ritual robes are for ritual only. Ritual robes for the solitary witch usually serve the purpose of letting the mind and spiritual body know that it is time for ritual. However, ritual robes or clothing are not always a necessary part of a solitary witch’s practice.

For the witch in a coven, the ritual robes might serve that purpose, but they serve another purpose as well. When everyone within the coven dresses the same, the energy of the group tends to move in a more cohesive manner. Again, ritual robes for the coven may be a requirement or not, depending on the tradition and the requirements of the coven.


This particular piece of clothing is not something that everyone will have and veiling is a personal decision. However, there are those out there in the pagan community - of many faiths and traditions - that feel a calling to veil. Several people that I know who veil do so because their God or Goddess requires it. I also know some people who veil because it makes them feel closer to their religious practice. There is also a theory out there that veiling helps to protect your third eye and crown chakra from outside influence. Whatever the case may be, a headscarf or veil may be a magickal garment you find yourself looking in to.

Image is my own

I don’t have any particular clothing items that I wear during ritual or spellwork because…well, I just don’t. I’d love to know if you have any - and this doesn’t include jewelry! I’ll talk about that, too, but it’s a separate topic in my opinion.

Do you wear specific clothing or items during ritual or spellwork? Or do you wear a specific color throughout the day to be closer to your faith and/or Gods and Goddesses?


Beautiful pieces of clothing, especially the handmade ones!!

This post clearly shows that not everything is black in a witch’s wardrobe. :art: :laughing:


Not for me anymore lmao but I still prefer darker clothes most days! Probably comes from my history of working retail and being required to wear black. It probably also has a lot to do with black warding off negativity so who knows lol

And I’m glad you like the handmade ones! :smiley: They make me happy to make.


your work is beautiful and I am guessing that it is full of wonderful energy. Thank you for sharing :100:


Thank you :heart: I do try to fill each of my shawls with the best energy and, if not, they are always cleansed and cleared!


Gorgeous work. Making our own types of clothing and tools is awesome. No two are alike and your own energy is put into it making it very exclusive and personal.


Thank you :heart:

I love making my own work, especially if it’s something that will be sticking with me energetically like a meditation shawl. Those that I make to sell I always clear of any residual energy, but I do like to cleanse them under the full moon and with peace and happiness in mind.


I used to crochet all the time, now I read books… lol I need to crochet some. I am working on my BOS and enjoying it. So much to do!


Crochet is a form of therapy for me :slight_smile: I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years at this point. My grandmother taught me when I was young.

I also try to read on a regular basis. That gets harder for me, but I’ve joined an online book club that gets together for a few hours every few days to just hangout and block off a section of time to read together. Even though we’re all reading different things!


My grandmother TRIED to teach me…I couldn’t get the hang of it…it was SO frustrating, then we realized, I was left handed and she was not. LOL! I gave up I couldn’t hold it the way she was trying to teach me and I just couldn’t for the life of me reverse it haha.


I crocheted a lot when my kids were young… I was self taught no one would show me. My grandma did tatting, I tried to learn that, but wasn’t around her enough to stick with it.


That will definitely cause issues lol the plus side is that, if you want to try learning again, there are YouTube channels that are dedicated to teaching lefties how to crochet!


When you are left handed and they are not, you sit facing them and follow all their movements with your left hand while they are doing it with their right.


Haha, well I know this now but at the time I was like 7 and she was just frustrated I didn’t know how to do it LOL

Unfortunately my grandmother has passed on, it will be 5 years March 8th :cry:


I love this whole idea in general. This got me thinking. Thanks! :white_heart:


@MeganB why I have never come across this in my travels of the forum… I’ll never know :laughing:

I would love a Brat Bride AND a mediatation shawl… if I can get into my yarn… I may have to go on the hunt for some patterns.

With the weather the way it is right now, knitting & cross stitch is too much for my hands. Crochet though… is also very therapeutic for me & I have been trying to think of something to crochet for just that reason!

@SilverBear I can remember my gramdmother sitting with me when I was around 7 & showing me simple things to crochet. It took me a little bit to be able to do the easiest of things. I do remember it was a long time before I fou d a comfortable way to hold the hooks & be able to use them.


me neither :laughing: if you want to make a super simple triangle shawl, this website has an easy pattern to follow!

My First Triangle Shawl Free Crochet Pattern - Winding Road Crochet


Oh I love this too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a beautiful hand dyed sarong that I use for my tantra practice and dancing :blush: There are so many ways to tie and wear it! :sparkles: It would a perfect item to wear as a meditation shawl too~ :star_struck: