Magickal Properties Of Chemical Substances

I see a lot of people talking about herbal correspondences. But there are some chemicals that have magickal correspondences too. Here is a list I found. Let me know if you know if you know anymore and I will add it to the list. I hope this helps (:

Magical Properties Of Chemicals

Bismuth - Bismuth encourages teamwork, Bismuth supports learning, Bismuth helps with fevers, Bismuth is good for general recovery.

Copper - Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility. Copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates that mental agility, and quick wit.

Gold - Gold assists when feeling overburdened with responsibilities to ease the load. Gold helps when feeling distracted and weighed down.
Gold can balance energy fields, and is beneficial for opening and balancing the third eye and crown chakras. Gold is a mineral of spirituality, understanding, and attunement to nature. Gold can remove negative energy from the chakras and bring in the positive from the stones it is with

Silicon - Silicon may encourage attraction. Silicon increases activity. Silicon boosts vitality. Silicon is beneficial for the muscles. Silicon promotes agility.

Silver - Silver helps to cleanse the body and to eliminate toxins at the cellular level. Silver provides one with patience and perseverance. Silver tends to strengthen the “silver cord” and diminishes the unconscious fear of the inability to return regarding astral projection.

Sulfur - Sulphur stimulates the Intellect. Sulfur vibrations are beneficial for the skin. Sulfur gives protection. Sulfur aids digestion. Sulfur helps with Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Zinc - Zinc promotes Joy. Zinc encourages Loyalty. Zinc strengthens the muscles. Zinc is beneficial for the bones.


This is really interesting! Just like you said, we talk about herbal correspondences all the time around here- as well as color, Zodiac, seasonal, and so many other correspondences as well. And now we can add chemical and mineral correspondences in too! :star_struck:

I knew some traditional correspondences for gold and silver, but the others are new to me. This is a handy list, @carter1- thanks so much for sharing! :raised_hands:


This was a very interesting read. Thank you for sharing this @carter1 I will be bookmarking it to add to my B.o.S.


I planned on making posts for these because they’re also minerals that I learned in my courses. Thank you for adding these!


If I remember correctly, copper is also associated with healing. It was used historically to help treat wounds. It could also be used to keep unwanted things away – think the copper IUD killing off sperm cells to prevent pregnancy!


Very interesting! I’ve never really thought about chemical properties but now I will!